10 free blogging tips that you must not follow blindly

Free blogging tips don’t have much value because free is after all free. Having no worth and no one takes their responsibility if they don’t work.

People take no time giving you so many types of free blogging tips to blog successfully. A slightly intelligent person does know you can’t hold a free advisor responsible if you fail.

Freemium doesn’t have value beyond a limit. It works just to get the things going. To successfully lead the things to right direction premium works far better.

Look around you where everyone is mad to advise you free. Just post on FB you are worried to pick niche of your blog. And then see how you get a flood of tips and tricks.

free blogging tipsYou can’t decide correctly if you get free blogging tips from everyone. Instead of following them you get confused on who to believe and who to doubt.

10 free blogging tips you must avoid to follow

I share here 10 most popular free blogging tips you get easily everywhere. If you blindly follow them you just be blogging and only blogging with no results.

So I also share a solution with each of these 10 free blogging tips to follow and get them work best for you.

1. Select the best niche

What they are saying. Select the best niche. It should be your passion and have huge demand in market.

It means you love it and people love its products and services as well. It could be a beautiful coincidence but can’t be true all the times.

Just take my example. My real passion is Go Green. I have a blog on it and have more than 100K page views monthly.

free blogging tipsBut I don’t earn big money with it because it doesn’t have huge demand in market. People do take go green advice but don’t change their consumption practices.

They just do those things that could save their money as well. While going green in true sense calls for not looking at money and just caring our earth.

1.2 Conflict

It means if you luckily have a real passion for a thing you should pick it as your niche and don’t look at any other option. It – in another way – proves only those can blog whose passion has huge market value.

1.3 Solution

Don’t follow your passion if it doesn’t have market value. If your niche doesn’t have market value, go for your second passion.

Yes you heard me right. No one has only one passion. Man is not a mean creature to have a limited vision of life. He could have several interests. So explore your second passion. If it also doesn’t have market value so pick the third one.

Carl Marx the man behind creation of bipolar world was once asked what he did when he got tired of reading his most favorite subject philosophy. He said then he read economics to freshen his mind. He was again asked what he did when he got bored with reading economics. He said then he read literature.

You can’t call it an exception. Everyone has choices in his interest. People love art and in art they first love poetry, then fiction, then biographies and finally short stories.

So it is unwise to advice either your passion has sale value or not just pick it. Money matters a lot in this world where everything could be bought with money.

Yes in positivism we can say a few things can’t be bought but reality is otherwise. You can buy everything with money.

I know you may be thinking true love can’t be bought with money. Or loyalty or honesty or sincerity. Look around and who is surrounded by many people. A rich person or a poor person.

Who is loved by all housemates in your home? The one who is earning a lot or the one who has limited income. Though we should not say loud such things but these are the bitter realities of our life.

free blogging tips2. Create super great content

Earlier everyone was saying contents, contents and contents. Then the mantra of great contents was heard everywhere. A year ago it was the era of long posts. So much long that most of the time you forget what its topic was and what the name of its blog was.

And now diversity, diversity and diversity is the most repeated free blogging tip in blogosphere. Insert images, videos, podcast, infographics and everything that can diversify your blog post.

2.1 Conflict

I am afraid after sometime people would be fed up of browsing a post full of diversity. It could be like a buffet where people waste half of the time searching their favorite dishes. Once they find them the buffet time is about to over.

2.2 Solution

Look at the demographics of your audience. If your audience is a group of teens, you need not to give lengthy arguments to convince them buy a product. Just its practical demo in a video is sufficient to make them buy that product.

So why to give a detailed description of its pros and cons just to prove how honest you are. If you give pros more than its cons how a saner person would follow your advice to buy it.

So just share what your audience will enjoy. It could be a 500-word post if you simply have to convince for a great cause.

I on my green blog advise people to save this earth and give them small pieces of free advice which they can follow without spending their much time.

3. Promote your contents robustly

It means sharing your contents to thousands of people hoping a few of them would come to read it. I think if you promote with focus, results could be far better.

free blogging tips3.1 Conflict

But everyone advise you to promote your contents robustly. I was flabbergasted when an energetic blogger told me he shares in 300 FB groups every week. His response rate was hardly 5% that means five people from every 100.

3.2 Solution

Categorize all your social media and its communities or groups. So share your post to the most relevant ones. Also tag those who are most relevant. If you have a post on technical aspect of blogging share it with those fully well-verse in coding and other technical things.

