Free guide to become 100% successful blogger in 3 months

Every minute counts a lot if it is spent purposefully with focus on one goal. On the contrary thousands of minutes if spent unwisely without any set goal can never make you successful in any field.

The same rule falls true in blogging. It brutally falls true in blogging because in this field you have more than several things to do daily. Out of them you need to pick the most relevant and most helpful ones leading you to the highway to success for becoming a successful blogger.

Your sense of picking the right task at right time in blogging should be unquestionable. Otherwise you would be doing a lot of things but achieving nothing. So the main task is how to pick the most important and rewarding things first and how to do them successfully.

Now after explosion in blogging information on internet it becomes quite challenging to start a blog and earn money with it without wasting your precious time.

successful bloggerYou have a lot of choices and it is quite confusing to follow which path for surefire successful blogging.

I have been in the field of blogging for the last six years and earlier I worked as journalist for more than ten years. On the basis of my vast experience I developed a free guide for you to become a successful blogger in three months by spending two hours daily.

Yes two hours only. So you can start a blog and make it successful while doing your day job, giving time to your family and even enjoying as much as you were doing previously.

17 concrete steps to become 100% successful blogger

Here are 17 concrete steps to become a successful blogger and never let your single minute be wasted while struggling to become a successful blogger.

1. First select your niche

A lot has already been written on how to pick a niche that is most fit for you. Well said by many that a niche should be your passion and marketable both. Otherwise you simply would be enjoying your passion or desperately marketing a topic without taking any interest in it.

Also go through this post to get further take on this point: What is niche and how to select the best one for your blog?

So pick the niche that comes to your dreams. Here is the score card to select the best niche as suggested by the famous blogger Jon Morrow.

successful blogger2. Become expert of your niche

It doesn’t require so long time to become the expert of your niche. If a niche is really your passion you must have already read a lot about it.

You never have missed any opportunity to learn more about your niche. So you simply have to order your previous knowledge to gain confidence of declaring yourself as your niche expert.

Also go through How to learn blogging and become a pro blogger.

If you study two hours daily with full concentration you can revive your entire previous knowledge on a subject and also learn new things about it. So one month’s time is sufficient to hone your passion and make it your forte now.

3. Select a domain

Now selecting a domain is not as confusing as it was previously. Now you don’t have broad choices to pick the best domain. Every saleable domain has already been registered.

So you need to coin a quite new and unique domain. You have to apply your creativity to coin a domain that reflects your niche and it also says for whom that domain is.

After reading my post how to select the best domain you would be able to pick the best one and it will take just one day to complete this task.

4. Write an ebook

After selecting your domain now create an ebook on the basis of all your knowledge of your niche you acquired in previous one month. It would help you revise all you read and would also let you know where you are standing in your niche.

Your ebook will be your gift to those who first time visit your blog. To write an ebook in one month spending two hours daily read this post. It will help you complete this task in no time.

5. Buy hosting

Those who buy a costly thing get burden on their pocket once. Those who buy a cheap thing get burden frequently because of getting it repaired off and on.

So instead of going for a cheap option of hosting buy a high quality hosting by subscribing it on monthly basis.

Many people in enthusiasm buy a three year hosting plan and for that they go for a cheap option. It is better to buy a monthly plan. Never compromise on quality and pay a little high price to get high quality hosting.

You very well know that Google ranks those websites that are built on high quality hosting to offer high speed to searchers.

6. Make a simple design to your blog

The days of making a dandy design are over. People want to quickly reach the contents of their interest on your blog. They don’t want much fancy and blinking things on your blog. So make your blog design as simple as possible but never let it be lifeless.

Your blog design should clearly show:

  • What best things you are offering to your visitors
  • What things they can get free
  • What benefits they can buy from your blog.

In short you must ask yourself that for you what is an ideal blog design and why.

successful blogger7. Coming soon

While fine-tuning your ebook put a sign of coming soon on your blog. So after buying hosting install WordPress on it and create home page and put the message of coming soon on it. It will be a message to all those who arrive at your blog through its promotion on social media and with your guest posting.

8. Display ebook for free download

Select an email subscription plugin from the list and subscribe MailChimp or Awber to create your email list.

Put your ebook on home page just after the message of coming soon with a promise that readers would learn a lot about your niche by downloading your ebook. Ask them to submit their email and get the ebook directly into their inbox.

This is the step where from you start creating your email list before publishing your first post. It means once you publish your first post you will have a fat email list to inform all your readers its publishing through email.

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Pro Bloggers Secret Formula To
Earn Money With Your Blog

I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.

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