How to create 4 expert-opinion blog posts in one go? Plus an ebook

Competition has grown in blogosphere to the fiercest level. Readers want variety in contents and products both.  Bloggers are equally trying their best to put as much innovation as they can.

Now blog post is also created with a lot of variety. Earlier it was limited to text words only. Now videos, audios, infographics, interviews, expert-opinion blog posts have added huge diversity in blog contents.

Generally writing an expert-opinion blog post is taken as a big challenge. It should be because here a blogger needs to contact several experts of his niche to get their opinion on a topic. Eventually he compiles all their opinion on a topic to publish at his blog and attract huge number of visitors.

People also need variety of opinions on a topic. That is why they swarm into an expert-opinion blog post if it is well crafted and all the experts are of high stature.

In this post I will help you solve all your problems which you face while writing an expert-opinion blog post.

Also I will tell you a magic tip to write four expert-opinion blog posts in one go. You will also learn how to pick the topic and develop a question to create a post with the opinions of several industry experts and make it viral.

What is an expert-opinion blog post?

expert-opinion blog postsIn this type of blog post opinions of several industry experts on a topic are put together. Its main objective is to serve the needs of diverse types of your target audience.

This is a typical expert-opinion post published by my friend Marc Andre.

No common solution works for all. That is why several solutions are put together to leave up to each visitor which type of solution he wants to pick according to his own needs.

Also if you simply put several solutions in one post by researching and surveying, people won’t give much importance to them. Internet readers do know it is quite easy to get several types of info from internet and they can get this type of info themselves easily.

So to compile fresh info it is wise to get opinion of experts which they didn’t give before or there is a sense of freshness in it. Secondly people follow experts without any doubt so their opinion is taken without any reluctance.

Why not group interview?

Group interview is a little different thing. In expert-opinion blog post simply on one topic whole post is developed. In group interview there may be more than one topic. It does not have much appeal because it may sometimes create jumble. Opinion of several experts on several topics confuses people.

Plan to write 4 expert-opinion blog posts in one go

To write an expert-opinion post, first of all develop a plan. It should be a step by step guide as below.

Make a list of experts

First create a list of experts of your niche. Initially just put the names of all experts and then put them in following categories.

  • Those who know you well
  • Those who you are connected with online
  • Those who don’t know you

After that, find the contact email of all of them through their online profile of social media, contact category of their website or their details at profile websites. Usually LinkedIn and Google+ is the best source to get the contact email of an expert.

Then put them in your priority list as under:

  • Those you want must give their opinion because of their authority on a given topic
  • Those you think will easily give their opinion
  • Those who will hardly respond to you but you should at least try once to get them onboard
  • Those who may give you response if you approach them with reference to your any friend

Also make a ceiling (upper limit) and flour (lower limit) of number of experts who must give their opinion to make your post a comprehensive one.

I suggest minimum number of experts should be 5 and maximum 25 if you are sure that opinion of each expert won’t be much lengthy. If you pick more than 25 people may confuse who to read and who to skip.

expert-opinion blog postsMagic tip

Now I tell you how to create 4 expert-opinion blog posts in one go.

How bloggers usually write this type of post. They just seek the opinion of experts on one topic or maximum two topics and make a one post with it.

Ask four questions to your selected experts while each question should cover one each of the four different topics of your niche. Once you receive their replies, separately put the relevant replies under each of the four questions and hence you have four expert-opinion blog posts through one campaign only. Isn’t it a magic tip?

Four hot demand topics

Once you developed the data of experts, now pick the four hot demand topics of your niche to get their opinion on them.

These topics may be:

Solution based: Experts help your readers solve their problem and share their past experience on how they solved their problem of similar nature.

Option based: Here each expert advises which option he thinks is the best for solving a problem, or improving an action or anything else.

List based: Several points, solutions, products are mentioned in this type of opinion to give readers a complete package to meet their needs.

Uniqueness based: Sometime very stereotyped solutions don’t work great in a field and people are fed up with them. They want any unique solution to boost their efforts to achieve their goals.

How to craft questions?

Your question to cover each hot topic should be simple to understand but must be like headline of your post.

Do remember you are crafting four questions to create four posts on each of the question. Maybe your questions become the topic of your post.

So craft each question very creatively and keep in mind it must work as an attractive headline. For example if one of your topics is blog traffic so your question should not be “what experts say on how to boost blog traffic”. It should be “7 unbelievable solutions to boost your blog traffic”.

Get the consent of experts

After developing the questions now you need to finally send your invitation to each expert for his opinion.

In your email write what you want from them and also send them your questions. Don’t plan to first get their consent and then send them details. Most of the high level experts don’t have much time and they first want to know details and then give their consent.

Inform them the criteria

Also inform them what exactly you need from them including length of the reply of each question, number of their links to publish in your each expert-opinion post and also deadline before which date they need to send their opinion.

Record the progress

Develop an excel sheet and mention who you have sent the invitation, whom of them have consented to give their opinion, who may give and also when each of them will send you replies. If you follow this tip you will not feel any embarrassment and be clear on your progress.

Also check if you are achieving the consent of at least minimum number of experts which you set as your floor. If not then do send the pitch to a few more experts also.

Merge replies of same question

Once you get the replies of all; merge their opinion on each of the four topics in one file.

Now you have four posts

Now you have four posts solving four different problems of your readers.

expert-opinion blog postsWrite intro and conclusion of each

You simply need to write intro and conclusion of each post to show what the purpose of writing each post is and involve your readers in conclusion to make them speak on your effort.

Publish in series but with a gap

It is better to a make a publishing plan of each post with one to one-and-a-half months gap to create big impact with each post.

Monitor the feedback

After publishing first post do monitor comments at your blog and at social media also to know what people want. If readers point any big mistake or demand something more do incorporate it in your next expert-opinion post.

Publish the next post

After that keep publishing the next three expert-opinion blog posts as per your plan by fully incorporating the suggestions and views of your readers you got in earlier published post(s) to make the next one more successful.

Make an ebook by merging them

After publishing all the four expert –opinion blog posts you can make an ebook of all of them to either offer as an incentive to build an email list at your blog or you can sell it if it has huge value and got huge response as individual post.

Read this post at the blog of Harleena Singh to fully learn “how to publish an ebook” with your four expert-opinion blog posts.

Now Your Opinion

So this is the complete solution of writing four expert-opinion blog posts in one go plus an ebook.

Do you like this way of creating four posts at a time. Or do you have any observation on the whole process.

Do share your views in comments section below.

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