How To Enjoy Blogging So You Never Imagine To Quit

By Ryan Biddulph

I have a secret to share with you: paradise is a feeling. The feeling of joy.

As the creator and owner of Blogging From Paradise I help people retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging, having lived in the tropics for years at a time.

Fiji. Bali. Thailand. Costa Rica. Qatar. Cyprus. All are paradises to me but really, whenever you are enjoying the ride you are in your own little slice of paradise.

Today I want to guide you genuinely how to enjoy blogging. So you too can always be blogging from paradise. Just tell me who would like to quit his paradise.

enjoy bloggingBlog Your Fun

What can you yak about all day? Blog about it.

Blog your fun.

This is a fundamental for really enjoying blogging and for becoming ridiculously successful.

I love blogging. And traveling. So I created Blogging From Paradise.

When I write a post or shoot a video for my blog, the work is play, or fun, so the work is the reward.

Everything else is extra. Traffic. Profits. Social shares. List of subscribers. No big deal. I like receiving traffic and blogging profits but 95% to 99% of WHY I am blogging is to have fun.

Predominantly, I just wanna enjoy the ride and have fun. The money stuff is just a bonus, not a primary driver.

I have never checked my metrics of my blog. Not once, since July of 2014.

Why would I? I’m having fun. So I know how I’m doing.

How can you track your progress on fun? If I’m having fun, how could I be doing badly, or poorly?

How can numbers on a screen override my fun? Or determine if I should feel good, or bad?

Pros follow their passion, not profits, get REALLY good at something they love doing, and the profits naturally flow to them, over time.

Follow your fun, not finances

All the money-making ideas and income stream ideas and income itself flows your way when you give almost all your energies to having a blast.

If work is the reward, you won’t need anything else and that exact energy is what million and billion dollar empires are built upon.

Only Create to Celebrate

I create only to celebrate.

I don’t create to hit deadlines, or to stick to a blogging schedule, or because someone told me to publish so many posts weekly.

I create blog posts and videos and eBooks and courses as a celebration of my creative gifts, which inspires me to enjoy the ride.

Some bloggers seem as grumpy as an insomniac who’s forced to keep their eyelids open with toothpicks. They don’t create to celebrate, but rather, to *get* something, or because they “should” create or “have to” create.

I have written entire eBooks on how I learned valuable lessons from being stalked by 2 Thai lady boy prostitutes. Do you really believe I could be that creative if I *wasn’t* celebrating?

enjoy bloggingMake Friends Everywhere You Go

Whenever I walk around town solo – wherever I am on earth – I become a magnet to friends. People chat me up. People seek me out.

I see the same thing happen online; I make friends everywhere I go.

This blogging ride is SO much more fun when you have 10, 100 or 1,000 friends backing you, supporting you and helping you. So much love. So much positive energy. So much fun. So much enjoyment.

Promote a bunch of fellow bloggers. Help them in as many ways as possible. Make friends wherever you go. The more blogging friends, the merrier.

Be Playful

I play, disguised as blogging.

I do not strain. Nor do I strive.

I blog my fun – tip #1 – and then play, painting my colorful travel stories, telling my humorous globetrotting tales and loving the ride as I entertain, educate and inspire.

It’s one thing to have fun writing. Quite another thing to REALLY let your personality out by injecting humor into your work.

The other day my wife Kelli filmed a video of me skipping down the street here in Doha, Qatar, like a little kid. I signed off by waving at the camera and doing a silly little dance.

That’s how I feel as I blog. No seriousness.

I even ceased following a few well-known bloggers who are awesome in their own right but who beat themselves and their readers up, rarely if ever expressing humor or lightness.

Nothing personal; they just aren’t playful enough for me.

Throw on your blogging smock. Then, finger paint like a kindergartener after 15 shots of espresso. Get sloppy. Laugh your rear end off.

Play! Then, you can call it “blogging”, if you’d like to.

Outsource Earnings

The moment I slowly and steadily outsourced earnings I let go a monstrous level of financial-related stresses.

You never really *earn* money. Because everything is connected. And because God handles the “how”, or, the heavy lifting.

You may create valuable blog posts. You may establish blogging income streams.

You may receive PayPal payments and royalty payments. But you are not in control. Never have been. Never will be. Not your job.

Your duty is to have fun, to spread love by creating helpful content for others (both free content and premium content, aka, courses, eBooks, services), to promote others, and to allow in money. No chasing money. No earning it. Allowing it in.

One of my greatest sources of happiness is this concept: I have fun, create to help and allow a Higher Power to handle the rest.

Since I established this energetic posture things began to happen really, really easily for me. Neat things.

Surrendering to the Universe aka God is the quickest and easiest way to become hyper creative and to make money through your blog AND to enjoy blogging.

enjoy bloggingBuild Your Life on the Concept of Spiritual Nourishment

I meditate for breakfast. Every day.

Since I began traveling again I enjoy an actual breakfast a few minutes after meditating. Travel makes me hungry. But prior to my current trip in Qatar I fasted from 8 PM in the evening to 12 PM the following day.

I woke to a breakfast of meditation. Followed by a brunch of prayer. Then, a number of hours later, I would grub on food.

I am a happy guy – most of the time – because I seek spiritual nourishment. Hell yeah I enjoy eating.

But I also love to meditate, to fast, to pray and to smile because as I seek spiritual nourishment I look to God as the Source, the Fuel, All There Is, and goodness does this movement make my blogging life easier and more fun.

God. Allah. Jesus. Buddha. Moses. Our mind likes to connect with The All Powerful Source through names and concepts. But in truth, God is everywhere, everything, forever.

In your own way, if you find practices that feed you, spiritually, you can begin to rend the veils of illusion and separation – slowly, at first – and see we are all connected, we are all God’s children.

Gradually adopting this viewpoint is a secret to my happiness and one reason why I enjoy blogging SO much.

I inject love into all I do blogging-wise, because love and God are the only realities, and all that fear-based stuff (which pulls you away from having fun) is an illusion.

Your Turn

How you enjoy blogging?

What tips can you add to this list?

You can invite your friends to this party by sharing this post on social media. Let’s this party of enjoy blogging be continue.

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