Free website traffic vs paid traffic; which one brings more money

Free website traffic means all visitors that come to your blog through search engines, social media and forums.

People click on their required contents in search page and Google sends them to your blog. Or they click on your posts on social media and they arrive on your blog. You pay nothing for that.

Objectives of free website traffic

They may have different objectives to visit your blog. Many of them may be just want info on a topic. Or they want a solution. Or they want to be clear on a complicated topic. It all depends upon the nature of your keyword that brings them to your blog.

free website trafficMany of them might click a keyword that guides how to buy a thing. Like “where to buy cheap hosting”. But it is not necessary they have to buy a hosting. Maybe they just want to know now to buy it in future.

The purpose of driving traffic to your online business is to get customers. Once a prospect lands on your site, you still have to convert that prospect into a buyer. Marc Ostrofsky

It means most of your free website traffic comprises of those visitors who could be called window-shoppers. They either want to get free or just want to have a look on a premium product.

A few of them do buy but after finding the best deal by exploring hundreds of deals.

Freemium hunters

People don’t click on ads just for fun. If a word free is mentioned in your ad on Facebook or AdWords they may click it to reach to your lead page. But once they know your free offer is a small part of your premium product they go back.

Real paid traffic

Those who click on an ad owing to its quality and regardless of its being free or paid they are called your real paid traffic.

They are more responsive to your paid offer. They do know an ad means a promotion of a priced product or service. So with this thought in mind they click on your ad and easily be converted.

Here is a list of 162 total sources of free and paid website traffic.

Easy conversion

Generating leads in maximum number from paid traffic is easier. You simply need to convince them that your product is the best one in terms of quality and price both.

You don’t have to first convince them that a premium thing is better than the free. Nor you have to tell them a free product or service can never be a complete solution of any problem. They already know about it.

Free means no liability

People publish hundreds and even thousands of contents on their blogs for free. So they are not much worried if readers would like their free contents or not.

That is why their each blog post is not the best one. In so many cases their most of the blog posts are not extra ordinary. Free is free so no one puts his heart and soul to create a free thing.

No genuine promotion with free

You may say that free products work as your sales promotion agent for your premium products. Did you ever see a business where thousands of sales promotion agents are hired?

You can create a few top quality contents to promote your paid products. Creating such free products in huge number means your main focus is to create free products more.

If you believe in free more, your failure to earn huge money with your blog is quite natural.

free website trafficFree website traffic was easy to get 

You may have read success stories of so many early bloggers who worked 18 hours daily in initial days of their blogging.

They worked hard day and night to please search engines and people both. So they got free website traffic with their top quality and fully optimized contents.

It was the time of early days of blogging. Their most of the contents obtained Google top rank soon after publishing.

There was not stiff competition in those days when bloggers were a few and blog readers were many. So getting higher page rank was easier.

Now free traffic is not easier thing

Now things have changed. You can hardly get top rank of your any post in short time. You need to put your all efforts consistently to take keyword position of your post higher.

Meanwhile what you would sell? Will you first wait for getting page rank of your posts higher and then sell a premium product with the help of your free content.

Maybe till then your premium product goes obsolete. Or its so many best alternatives arrive in the market.

So don’t rely on free traffic

It means for serious money bloggers relying on free website traffic is waste of time. If you are already getting, it’s fine. Else don’t hold on your sales campaign just hoping to get organic traffic. Start selling from the day one. Allocate a little budget to release ads of your premium product.

Successful blogging is not about one time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time. David Aston

Simple Math

For example; if you publish 100 free blog posts how much time you spend for it. At least 500 hours for creating 100 blog posts of medium-length. Another 500 hours to promote them. So total 1,000 hours means 10,000 dollars if you apply $10 per hour wage rate.

What you would get in return. Prayers and huge patience till Google gets happy with your posts and send organic traffic to your blog contents.

Even if it sends huge traffic, as SEO kings usually do that, what will happen then? Maybe they buy your product or maybe not, because most of the people come through search engines have empty pockets.

Wise Math

What if you create a premium product in same 500 hours and spend $100 to promote it with Facebook ad or Adwords. Those who click on it mostly would buy your product. You will earn more money if your product is the real need of your target audience.

So in view of quality of your product they will buy it. If the price of your product is $10 you simply have to sell just 10 copies of your product to cover your promotion cost.

No investing, no returns

So blogging like a mission was effective in the past but now it is unwise to rely on free website traffic to earn money with your blog. Without spending money earning money is an exception in this era of stiff competition.

What is ideal solution?

I do have an ideal solution that would make you worries-free from this heated debate of free versus paid traffic to successfully earn money with your blog. This ideal solution is:

Redesign your money blogging strategy

I hope you would now redesign your money blogging strategy and would seriously look into creating your product of high quality.

So an investment of $100 would pay you back at least with the sale of your a few products. Rest would be your profit.

Even if it does not work you would lose just $100. Isn’t it lesser loss than losing your 1000 hours? It is equal to 3 months if you work 8 hours a day.

What you say. Still you think fully relying on free website traffic is wise option for real money bloggers. If you have any tip to surefire get free traffic it’s fine. But everyone is not SEO geek.

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