How to open an expert roundup shop for making money online?

Yes, you heard me right I did say expert roundup shop. It is for making money online. It can be opened without any investment.

Are you still confused?

You should, because I am saying all this without any evidence. So let me prove first how it is possible and then I will give you everything you need to open this shop.

But first let’s discuss what an expert roundup is.

What is an expert roundup?

In blogging it is a blog post with opinions of several experts on a topic. They may be blogging experts, SEO experts or money making experts.

It is also not limited to blogging niche. In every niche such posts are very popular. I have already shared with you how to develop four expert-opinion posts in one go. In the same post I also told my readers how to create this type of blog post.

Another awesome post on how to create an expert roundup post is here. It’s a very lengthy post. Just bookmark it to read it in your free time.

Popularity of guest posts consortium

They became popular quite recently. I personally observed after decline of guest posts as a source to get only back links this new form of guest post consortium becomes so popular.

making money onlineYes it is guest post consortium because several experts give their opinion on one topic separately but in one post. They get a back link to their homepage or to any other post related to the topic. Here experts don’t get a back link but earn it due to their expertise. This is fine in view of Google rules.

Secondly the biggest support such posts have is their massive sharing at social media. All who share their opinion must share it to their community to let them know how they are being taken as an expert. So you can imagine its outreach at social media.

Scope of expert roundup posts

In future there is no likelihood of its decline because it was not initiated to get any SEO juice. Secondly it is not everybody’s cup of tea as in case of guest posting it used to be. Anyone can try to publish a guest post.

But to participate in a discussion as an expert one has to prove his worth by sharing great contents to be noticed by other bloggers and get invitation from them to share his views and experience.

No compromise on quality

Such posts don’t have opinion of every Smith and Jones. One needs to be an expert to be the part of this. So there is no fear of mushrooming of this form of blog post in future. Only quality will rule it and quality will keep it up ever.

making money online

If someone would try to portray a novice as an expert no one would respond to such fabricated-expert roundup post. So it is confirmed it does have value and will have till its perfect alternative is introduced.

Public demand

This is an age of diversity. People want diversity in contents, solutions, products, offers and blah blah. So why don’t they want diversity in opinion. They don’t want opinion of many to be conveyed by a writer of the post. They want to hear the opinion by a person who holds it.

making money online

So this thought of people created its demand and it is rising because so far not on even 5 per cents of total blogs in blogosphere this type of post is published.

So all types of bloggers including newbie, strugglers and pro want to publish such posts at their blog to:

  • Get more visitors at their blog by offering several opinions on one issue
  • Be in contact with all those experts who shared their opinion in a given post at their blog
  • Want maximum reshare of their post not only by readers but also by experts as well

Hurdles to create such posts

Everyone can’t create this type of posts quite easily. For this purpose he needs to have:

  • Relations with so many experts of his niche
  • A lot of time to coordinate with experts, seek their replies and compile them
  • Again another slot of time to do follow-up actions like replying to comments, sending the comments to the expert if they are related to him and thanking all the experts on success of the post

making money onlineWhat is the solution?

There are two types of solutions to cross all the hurdles one faces while creating such post:

A long-term solution: To build contacts with so many experts and spare time by cutting short other activities.

This is not a viable solution because it takes time to build contacts with experts. That time may range from months to years

Secondly it is unwise to cut short other activities of equal importance just to create such posts.

Viable solution: Its viable solution is to outsource creating such post. Here my idea of expert roundup shop becomes rational and workable.

What is an expert roundup shop?

You will find this term nowhere. Earlier I coined the term Linkotorial and shared a post on how to create this product in 30 minutes only and got huge response from wonderful people like you.

So this time let’s have another term the EXPERT ROUNDUP SHOP.

Level of competition

A few people already have this kind of service but not exactly with the name of shop. A few bloggers and online marketers are offering this service to create an expert roundup post for struggling bloggers but their services yet to expand their outreach.

What you need to have to open this shop?

First of all you need to have huge contacts with several experts. You know very well it can’t be done just in a few months. It requires constant efforts to build relations with experts. In simple words those who love to make friends can open this shop quite easily. So you must know how to be in the good books of pro bloggers.

So keep increasing your connection with experts of your industry. In online world just with a click of mouse you can do this quite easily. In blogging niche the best ways to make contacts with influencers are:

  • Make a survey to point out who are experts in your industry.
  • Find the online places where you can connect with them like social media, forums and their blogs
  • Visit their blogs regularly and comment on their latest posts consistently
  • Reshare their posts on social media
  • Appreciate their all shared stuff on social media including their posts.
  • Do all the above chores patiently and don’t make haste

I am sharing this idea especially for those who already have spent some time in blogging so they already have good number of contacts with experts. So let’s go ahead to further discuss how to open this shop.

Watch my presentation on: How To Build Relations With Experts

How to open expert roundup shop for making money online?

You can open it at:

  • Your blog
  • Your website
  • A Facebook page which you already have or you can open it for now

Step 1: Create a sales page

Now create a sales page to publish at your blog or on Facebook notes

Your sales page should have:

  • Your offer to compile expert roundup post by doing all its related chores
  • The number of expert roundup posts you have created so far. If you didn’t so create a few before opening this shop to put them as testimonial. For creating such posts again refer the posts I mentioned above at the beginning of this post.
  • Information about you; how long you have been in blogging and how many successful blogs you have
  • Mention a few top experts who you are already connected.
  • Views of a few experts about you with their online details to prove how popular you are

Step 2: Develop your packages to offer your services

It depends upon your level of expertise how you develop a package. I am giving you examples of three packages to help you create your own.

making money onlineYou can summarize the above detailed text by adding another column on left to give the description of each row as well. For better presentation of package you can also pick the one from these free pricing plugins to offer these packages.

Step 3: Build your idea bank

Create a list of topics for expert roundup posts in your niche or in all your areas of specialty where you have good number of contacts with experts.

making money onlineOnce you have a detailed list of topics you can easily do your homework to fill an order as and when you receive or as and when you are able to sell your idea.

Now your turn

So initially just make a try by creating the one post for publishing at your blog and see if you can do this easily or need to expand your networking before opening a shop for this purpose.

Maybe somewhere you need to know more on this topic so do ask me about it in comments section and I will be replying your each query with every detail I can offer.

Overall how did you find this idea and do you think it is workable and one just needs to do a little home work for it. I am looking forward to hear your awesome views on it.

I am sure you will reshare it at social media to let others take benefit of this post.

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