How to create money making infographics?

Maybe you are wondering what is money making infographics. You should because generally an infographic is considered a graphical and visual description of important facts and figures.

It is used for describing very important information related to a topic. It is equally used to tell benefits of doing a thing in a specific way. That is why it is mostly taken as an innovative type of content writing and that’s all.

To check the rising popularity of infographics just visit your Pinterest account and go to Follow Boards then click on category of technology and see there a flood of infographics board. You can also derive a lot of inspiration from hundreds of shared posts there.

First let’s discuss how money is mainly earned in blogosphere. Obviously the main tool to earn money is blog contents. Either they help you earn money or directly make you earn money.

If you write great contents you get huge traffic and advertisers display their ads at your blog.

If you write awesome product reviews and affiliate based posts, people directly buy your products and you make money.

money making infographicsIf infographics is also a type of contents so why it is not in the list of money making tools. What do you do to earn money with your contents?

  • You first introduce a problem
  • Then you tell your readers impact of that problem
  • After that you tell readers various solutions of a given problem
  • Then you tell them the best solution out of several
  • After doing all this you introduce a product that works as best solution
  • Ultimately you convince them why they should buy it
  • At the end you offer them incentives if they buy from your affiliate link

So you break your whole post in several paragraphs and put sub headings at each paragraph to describe each of the above point very clearly to convert the readers into buyers.

What do you do in infographics?

So far very information of heavy nature is produced with the help of infographics. I found most of the (I repeat most of the) infographics with these types of info.

  • How many bloggers are using WordPress?
  • What is the ratio of how-tos and top-10 posts?
  • What is the impact of guest post on branding?
  • How to promote a blog post from the scratch?
  • Etc and etc

Did you observe most of the infographics contain already published information? Very few of them have unique information. So it is a way of innovating old contents.

Smart bloggers know people are fed up with reading same type of info with different wordings again and again.

They also know creation is heck of the task just re-production of old ideas is the main activity at blogosphere.

That is why they want to make innovations in old ideas with new tools. They are also fed up of rewording the old ideas and want to put them a new color. That is why infographics is doing great job apart from podcast and video blogging.

What are monetized contents?

Now let’s discuss the monetize contents. They are the contents which directly make you earn money. They are usually:

  • Product reviews
  • Affiliate sales contents
  • Paid posts

What you do in such posts as pointed above. You tell your readers features of products. Then you translate these features into benefits. After that you sell.

money making infographicsBut it does not happen in one or two paragraphs. You first of all make a good start by highlighting an issue. Then you express your sympathy to those who are facing a problem. Then the stage of putting various solutions comes and finally the best solution is attached with the product you are selling.

An example of money making infographics

You can monetize your contents of infographics easily. They will become your money making infographics.

First introduce a problem. For example let’s assume a topic “why many bloggers fail to boost their blog traffic”. This will be the main heading of your infographics. Then you describe the below information with graphs, charts and images.

  • Reasons of low traffic: Poor contents + Bad SEO + Wrong SMO
  • Main reason of low traffic: Poor contents
  • Ways to improve contents: Writing more + Reading more + Join any course
  • Reject the idea of writing more: It may create mess + no one will wait till you improve + till you improve your competitor will cover the market
  • Reject the idea of reading more: You may become a thinker + you may have bookish approach + reading has no limits
  • Support the idea of tutorial: Many successful bloggers joined courses + comments of a few successful bloggers for hiring a mentor + success rate of those who join a course
  • Tell the features of a course: cheap in price + high in quality + relate to present time + branding + authority
  • Suggest the best course: name of the course + main features + benefits user can get from it.
  • Offer incentive: discount + money back guarantee + after sale guidance

Now tell me can you not develop this tutorial with the help of infographics. You can select a free tool of developing this from the list here. Just tell me what you can’t narrate graphically from the above points.

So you can create a money making infographics for a review or affiliate sales post and publish at your blog. As far your affiliate link it’s also no problem.

money making infographicsYou open an infogrpahics post with a paragraph and end it with a paragraph. Same you can do with your money making infographics. In the ending paragraph you can put your affiliate link to ensure sales commission must go into your pocket.

