10 reasons why you must earn huge money with Google Adsense

It is not easy to earn huge money with Google Adsense.

Earlier you could have but now you can’t.

Don’t rely on Google Adsense. Instead of that, sell affiliates and earn huge bucks.

Why don’t you write product reviews and earn money easily.

Hey! It is better to create your own product and sell it like a hot cake.

So how many times you heard these bloody stupid idiotic insane advices since you started blogging?

Don’t be upset I don’t ask you who advised you and how many big and small fries offer you this free consultancy.

Just tell me how many times!

The most unfortunate part is that you followed their advice willingly or unwillingly.

I know they are the damn blogging giants who are advising you not to rely on Google Adsense.

Why you are advised to avoid using Google Adsense?

earn huge money with Google Adsense

image courttesy: www.webupon.com

Do you know why they are advising you to *uck this easy money earning option?

Bring your ear closer to me; I will tell you why they are stressing you to forget about this one of the oldest sources to earn money with your blog.

Ok listen silently and never tell anyone I told you this secret because many of them are my mentors-cum-friends. Just listen and think about it.

Actually they want to sell their own and affiliate products to you to make you become an awesome blogger and do the same which they are doing now. Understand?

If you keep focusing on Google Adsense you won’t buy their products and services. Most of their products are to train you; how to earn money with affiliates, how to write posts that convert, how to write a review that sells like a hot cake.

Actually they just want you to be like them after buying products and services from them.

Now listen another secret.

This I won’t whisper in your ear.

This I can tell you loudly because I am not that much coward as you are just thinking about me.

They are telling you half of the truth.

They simply tell you that you can earn huge money with affiliates and your own products only.

So eventually you forget about Google Adsense.

No one tells you the complete truth

So I just want to complete the truth in this post. YOU CAN EQUALLY EARN HUGE MONEY WITH GOOGLE ADSENSE STILL.

Yes still you can earn money with it. It is not a fruit or vegetable that has rotten or perished and now you can’t eat it. Nor is it an out-of-fashion designer wear you now can’t put it on to look smart.

Google is working as an online advertising agency with a brand name of Google Adsense and offering you to place its ads at your blog and earn money.

The only difference is that it is not selling you ads to place them at your blog for a specific period and earn a commission. It is just asking you to put them at your blog and it will pay you on the basis of clicks people made on its ads. Right?

Its policy is strict because of us

Everybody is scare of its strict policy. But why it has strict policy.

To control over smartness of money-hungry bloggers it issued its strict policy.

It suspends or even cancels your account if you yourself hit at its ads, or request your friends anywhere to keep hitting them regularly or you put them as if they are part of your contents.

Earlier Google was not very strict neither in Adsense nor in page ranking. It has to be so strict because of our over-smartness.

It is very strict also because it wants to give quality service to its clients. Its clients are companies which want their ads displayed on your blog and Google acts as a middleman to get payment from them and issue to those who get clicks on Google ads at their blogs and other online publications.

Now I think it is clear why Google is strict. It is rightly strict otherwise its Adsense program will be flooded by spam and scams.

How to shun fear of its account’s cancellation?

Those who have even a little over-smartness are always afraid of likely cancellation of their Adsense account.

Those who firmly believe in fair play never be afraid of it and on the contrary confidently avail this option.

You got my point; still you can earn huge money with Google Adsense if you are:

  • A serious blogger
  • Not an over-smart person by nature
  • Biggest supporter of fair play
  • Not have haste in your nature
  • Don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket which mean not relying on one source of income only

If you have these typical non-techie qualities I can bet you can earn huge money with Google Adsense still and in future also.

Google Adsense is not a trendy shop that will be closed in future. It is possible someone will buy it if Google wants. The biggest source of revenue of Google is still its Adsense program.

So will it want to sell it? Even if it sells, always remember change of owner doesn’t mean closure of a shop.

How to earn huge money with Google Adsense?

You may be waiting now I would tell you how to earn huge money with Google Adsense.

You can find thousands and thousands of posts online to know this art. I particularly mention this post of Leslie Samuel’s blog. It is a complete guide to get full mastery on earning huge money with Google Adsense.

Yes you are right; if I just have to send you somewhere else to get the secrets of earning with it why I held you here to stick to this post and what I am going to tell you here.

Don’t worry (or get worry) I am not going to conclude this post.

Here I tell you ten reasons why you should spare a little time daily to keep trying to earn huge money with Google Adsense.

It is not a rocket science to assume you can’t do it.

earn huge money with Google Adsense

image courtesy: www.bloggingbloggers.com

No earning without working

Just tell me how many minutes you spent the last week to try to earn more with it.

This is our problem we put its ads once and then keep trying to increase traffic count at our blog and expect a miracle will happen and we will get several dollars in a day.

We forget one biggest reality.

The ads of Google at our blog are not for display.

They are for sale.

People click them and go to their websites and then they should be converted there.

Look how it happens.

Purpose of Google ads

People visit your blog through search engines mostly. How they come to your blog?

They write a search query in Google search window. Their query is actually the keyword of your post. They come to your blog to find the contents they want and get the solution of their problem.

