5 Annoying Reasons Why People Don’t Comment On Your Blog Post

Does no one or a few readers comment on your blog post?

Have you tried every possible method to make people comment on your blog post? Are you unaware why your post is not getting readers comment?

Don’t be happy here also I am not going to give you any magic wand to solve your problem. I would simply tell you 5 reasons of your problem. You just find which one is your reason and then try to overcome it.

Why people don’t comment on your blog post?

comment on your blog postHere are five reasons why your readers don’t comment on your blog post.

1. You write the way you like

This is called introvert approach. You write the way you like. You don’t bother to think what people want to read.

Just putting a highly searched keyword in your content is not enough to attract traffic and arouse interest of your readers.

I shared on my blog 100 seductive ways to get more comments on your blog. These are not seductive in literal terms. These are the most effective ways and I proved them on that post as well. You can count the number of comments over there to know how you can also bring that much number of comments to your blog post. Also check the length and meaningfulness of each comment over there.

For making your readers comment on your blog post you need to make them read the things which they want to. This is an art and you can’t learn it in short time. You need to keep practicing of writing for your readers, not for you.

The simple tip is to be a writer and reader both while writing your next post. After writing the whole piece of text just read it as if you did not write it. Just assume your friend has written it. Then check what value you are getting from it. What solutions you have from it.

If your post benefits the readers they would at least write one line of comment thanking you for solving their problems.

2. You write as a duty

Writing can be anything but duty. If you write just to write another post it means you are doing duty not writing.

If you write as a duty your post will be like a human body without a soul. It would be like a face without a smile. It will be an eye without a sight. So always write with your heart. If you want to write then do, else never write forcibly.

Never write just to follow your posting schedule. Write when you have something to write. Else forget about writing and keep observing and reading to get a brilliant idea for your next post. Remember no creativity work can effectively be done by force.

3. You don’t write to help others

Your every blogging activity should be for the benefit of your readers. Your readers are your potential clients.

Some of them will be your regular subscribers. Some of them will be buyers of your products. Some of them will click on PPC ads on your blog. Some may also never come back. But a good number will benefit you in some way.

comment on your blog postSo why don’t you benefit them to get back a benefit. For this purpose always try to benefit your readers with your each post. Either it is free or premium post but its ultimate aim should be to give a value to your readers.

4. You write with too much formality

If you write in a bookish style no one would comment on it. So your way of writing should be of interesting style. An internet writing style is:

  • To the point
  • Informal
  • Simple

So always follow the popular style of writing your next blog post. I would repeat the oft-repeated advice of talking with your readers instead of writing. It should be tone of your post as if you are talking with them. Then obviously they would respond to your words as people do when you directly talk to them.

5. You try to force your readers

Many blog writers keep requesting in their whole post for comments. It may irritate your readers. The best way to make your readers comment is a call-to-action:

  • Ask them a question related to your post but may have different answers by readers
  • Ask them share their experience with regard to the topic of the blog post
  • Ask a question with multiple choice with various detailed options

Bonus tip

This world is based on give-and-take. If you don’t comment on other blogs obviously you will not get anything in return.

I shared a post on 10 specialized ways to comment on others’ blog posts. This will help you get more traffic on your blog with your comments on other popular blogs.

Also you can learn from this post how to write quality comments on 30 blog posts daily to save your time.

How many comments are you receiving on your each blog post now-a-days? Is their number rising or at stand still. What is your biggest problem to get more comments on your blog?

Share your thoughts in comments section below.

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