So what do you say? Isn’t it a million-dollar-idea which you got here for free? Ok let’s rationalize its worth and call it thousand-dollar idea. In any of the case I hope you would thank me for this in your comments below.

Other benefits of money making infographics

  • Guess how will be the response of an advertiser if you give him this idea? Just you need to present this idea in an effective way to prove its viability.
  • You can sell the embedded link of money making infographics to other bloggers who are selling the same products.
  • You can also create a money making infographics of your own product to give it to your affiliate marketers.
  • Above all you can share its sample (in partial form) at social media to bring customers to your blog. This is called window infogrpahics which simply shows the key elements of your main post.
  • You can also make a set of infographics of various products like hosting, templates, plugins to not only use them to make money at your blog but can develop it as a system to make your own product and sell it like hot cake.

So what you are thinking. Will it cost you much. It will be just like a normal infographics post you have already published or planning to publish. Those who just get the embedded option for free from other bloggers will have to buy it and use at their own blog to sell affiliate products and promote product reviews. What do you think now? Do share your views in comments section below.

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  1. Hello brother
    Nice article.
    Infographics is really the hour of the need. Even the adsense providing companies use it.
    Good job buddy keep it up

  2. We live in the Age of Visual Culture and Images are paramount in engaging with the audience.As said, Images worth a TRILLION words . Images conveys messages faster than words. After all ,we use Words in Images and it’s an nice combo.

    Great one Mi Muba 🙂 Filled with solid points. Loved all your examples 🙂

    Keep writing !

    • Hi Sourave Sudhi
      You are right ours is an era of images and visuals where a point can better be clarified with it.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around.

  3. Wow,
    Sir Mi Muba, Once again you come up with a very inspiring tips and tricks. Creating infographic is an art and when some awesome information is mentioned in infographic then it’s called extra creativity.

    In this article you mentioned some very impressive points which going to help me very much. Thanks for this helpful post. Keep inspiring 🙂

    • Hi Amit
      You are right creating infographics is an art because you need both technique and creativity to put value in it.
      Thanks for your great words. Hope to see you around. Have a wonderful week.

      • Hiii Mi Muba Sir,

        I would like to thank you so much for this great information. As i have already told that Creating infographic is an art and today i used the ideas that learn from your article. Today i created a nice infographic which is going to publish soon on my blog.

        In the infographic i tried to put all the things you mentioned here. i hope you will like it. Thanks again for this helpful post. Keep inspiring us by sharing this type of useful stuff on your blog.

        I found this article on and become attracted to read full post. I really loved this post 🙂

        • Hi Amit
          I am so glad you created a money making infographics. Do share with me to make me learn from it.
          This is the awesome world of blogging where we share our ideas and learn from each other.
          Thanks for your great words here.

  4. Epic blog post man!! ..

    Love it!

    I enjoyed this blog post very much – I got a lot of value out of it! ..

    I also teach people about the Features vs Benefits when marketing online.

    No one likes to hear about how “cool” and “great” a company is but everyone likes to hear how THEY can benefit from the company and how the company can help THEM.

    Human beings will always care about themselves first – before anything else. With that being said – telling someone about the Features of a Company, Tool, Software, etc – will make them re-consider their decisions.

    But as soon as they hear the Benefits, there is FOR THEM, of a Company, Tool, Software, etc – they are most likely to get very interested.

    Very interesting and valuable topic man! .. and you also talk about Infographics! ..

    I could talk all day about this stuff too but anyways.. awesome blog brother!

    Keep up the great work!

    Cheers! 😀

    • Hi Freddyjr
      It is good to learn you have good expertise in infographics; it means your views about my post are authority views which are a great guide for me.
      You are right; instead of features we need to sell benefits because people want to know how a product will benefit them.
      I am so encouraged to hear your great words here. I also visited your blog, it has great value.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your wonderful views.

  5. Hi Mi Muba,

    Well we are becoming a visual society although I know not everyone enjoys images more then the written word. When placed well I do enjoy the content being shared by fun and informational images.