4. Optimize your contents

Your contents should be equally appealing for both people and search engines. You can know what search engines want with keyword research.

How to know what people really want. This is done by surveying everything online and offline where people share their dreams, wishes, desires, problems, fears.

free blogging tipsSo task is gigantic to survey all such forums, social media, publications, website blogs because for a human being it is not possible.

So many tools are there to know with one click what people are talking about on social media. Buzzsumo is top of the list. Hashtags help you know what is trending on Twitter. Quora lets you know what people are asking to experts.

4.1 Conflict

But my worry is how to keep balance between what people want and what search engines want. For example if number of searches of a keyword is 1000 per month; is it necessary people on other places are also searching it in same number.

It is possible people in more than 1000 or 10k are taking interest in it on social media and discussion forum. But you write a post with its 1000 organic searches in mind to compete with others as this count has usually low competition.

But maybe it has toughest competition on social media and you fail to meet it there and your post just get into archive.

4.2 Solution

So either its searches are 1000 or 100k you should write a post as if it is the last post of your life. Fear not I don’t mean you will be no more after this. Heaven forbid.

What I mean is just take it as your last chance to achieve your goals and after that nobody would listen to you.

Yes I mean it if you keep sharing just another post after post one day your each post would be like a deserted town.

It is good to run after numbers. But one should not die for numbers. Numbers are not end of the world. What if Google doesn’t notice your post? You have a huge number of other sources to make your post equally hot and spicy for everyone’s attention.

5. Build your blog community

Should I recall a blogger who was called engagement queen? She had the prowess to engage her readers so much so that she used to get hundreds of comments on her each blog post.

free blogging tipsBut she could not have fully served her community. What happened to her eventually? Everyone knows that she got an opportunity better than blogging.

That means her forte was something else but owing to her hard work and devotion she proved her worth in blogging as well.

5.1 Conflict

So just creating a strongly bonded blog community is not sufficient to achieve blogging success. You should have clear vision to serve every need of your community. It is not an easy task to serve each need of your community related to your niche.

Obviously your blog community doesn’t have same kind of needs. They may be divided into different groups with different needs. A huge number could be newbie, many others struggling and many more nearing to the level of pro.

5.2 Solution

So offer more and more solutions to your community. Your solutions should be both free and premium. Keep surveying how many of your blog readers desperately need a specific solution. So bring a perfect solution for them and convince them it can solve their problem.

For this you need to become proactive in your sales strategy. Whenever and from wherever you find a product worthwhile to sell just grab its details and share it with your blog readers.

Otherwise someone else would sell them and many of them would move to those blogs who are quite active in helping their readers. Your pace should not be your natural pace but quite competitive with market trends.

6. Become darling of social media

It is so good to become popular on social media. Your outreach expands easily if you are popular. Your posts go viral if you share them with your followers. They love to follow your advice and waste no time to act upon it.

free blogging tips6.1 Conflict

Is it sufficient to become a successful blogger if you are popular on social media? Obviously not because you may be quite good friend of your all followers there. But not necessary you are also helping them fully.

Problems of people are quite diverse in nature. So you can’t serve them on individual basis alone as their friend. You don’t have team there because that’s your personal account.

People expect abnormally more from social media super stars. While on your blog you have limited options of helping people.

Many people on social media complain of not having huge money to buy a top class hosting. While on your blog you ever advocate of not going for cheap hosting just to save a few bucks. How would you serve your followers if they don’t have money to buy?

6.2 Solution

It means you should be darling of social media but not at the cost of your business objectives. Be quite closer to them but do express you believe more in premium solutions.

Clearly mention you are not a philanthropist to give everything for free. You need not to announce it crudely but your attitude should reflect you are there to sever people with both free and premium solutions.

7. Monetize your blog like a pro

Blogging fraternity is divided on when to monetize your blog. From the day one or after getting huge traffic?

Some suggest you should showcase your products before first customer enters into your shop. Some others say let the huge number of customers come to you then you sell them your products.

free blogging tipsMonetizing means any effort to earn money with your blog. Be it creating a sales funnel and displaying it on your blog. Or displaying ads of both PPC and direct ones. Or putting affiliate links into your contents.

7.1 Conflict

Either you monetize your blog before getting traffic or after that; will you be able to earn money with it or just trying to earn money.

