How to develop an e-course for your blog?

You rightly wonder how to develop an e-course for your blog. This task is damn difficult. So first let’s discuss what an e-course is.

An e-course means a training course which you can read online or receive via mail. It is mostly in soft copy that you can print from your PC. Its easy delivery is the main reason of its growing popularity. You pay its price and immediately get its password or directly get it into your inbox.

What are the main types of e-course?

There are three types of e-courses according to their format.

Complete Manual

It is provided in a complete package in one-go. You simply pay its fee online and receive it into your inbox. It guides you step by step how to learn from it and how to examine how much you have learnt.

It is distributed in module and chapters. You are advised to learn chapter wise. You act simultaneously as trainee, trainer and examiner. It is most fit for those who are well-organized and don’t need any push to do a new task.

how to develop an e-courseOne-by-one lessons

You get it step by step. You clear the first module and give its exam and then get the second module. It is a little interactive where you have to perform and then get the next lesson.

Online course

Here you need to remain online for a fixed period of time. You are asked to first read online available material and then examine your learning by giving a test online. At the end of the course you are given certificate of clearing the course.

How to develop an e-course with proper planning?

Usually educational websites offer an e-course instead of an e-book. They want to do maximum interaction with their readers. They want a long-term relationship with their customers. Instead of providing learning material in one go they prefer to offer an online course or step-by-step lessons.

  • It is a good strategy for bloggers to offer an e-course instead of simply an e-book. Marya Jan of Writing Happiness is quite famous for offering a free e-course for her blog visitors.
  • So first pick the topic which must be solution-based. It should be complete solution. For example “10 modules to learn SEO in new era”.
  • Break your material into small chapters or lessons. Simplify its language and don’t stuff the information. Just inform what they need to know.
  • Put a section of self-assessment after each chapter. Clearly quantify the results in terms of marks or grades to help your customers evaluate themselves.

At the end, decide which format you need to pick. Either a complete manual, step-by-step lessons or purely an online course? For the first two options you simply need to send text material to your customers. For the last one you need to install e-learning software on your blog. For your WordPress blog you can pick a plugin for e-learning from here.

How to price an e-course?

Finally fix the price of your e-course keeping in view of the following factors;

  • Affordability of your target audience
  • Intensity of its demand
  • Price of similar products in the market
  • Your credibility in the market

After this you simply have to market your e-course on your blog and social media to attract buyers.

So this is all about how develop an e-course for your blog. Just drop a comment here and share your views.

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