How to earn big money from event blogging without any SEO?

Blogging has unlimited options to earn big money with it. The only need is to explore more and more income options by applying your creativity and by following your passion to earn.  

The main sources of earning money with a blog could be a few but options under each source can’t end as soon as online demand of products and services keeps rising.

So you simply have to find unique products and sell them on your blog on an occasion when people get ready to buy your showcased products.  

How to sell successfully on your blog?

So the main challenge is to sell the right product on right time. You can’t sell a happy new year related product in mid of the year.

On the eve of Christmas you can’t sell a product related to romancing that is sold like hot cakes on Valentine’s Day.  

earn big money from event bloggingTo sell a product accurately at right time the concept of event blogging is perfect. If you have an event blog you don’t have to calculate if it is right time to sell your or affiliate product. You simply have to follow an event calendar and sell your products according to it.  

What is event blogging? 

Event blogging means covering all days of cultural, religious, national, international, historical, environmental, health, educational and human rights significance on your blog.  

Event blogging is easier because you don’t have to bring unique ideas for your contents. Simply you need to tell your readers why an international or cultural day is observed all around the world and what people can do to participate in it. That’s all. Isn’t it simple?  

Event blogging needs your efforts

But it isn’t as simple as described in above paragraph. A lot has already been written on different events on internet and those contents are already on top of Google ranking. So the biggest challenge in event blogging is to stand out from the crowd.  

Diversity is prerequisite to successful event blogging

For this purpose diversity is the biggest tool to excel from others. Those who are fond of celebrating Valentine’s Day or Friendship Day usually don’t want to read lengthy text contents. They simply want how to bring more and more fun while celebrating such days.

So the contents of your event blog must have new and unique ideas to celebrate a given event in a wonderful way. For this purpose you can also use the options of videos, graphics, podcasts, slogans, messages etc to make your contents interesting.  

Why it is easier to earn big money from event blogging?

You should do basic level of SEO of your event blog but need not much worry about it. A few days ago before an event people get so responsive to such posts that describe the event of their interest.

So you simply have to promote your post on an event on social media and on as many online forums as possible. If your post has catchy headlines and you already are popular on social media people quickly click on your post in large number.

earn big money from event blogging6 main categories of events 

Also it is good to divide all events to different categories to make a proper strategy to cover them according to their nature. In this way you would be able to sell a right product accurately at right time and serve your blog readers more.  

1. Events of feelings 

These are the events related to human feelings. Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Father’s Day, Mother Day are its best example. So on such events you need to create as much touchy contents as possible to influence your readers celebrate them by buying your products.  

2. Events of resolution 

No Smoking Day, Child Protection Day, Labor Rights day are a few typical examples of events of resolution.

To cover these events your contents should be powerful enough to convince readers join the noble cause attached to a given event.

The purpose should be to make people join such event and help resolve an issue attached to it by buying your recommended product or service.  

3. Events of happiness 

Christmas, Diwali, Eid etc are events of happiness. People usually buy more and more on such occasions.

So your strategy to cover these events on your event blog should be to sell more and more products related to it.  

4. Events of sorrows 

Events of sorrows are those days when we mourn any tragic event or observe memorial of a great personality.

Usually such days are observed to remember those who left us while serving us or while working for the good of humanity.

The main purpose of observing such days is not to simply shed tears but to make resolve to continue their missions who sacrificed their lives for us.  

On such sad events you can sell those products like images of martyrs, tragic events and insignias of different types to commemorate their sacrifices.  

5. Events of precautions 

These are the days of health and environmental significance where people are inculcate how to stay safe from a disease or from an environmental threat.

These are basically awareness raising events where banners, placards, mementos, T-shirts, caps highlighting the importance of an issue are widely sold.  

6. Miscellaneous events 

Miscellaneous events are usually of local nature that are not observed globally at same level. So local markets could be targeted on such events and you can earn big money by selling products to local people.  

7 types of products to sell on an event blog 

Everything that relates to an event could be sold on an event blog on the occasion of a given event. On Christmas event wearable could be sold while on Father’s Day everything that a father likes could be sold.  

Here are a few types of products that are usually widely sold on an event blog. So you need to keep exploring such products according to the nature of an upcoming event to sell it on your blog.  

earn big money from event blogging1. Toys and playthings

On all events of happiness that are mostly and more zealously celebrated by children toys and playthings could be sold massively.

So the need is to find toys with big discount and of high quality to sell them on your blog.  

2. Insignias  

These are key chains, bracelets, caps, T-shirts etc highlighting the importance of an event. Usually those who organize a function or party on an event buy such insignias in large quantity.

So you need to find such groups like NGOs, community groups to sell them this kind of product in big number and earn big money from event blogging.  

3. Discount offers 

Vouchers are also sold to get any big discount and many companies release their vouchers well before an event to sell their products on mega discount. You simply have to keep any eye on such offers and sell them on your blog being their affiliate.  

Coupons are also another source to buy a product or service at a rate quite lower than its normal price. These are very common in online products where discount up to 70 per cent is offered. On the occasion of Black Friday many hosting companies offer discount up to 60 per cent and people never miss such mouth-watering offers.  

So find coupons of big discount and sell them on your event blog on the occasion of an event that relates to a heavily discounted product.  

4. Specific Products 

Different kind of educational, environmental, entertainment, fun and artistic products are also sold in huge number on many events.

So make an inventory of such products to first find their discounted offers and then sell them on the occasion of an event related to them.  

5. Sweets 

On events of cultural and religious significance sweets is widely offered to relatives, neighbors and friends especially in eastern countries.

So explore options of online sales of sweets and offer them to your blog readers and earn big money from event blogging.  

6. Clothing, shoes, jewelry  

On all those events when new clothes are worn, clothing, shoes and jewelry remain in high demand. People now easily buy these products online. So you can sell them online on your blog on such events and earn big money from event blogging.  

7. General products 

These are the products that do not fall into above categories. A bouquet could be sent to your loved one on an event of feeling or happiness. So keep the option of selling such products as well on a given event.  

Events calendar 

Click the below image to download events calendar with nearly 200 world days to start creating your events blog from today and earn big money with it. I have compiled this calendar especially for you hoping you would reshare this post before downloading it.  

earn big money from event blogging

Did you ever experience managing an event blog? How was your experience? Or do you have any plan to start an event blog? Share your views in comments section below.   

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