You are right first a person tries to earn money and then earns it literally. But here by just displaying your ads either visitors are coming to you or not what do you mean. Do you want to sell or want to make them buy?

If you want to sell; it is your right to make every effort to sell. Some maybe buy from you. But it will not be on consistent basis. It is just like people buy from makeshift markets in festivals. They don’t see who is selling because they are just enjoying to be in a festival.

But from any local or online market they don’t buy blind folded. They check the brand, seller, reputation and quality of product as well.

Soon after starting a blog do you have any brand, or reputation or popularity in your field? So trying to sell may be go against you. Instead of impressing your readers you may be viewed as if your purpose is just to sell and not to help others.

7.2 Solution

So be patient, build your brand and blog traffic. Once you achieve the basic goals then sell and not for once but create your sales funnel on permanent basis.

Soon after releasing your first product your second product should be ready to be public. Communicate to your readers you would solve all their problems with a series of premium solutions.

8. Stay connected with influencers

It is no more much difficult as competition among influencers has also risen at fast pace. Now influencers do spare sometime to interact with their followers.

free blogging tipsJust look at roundup posts where so many influencers are same. Not a negative remark. Actually they attend to every request and give proper time to their each follower.

A busy influencer like Neil Patel consent to participate in an expert roundup if he is contacted properly. Does it mean he has nothing else to do? Following a proper strategy he consent to give interview just to expand his outreach with every free and premium way.

8.1 Conflict

But problem is who is an influencer for whom. Should a newbie blogger with a few posts on his blog ask Neil to give an interview?

First of all that newbie don’t have proper contact details of Neil. Nor he should do this because it is too earlier for him. Why?

Because if a newbie blogger is advised to be connected with influencers it doesn’t mean any top most influencer. It means the one who can help him to make his initial journey of blogging successful.

8.2 Solution

So first decide who is an influencer for you. It is not good to take a big jump. Obviously step by step going ahead is wise. So pick the one who is not top most influencer.

So he would give you time because he also knows if he ignores you he will not be able to go to next level of influence. To go to next level he needs to be more popular. So he would attend every newbie’s request.

9. Build your email list

Money is in the list. Money is in the list. And money is in the list.

How many times daily you read this sentence anywhere around blogosphere. I usually read it at least once because I read not much.

free blogging tipsDoesn’t it sound as your list would lay golden eggs to you? If you don’t have any idea how to generate leads with your list how you would earn money with it.

9.1 Conflict

Many bloggers believing in this mantra just display a list building tool on their blog that irritates readers by popping up multiple times.

If you ask someone what he would do with his fatty email list. He very vaguely replies I will earn money with it. If earning money with a list is that much simple so why not to make money by publishing posts on your blog.

What is the main difference between selling to your email subscribers and to your blog readers? Your blog subscribers are a step ahead of your blog readers. They show their willingness to get your regular updates into their inbox.

In layman terms they allow you to visit their home to tell them arrival of any new product. While simple blog readers keep this right into their own hands and visit again to check any new arrival.

9.2 Solution

So you should have so many products in series to introduce to them one by one. So they would buy from you.  Else just sending them free emails will not solve their serious problems. It is just like publishing free posts on your blog and nothing else.

10. Create and sell your own products

How easy it sounds. Create your own product and sell it on your blog. Do you have an idea of creating a product that has clear edge on all the same products that are already available in your niche market?

free blogging tips10.1 Conflict

So creating a product is quite easy but selling it means it must be unique and far better than its peer products.

Can anyone relying on free blogging tips create a product far better than others? So how come he would sell it. This is just alluring to say that people can create a product and sell it. Else this free blogging tip is actually trapping people into a vicious circle of creating products and then dumping them in despair.

10.2 Solution

So spend your initial time learning to create products. Invest in yourself to improve your skills. Be focused and become authority in one of the fields of blogging.

You know well that local SEO is going to be main demand in online world. So learn it and become its expert to release your first product on it.

So these are the ten most popular free blogging tips that never let you become successful if you follow them blindly.

People give free blogging tips of same kind to all without knowing who is at which stage of blogging. Newbies should take them differently while struggling bloggers should follow them according their own situation. Else these free blogging tips will not let a blogger become successful and will suck a lot.

How did you take these ten free blogging tips at the start of your journey? What is your opinion about them? Share you views in comment section below.

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