    I agree that this all starts by how to share the content properly in order to even get them interested in what we have to share. When presented in the right way too then that can just help you stand our more than your competitor and hopefully get them more interested in coming back to you place more and more. That just can lead to getting them interested in what it is that you have to offer.

    I’ve only created on infographic on my own so far and it was just a plug in the information in and it created it for me. It was fun to play with but I haven’t made one myself since. I might have to check out those other sites because I’m sure they’re much easier now then before.

    Great share and thank you. Hope you’re enjoying your week so far. It’s just begun! 😉


    • Hi Adrienne
      As usual you are kind enough visit my blog and give your valuable and worth-following views that has become one aspect of your brand. All the other bloggers including me need to follow this level of customer care to give individual attention to each visitor. I want to learn more from you.
      There is a famous quote “actions speak louder than words”. I would a little modify it as “images speak louder than written words”. It is sufficient to understand the worth of images in this age of fast dissemination of information where images and visuals serve the purpose better than words and speeches.
      Yes I do agree with you the way of sharing your contents equally counts a lot and make your post go viral and get huge response. For this purpose a better promotion strategy can bring awesome results.
      Once again thanks a lot for coming by and giving your comments. Hope you too are fully enjoying your week to give your best. 🙂

  6. Hi Mi Muba,

    In this fast growing informational society people want to scan things fast. Due to so much information, we are becoming more visual. Reminds me of the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” But here, an image is worth a thousand words. The use of infographics is a quick and informative way to get our message across without having people read a very long article. I do see the advantages.

    I have not yet created one. But this has surely given me the push to do so. You have explained it well and now I have a better understanding of communicating via an infographic. I am particularly interested in a marketing one. So now it is time for me to put this one into action.

    Thank you so much for a great tutorial that comes in a timely basis for me!


    • Hi donna
      It is good to see you again with your wonderful views on this post.
      Thanks for mentioning a great quote “an image is worth thousand words”. It speaks of worth of an image in terms of dissemination of information. Sometimes a lengthy post can’t communicate that much as a picture can do very well.
      I would be looking forward to your infographic on a marketing topic. Believe me it will be wonderful and you would be initiator of this idea in the field of marketing. Otherwise people try it to discuss very scholarly type of subjects.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and hope to see you around. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  7. Hi Muba,

    Thanks for this wonderful post, i never use infographic for my blog post, because am yet to see the SEO advantage of it, although am planning to write an infographic post this coming week, but the monetizing technique is something i also lack.

    I really learn something great from this article post. I have read alot about infographics but none of them talks about MONEY MAKING.

    Product review has now turn to be one of the easiest way of making money with blog and am glad you mentioned it here. This is really an eye opening article on infographic and no blogger willing to making money should ignore this.

    Thanks for the share and have a nice day

    I found this blog post on KINGGED.COM and i have KINGGED it.

    • Hi olamosh, my friend
      First of all I would appreciate your regular visit to my blog that is a source of great encouragement for me.
      The SEO advantage of inforgaphic is very clear because we can put an intro of it and a conclusion paragraph where we can put keywords for search engines.
      Yes you are right product view has become a very lucrative option to make money online at your blog and people are taking full benefit of it.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your valuable opinion here. Hope to see you around.

  8. Well infographics have really stole the web market. And when the same starts making us money, there’s nothing like it. I’ve started working on Infographics already and even shared one on money making few days back. Hope to create and find more better and make more money 🙂

    • Hi Gautam Sehgal
      You are market infographics have eclipses other types of contents and they are being sold like hot cakes. It is good to hear you have already shared an infographic on money making. Would love to read it.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your great views here. Hope to see you again. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. 🙂

  9. Oh this is a great artice Mi Muba. I am still learning just how to write effective content so that breatkdown you did is really going to help me a great deal.
    Thank you so much for dropping in on my blog and engaging. I appreciate it very much.

  10. Another explosive post from your end brother!

    Infographics are the best thing right now as people now prefer visualizing things rather than the normal text view.

    And this is one technique to make serious money, for affiliate marketing, you could get an help from fiverr if you can’t create the infographic yourself….it’s just $5 and you can’t put it on your blog, share it everywhere and people will also put the code on their blogs and click through the links in it further helps you make money.

