What you need to decide just before you create a blog?

create a blogWell you have made up your mind to create a blog.


Now you are worried how to create a blog.

Don’t worry. It’s so simple.

I will tell step by step process to create a blog.

Why do you want to create a blog?

So first of all ask yourself this fundamental question before you create a blog.

Why do you want to create a blog?

If you don’t be realistic while replying this question, otherwise your blog will be just another blog in a huge crowd of millions of blogs.

So break this question into several detailed questions and then give the correct answer.

  • Do you want to start a blog after being hugely impressed by magical income reports of various famous bloggers?

Just recall when you first thought to start blogging. Try to point out the exact moment when you shouted “yes I can do this’.

Then point out the exact reason of starting your blog.

  • Did you decide to start a blog just after reading a success story or income report of giant bloggers of present time?
  • Or someone else advised you to start a blog because so many people are earning huge money with it.
  • Or you could not have made it in any other field and desperately you decided to join the field of blogging because anyone can easily enter into this field.

If your reason is any one of the above then I would insist you to rethink your decision. If your decision is whimsical or just your failure in other fields then I am afraid this field won’t bring any big change in your life. Most probably it will be just another failure and nothing else. Sorry to be blunt but facts are facts.

You can be a successful blogger

Don’t worry I am not trying to stop you from doing blogging. You should do blogging but after fully evaluating the exact reason of your motive.

Have you been associated with any of the following fields ever in your life?

  • Teaching
  • Literature
  • Creative writing
  • Public relation
  • Advertising
  • General writing
  • Web development
  • Social media management
  • Online writing
  • Journalism

If you are from any of the above fields then you need not to ask yourself many questions before starting a blog. Because half of the qualities you already have if you are from any of the above fields. Then you just need to pick your favorite topic (niche) and dive into this amazing field where success is rare but equally amazing and can change the life of a person.

General objectives of starting a blog

To make it your main source of earning: If you want to make it your main source of earning you should stop here. Don’t move. Just read all the previous topics of this Startup category before this one.

Reexamine what you need to have to start a blog. If you make it your full-time living you actually want to do serious blogging.

  • Here you can’t do anything on the basis of your guesses. You need to follow a proper course of action to achieve your money blogging goals.
  • You can’t afford to take a blind step just hoping to be clear later on. If you do, ultimately you have to roll back most of your work and start again.
  • Everything for free is not for you if you want to do blogging seriously and earn money with it.

To make some part-time earning with it: If you want to earn money with blogging just to add in your regular income, first check your time management skills.

After doing your full-time job or business how much time you can spare for it. It is necessary to be clear on this point.

After coming back from morning job you can’t afford to drop your essential and regular blogging chores.

If you want to earn money huge or a little, you have to be committed with it. For earning money, investing money is must.

If you don’t take it seriously you may lose your invested money. So before you create blog to make it part-time source of income you must be clear on:

  • How much time you can give to it regularly?
  • How long you can wait without earning a penny?
  • How much money you can invest to make a blog that must pay you back?

create a blogTo promote your already established business or product: This is not very challenging goal of blogging.

You already have a business or product. You just want to promote it by starting a blog.

So you simply need to point out your target audience and then access it with your blog. You must clearly know your target audience and then start a blog to promote your business or product. You need to have clear concept of making blog your marketing tool to ultimately sell your product.

In later posts of startup category you will learn all about it so keep going.

To become famous in the field of your niche: This goal of blogging is also not much difficult to achieve.

If you fail you will not lose much. Initially you can start a blog with everything for free type of options.

A free hosting, a free domain and a free template will work to achieve your blogging objective of becoming famous.

After sometime you can shift to a paid hosting and your own domain if you feel you are really becoming famous.

You simply need to be clear on why you want to become famous with the help of blogging. If the purpose is self-satisfaction and happiness then start a blog from today. Don’t take risk factor seriously. Don’t be afraid of failure and just do it.

If your ultimate purpose is to achieve anything after becoming famous then you need to do extensive research and then take the next step.

Still be clear if you really want a blog

After reading this post very carefully give the answer of these questions and then make your mind should you create a blog or not.

What is your main motivation to start a blog?

Check if you want to join this field to make it as your career first then become rich or just want to make huge money with it. Join it as career and not as money making machine.

Have you been associated with any field directly or indirectly related to publishing, marketing, selling, creativity, writing, designing or planning?

Just check your previous background to know that during your practical or student life if you were ever related with any of the field as I pointed above. If you have nothing to do with any of these fields then rethink to join this field.

Are you or can you become successful in any other field before joining the field of blogging or while joining it.

Strictly examine if you are just entering into this field because you have miserably failed in other fields and now want to take it as last refuge. If yes then sorry to say forget about this field because it is not for losers.

Did you already read a lot about blogging and thoroughly reviewed a few most successful blogs of your favorite topic.

Once again be clear and move ahead.

On any of the above points to create a blog you have to be very clear because now in next step you need to decide how much you should invest to make a blog? Once you spend money you can’t take back your decision without losing your invested money.

Our next topic is: How much you should invest to make a blog?

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