They also see an ad there which claims to better solve their problem. They click on it and go to the website where the solution of their problem is for sale. They buy it if they really want the solution of their problem and if that solution is really perfect one.

You actually forget this fact and never try to bring the most relevant traffic on your blog which can hit the ads.

Nor you try to put those keywords in your post which have huge demand for these ads.

So from now be proactive to earn huge money with Google Adsense and keep in mind these ten reasons why you must spare a little time daily to fully exploit this wonderful source of earning money with your blog.

1. Permanent source of income

What you do at your blog?

You publish posts, promote them and keep doing this.

What you get in return.

You get constant increase in your traffic.

Obviously you want huge traffic not for Google Adsense only but to earn money with various options.

So if you spare daily a little time to fully exploit this source of earning money by fully availing this option what you will get.

You will keep earning more and more with it as soon as you get higher traffic at your blog.

So this is a permanent source of income at your blog. With it, you will be earning an amount to invest in your blog and expand its outreach to earn more from other income resources.

2. Huge optimization options

There are more than several options to maximize its ads at your blog to reach the highest potential of earning with it.

You can keep changing its placement, its size, its style and eventually will get the maximum level of earning with it. This experiment you need to do at least on weekly basis. If you reach the maximum potential of earning with it in six months you will be getting its reward forever.

This is the complete guide to maximize its ads at your blog and this is the list of plugins you can pick the one of your choice after reading is benefits and put ads through it of Google at your blog.

earn huge money with Google Adsense

image courtesy: www.theextremewebdesigns.com

3. No undue fear of account suspension

If you are not over-smart and are a damn serious blogger you must not afraid one day your account will be cancelled.

You just need to keep any eye through Dashboard of your Adsense account on performance of your ads. You can also install one of these six plug-ins to avoid cancellation because of clicks’ fraud on it.

4. So many high-paying keywords

This is one of the biggest advantages you have. You just need to search for which keywords Google pay you highest amount per click. There are hundreds of posts that tell you this secret. At first instance I can tell the costliest keyword that has been on the top for the last five years. INSURANCE

This is the latest list of most expensive keywords of Google Adsense.

You can easily find your niche-related expensive keywords by yourself also. In Google planner you must have seen a column of price. It is actually a price of a keyword which Google receives from advertisers to promote their products related to it.

So obviously it also pays to publisher almost same amount after deducting its agency commission.

Also you have to bring traffic from those countries at your blog where from clicks are costly.

If a person with the IP of USA or Canada clicks on a Google ad with “insurance” keyword you will get a huge amount per click and if IP is of any poor country you will get very small amount. Why? Because that advertiser knows very well only people from Canada and USA really need its advertised product and rest will just do window shopping.

5. Advantage of multiple keywords

There are a few niches which don’t have high paying keywords. Just like green niche or other non-commercial niche. Here you can borrow a high paying keyword to use it appropriately and invite Google to place ads of higher prices.

Degree is a keyword always in top-10 list of costly keywords. So the “postgraduate degree in green energy” can make a good combination as a long tail keyword that will attract costly ads on your green blog.

Yes forcible use of such keywords may declare you guilty of over-smartness. Here is the list of multiple keywords which you can use for several niches.

6. Income grows as traffic grows

There is no chance of standstill in your Google Adsense income. With a niche website you earn a fixed little money regularly with it but with a regular blog like this one you will keep increasing traffic at it. Higher the traffic means higher the clicks and ultimately higher the earning.

7. A little change in your niche is possible

If your niche is purely non-commercial you can associate it with several keywords of commercial niche. Spirituality is a non-commercial niche. Companies won’t expect Google places their ads at a blog of spirituality niche. But if you write a post on an online course to learn spirituality obviously you will add its commercial value and Google won’t keep the ad space blank at your blog.

earn huge money with Google Adsense8. No chance of foul play

This is the biggest source of satisfaction to earn huge money with Google Adsense. If you work fairly Google will pay you back fairly. It is one of a few companies in the world that never deviates even slightly from its policies. Not because it is from heaven. It actually works online and can never put human mentality in its bots.

9. Most credible ad agency

There are several alternatives of PPC ads just like it but it is still the most credible agency. Even if it closes, it will not simply close but it will simply sell its advertising agency component to any other online giant which can make a little change in it but will not entirely flip it.

10. Payment on time

You never have to wait to get its payment. Its mode of payment is one of the easiest. You need not worry if you don’t have a PayPal account.

You can get payment through check and for a lower amount even you can get in cash. Just note down password of payment and go to the nearest bank offering Western Union Money Transfer service and get your payment to enjoy your life.


So you need not to pay heed on advice of those who want you to wrongly assume now it is not possible to earn money with it. Yes you should not rely wholly on it and equally follow other monetization methods to face least risk of failure from each. But you should pay your attention regularly to earn maximum from it. Right?

Now your turn

Have you placed Google ads at your blog or you have not plan to do this? How much you are earning with it. How much time do you invest to maximize your earning with it?  And finally do you still believe now one can’t earn huge money with it. I am eagerly waiting to hear you.

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