    I understand the idea and it’s a pretty great one. Thanks so much friend. 🙂 I found this post on kingged and kingged it!


    • Hi Sam Adeyinka
      It is good to learn you liked this post.
      Your idea of hiring an infographer from Fiverr or other types of same services is so cool. I think $5 is nothing against the benefit of branding your post and your blog with an awesome and shareable infographics.
      Thanks again for coming by and sharing your wonderful views here. Hope to see you again.

  11. Hello,

    Well indeed I agree that infographics are really great source for getting traffic and also readers would love to read from visual images. But the idea of paid inofgrpahics is really awesome and unique.


  12. Hi Mi Muba,
    The benefits of money making infographics as shared in this post are glaring and enticing! There is no doubt that every marketer that wants to make a difference online must apply the tips.

    I like the full details of this post, and especially with the fact that creating infographic contents has been given a major priority for online success.

    The key to the best infographic that would generate money constantly is the application of creative contents, layouts, and accurate data!

    This comment was shared in – the content aggregator website where this post was shared for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – Contributor to

    • Hi Sunday
      You pointed well if a marketer has to make difference he always need to try new things to retain the interest of his target audience.
      Thanks for your great words for the post, it encouraged me a lot.
      You are right without creativity and accurate data an infographics will also be just another post and nothing else.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your awesome views here. Hope to see you again. Have a wonderful week.

  13. Hi Mi Muba,

    This is an excellent post and one I will refer back to for sure.

    The visual aspect of social media for example is growing at a fast rate and practically already dominates sharing for the most part.

    I have realized this and have been using Canva a lot more. I have been using it for images on my post and have recently started playing more with it as far as creating some really cool infographics.

    That’s what makes this post so great. We already know that people pay more attention to graphics and this post can help us maximize that potential.

    Thanks Mi Muba. Take care…

    • Hi Steven J Wilson
      Your great words are always a big source of encouragement for me.
      You are right the visual aspect of all types of media is leading the industry because of its clarity of message and fast speed in dissemination of huge information in little time.
      Exactly graphics grab more attention that is why bloggers are focusing more to put more and more images in their contents just to retain the interest level of readers.
      Thanks again for coming by and sharing your awesome opinion. Hope to see you again.

  14. Hey Mi Muba,

    It’s really very awesome Post indeed here.
    I’m also learning to Earn money online so today i found your post. this is really very great and helpful for me and everyone.

    Thanks for Share 🙂

  15. Awesome! 🙂

    You should just take advantage of infographics, since this visual and graphical representation of data has been the most shareable content online, which is a good sign that people can be easily attracted and engage with it.

    Making money through inforgrahics is an interesting and brilliant idea, though this is foreign to me. I must admit that the benefits of this new way of earning money online are amazing and profitable.

    Thanks for the shared knowledge! I’ve indeed learned a lot.


    By the way, I found this post shared on

    • Hi Ann07
      You are right bloggers should fully exploit this new form of content to create impact and attract more traffic to their blog.
      Yes this idea is not much popular but it has lot of potential because the tool of infographics has the power to create a good money post and sell easily.
      Thanks for coming and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you again. 🙂

  16. I guess it is time for me to get on the infographics band wagon. I can’t do everything so I am actually looking to hire someone to work on the social media. I know you can;t do it all. One never knows which one works the best. If you do not try it, you will never know. Thank you for the information, I plan to look into it for my business. I may have too many products for it to work, but we will see.

    • Hi Arleen
      You will see a big change at your blog once you create a few posts with infographics. They will create big impact. If you develop your own then you can also offer its embedding option to get so many back from those who put it at their blogs.
      Yes outsourcing is the best option if someone is not graphic designer. It will be your own product and can make your brand if it is on any extensive facts and figures of blogging.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing you comments here. Hope to see you again.

  17. Hello Mi,

    Thanks for this informative post. It’s really useful.

    I love infographics but I haven’t used it yet to produce anything on my blogs. I will have to bookmark your post and refer to it again for the instructions. I think I’ll try a simple post first before writing one to make money from. I love the idea behind it. Very unique.

