How to create money making infographics?

Maybe you are wondering what is money making infographics. You should because generally an infographic is considered a graphical and visual description of important facts and figures.

It is used for describing very important information related to a topic. It is equally used to tell benefits of doing a thing in a specific way. That is why it is mostly taken as an innovative type of content writing and that’s all.

To check the rising popularity of infographics just visit your Pinterest account and go to Follow Boards then click on category of technology and see there a flood of infographics board. You can also derive a lot of inspiration from hundreds of shared posts there.

First let’s discuss how money is mainly earned in blogosphere. Obviously the main tool to earn money is blog contents. Either they help you earn money or directly make you earn money.

If you write great contents you get huge traffic and advertisers display their ads at your blog.

If you write awesome product reviews and affiliate based posts, people directly buy your products and you make money.

money making infographicsIf infographics is also a type of contents so why it is not in the list of money making tools. What do you do to earn money with your contents?

  • You first introduce a problem
  • Then you tell your readers impact of that problem
  • After that you tell readers various solutions of a given problem
  • Then you tell them the best solution out of several
  • After doing all this you introduce a product that works as best solution
  • Ultimately you convince them why they should buy it
  • At the end you offer them incentives if they buy from your affiliate link

So you break your whole post in several paragraphs and put sub headings at each paragraph to describe each of the above point very clearly to convert the readers into buyers.

What do you do in infographics?

So far very information of heavy nature is produced with the help of infographics. I found most of the (I repeat most of the) infographics with these types of info.

  • How many bloggers are using WordPress?
  • What is the ratio of how-tos and top-10 posts?
  • What is the impact of guest post on branding?
  • How to promote a blog post from the scratch?
  • Etc and etc

Did you observe most of the infographics contain already published information? Very few of them have unique information. So it is a way of innovating old contents.

Smart bloggers know people are fed up with reading same type of info with different wordings again and again.

They also know creation is heck of the task just re-production of old ideas is the main activity at blogosphere.

That is why they want to make innovations in old ideas with new tools. They are also fed up of rewording the old ideas and want to put them a new color. That is why infographics is doing great job apart from podcast and video blogging.

What are monetized contents?

Now let’s discuss the monetize contents. They are the contents which directly make you earn money. They are usually:

  • Product reviews
  • Affiliate sales contents
  • Paid posts

What you do in such posts as pointed above. You tell your readers features of products. Then you translate these features into benefits. After that you sell.

money making infographicsBut it does not happen in one or two paragraphs. You first of all make a good start by highlighting an issue. Then you express your sympathy to those who are facing a problem. Then the stage of putting various solutions comes and finally the best solution is attached with the product you are selling.

An example of money making infographics

You can monetize your contents of infographics easily. They will become your money making infographics.

First introduce a problem. For example let’s assume a topic “why many bloggers fail to boost their blog traffic”. This will be the main heading of your infographics. Then you describe the below information with graphs, charts and images.

  • Reasons of low traffic: Poor contents + Bad SEO + Wrong SMO
  • Main reason of low traffic: Poor contents
  • Ways to improve contents: Writing more + Reading more + Join any course
  • Reject the idea of writing more: It may create mess + no one will wait till you improve + till you improve your competitor will cover the market
  • Reject the idea of reading more: You may become a thinker + you may have bookish approach + reading has no limits
  • Support the idea of tutorial: Many successful bloggers joined courses + comments of a few successful bloggers for hiring a mentor + success rate of those who join a course
  • Tell the features of a course: cheap in price + high in quality + relate to present time + branding + authority
  • Suggest the best course: name of the course + main features + benefits user can get from it.
  • Offer incentive: discount + money back guarantee + after sale guidance

Now tell me can you not develop this tutorial with the help of infographics. You can select a free tool of developing this from the list here. Just tell me what you can’t narrate graphically from the above points.

So you can create a money making infographics for a review or affiliate sales post and publish at your blog. As far your affiliate link it’s also no problem.

money making infographicsYou open an infogrpahics post with a paragraph and end it with a paragraph. Same you can do with your money making infographics. In the ending paragraph you can put your affiliate link to ensure sales commission must go into your pocket.

So what do you say? Isn’t it a million-dollar-idea which you got here for free? Ok let’s rationalize its worth and call it thousand-dollar idea. In any of the case I hope you would thank me for this in your comments below.

Other benefits of money making infographics

  • Guess how will be the response of an advertiser if you give him this idea? Just you need to present this idea in an effective way to prove its viability.
  • You can sell the embedded link of money making infographics to other bloggers who are selling the same products.
  • You can also create a money making infographics of your own product to give it to your affiliate marketers.
  • Above all you can share its sample (in partial form) at social media to bring customers to your blog. This is called window infogrpahics which simply shows the key elements of your main post.
  • You can also make a set of infographics of various products like hosting, templates, plugins to not only use them to make money at your blog but can develop it as a system to make your own product and sell it like hot cake.

So what you are thinking. Will it cost you much. It will be just like a normal infographics post you have already published or planning to publish. Those who just get the embedded option for free from other bloggers will have to buy it and use at their own blog to sell affiliate products and promote product reviews. What do you think now? Do share your views in comments section below.

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