    Thanks for stopping by over at my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

    • Hi June
      Once you use infographics at your blog you will see great changes in your traffic and readers engagement. Now people are getting fed up of reading lengthy post. They still want huge info but want to get in minimum time that is why infographics are getting popular fast.
      Thanks for commenting and sharing your views here. Hope to see you again.

  18. Infographics are awesome. This is a mix of design, writing and analysis that are ideal for an age of big data, additionally, visually compelling communication medium, an efficient way of combining the best of text, images and design to represent complex data that tells a story that begs to be shared.

    Creating our own infographic could create a twist in our logging life. Canva is a good platform if you are planning to create yours.
    I left this comment on, the content curation website and blogging community.

    • Hi metz
      Exactly, we can communicate huge data with infographics without occupying much space at our blog. It is the most effective way to create impact and affect the desired response from our target audience.
      You pointed well a cool infographics tool, many bloggers support it to create value.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views.

  19. Infographics is indeed one of creative ways to marketing. I’ve seen some big sites using great and useful infographics to get lots of backlinks as well. With lots of available tools to create your own infographics, that will help making infographics even easier

  20. Hi Mi Muba
    As the saying goes “A picture speaks a thousand words” it will surely make sense in creating such infographics for our blogs. And in this busy world people are not having enough time to spend on reading, a picture like infographic can do wonders. At such a stage this post stand on top!
    Yes, this post is a wonderful tuto to develop a money making infographic, though I am poor in such activities I must give a try with these tips.
    Thanks Mi Muba for this informative post
    Keep writing
    Good wishes
    ~ Philip

    Hey, Muba

    I found this informative piece at the Internet Marketing Social Website and I kingged it and shared a comment there,
    Keep up the good work

    • Hi P V Ariel
      You well quoted that a picture speaks a thousand word. We experience this quote several time. Just passing by a billboard we get its complete message by its images and don’t need to read its contents.
      With a little effort we can create an infographics easily. Lot of tools are available free to do practice and after that we can also go for premium to create value.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful views and adding value in this share.

  21. If you gave some really good info. I think that most people find a lot of success in affiliate marketing because you are just promoting brands that have already spent so much money to build their companies and all you are doing is putting them infront of people who didn’t know.

    • Hi Sagar
      You are right affiliate marketers just showcase the products of huge giants to their customers and make money from it.
      Thanks for your coming and sharing great words here. Hope to see you around.

  22. I loooove infographics. As a cartoonist, I can’t help it.

    Now, I’m not sure if this fits–but using the graphics to sell an idea…which eventually leads back TO a possible sale, that’s how I do it.

    For example–I ran a specific series for 31 days and did an infographic in every post. It was for writers of fiction and about WORLDBUILDING. Once I was done with the 31 days, I even did a “cheat sheet” infographic…and then created a Pinterest board with the 31 graphics.

    Lastly, i made a Pinterest badge and placed in on the sidebar of my blog–so people could single click their way to my artwork and learn the complex strategies of WORLDBUILDING in mere moments.

    The good news is, my Advanced WORLDBUILDING book has grown to sell about 15-20 copies for each sale of my other books. Pretty amazing…and I know I get traffic from all these infographics!

    Jaime Buckley recently posted…Here’s What You Do When You’re Feeling Behind & Stupid: UP THE STAKES!My Profile

    • Hi Jaime

      It is quite new info for me that you are also a cartoonist. It means your sense of humor is worth seeing.

      “Pictures speak louder than words”; is an appropriate quote for bloggers instead of its genuine version “actions speak louder than words”. 🙂

      It is amazing you put infographics in 31 posts that shows your deep understanding on this subject. I am sure they must have wonders because of the element of more interest in them.

      I do appreciate your strategy of putting a Pinterest badge at the sidebar of your blog it brings awesome results as it is a specialized image-based social media.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your personal experiences with regard to topic of this post. It will really help a lot to community of this blog.
      Mi Muba recently posted…9 types of interview blog post and how to create themMy Profile

  23. Hi Mi Muba,
    Good day, I’m a Visual artist science 2009, But didn’t get success in my work, then i decided to move me, after reading your article i realized it was a wrong decision.