How to get 165 high quality dofollow backlinks with Visme?

I know what you may be thinking after reading the title of this post.

You must be wondering how I can suggest you to get that much number of backlinks.

Google boss dislikes it and severely punishes on grabbing big herd of backlinks.

Do you expect having such a knowledgeable community of my blog including you as its awesome member I can think of suggesting you to apply any dubious method to get the backlinks?

Don’t worry I won’t suggest you doing any wrong action to lift your blog.

I mean here to get and not to buy 165 high quality back links. You can get this much backlinks either for free or on price and do remember that with free you can get anything but of high quality.

I mean here high quality backlinks in literal terms and that too 165.

So don’t hold your breath, keep breathing and keep reading.

What is the easiest way to get one high quality dofollow backlink?

Obviously by publishing your guest post on a high PR blog you can get a high quality dofollow backlink. But is it possible to write 165 high quality guest posts and then get them published on high PR blogs. Here also you need to wait for years to achieve this target.

If you hire a content writer to do this job and try to achieve this target in shorter period of time it is likely Google notice your guest posting spree and may lower the rank of your blog.

high quality dofollow backlinksIt happened previously that is why now it is wise to keep your pace of guest posting within limits and not try to indulge in guest posting to get backlinks only. Also hiring a content writer for writing 165 guest posts would cost you in thousands of dollars.

But the question is; what is the best way to create a product as guest post that you need not to create every time for publishing on another high PR blog?

So the task is to create a high quality product as guest post once and get it published again and again on so many high PR blogs and they don’t mind publishing it despite the fact it already been published on several other blogs.

Yes by creating a wonderful guestographics (guest post + infographics) you can achieve this goal of getting 165 high quality dofollow backlinks.

You may be wondering why I am glued to this three-digit figure of 165 and not mentioning any round figure like 100 or 200.

Be patient you would know its secret and truthfulness of my claim after reading this post with your full attention.

So be with me, you do know how much I am keen to help you in your blogging journey. My previous so many detailed posts without any sales pitch are ample proof of my passion to help my readers first and then go for earning money.

I think you are clear now that the best way to create a product that you could publish on so many high PR blogs by creating it once is the creation of a high quality subject-oriented guestographics.

What is guestographics?

If you heard the terms infographics and guest post then this term could be not new for you. It is just creating an infographics for publishing on other blogs as a guest post with its backlink to your blog.

How to turn an infographics as guestographics?

First of all you need to create an infographics and then dedicate it to publish it on other blogs as guest post.  You can create an infographics of high quality even if:

  • You are not a designer
  • You don’t know ABC of designing
  • You don’t have time to design with a designing tool like Photoshop
  • You don’t have money to buy a costly tool for designing

Here is the most amazing solution.

Design an infographics easily with Visme

As I said for creating a high quality infographics you need not to be a designer nor you need to have any costly tool to create the one.

Here I would give you the answer of the last phrase of the title of this post. You can create a very impressive infographics in a professional manner with Visme either free or by subscribing Visme with a few bucks monthly.

high quality dofollow backlinksVisme is an online-based software to help you improve your content creation. It assists you to become a better presenter and communicator without spending huge money that you otherwise spend to buy costly software or hire a designer to create your graphical contents including infographics.

Visme is one of the best tools to create an infographics and offers a lot of options to create an

  • Infographics,
  • Presentation,
  • Graphical charts,
  • Tables and
  • A lot of other tabulated info formats

In short with Visme you can put more and more info in lesser space.

high quality dofollow backlinksIt also offers a lot of tutorials to not only optimize your infographics but also to apply your full creativity to create a product that becomes an unforgettable piece of info and make you stand out from the crowd.

How to create contents for your guestographics?

The best aspect of creating an infographics is that you can get text information related to your topic especially facts and figures from any blog or website and it won’t be called piracy.

You simply need to give credit to that blog or website at the end of your infographics and you won’t have any copyrights or piracy issue.

How to create a guestographics with Visme?

First of all click here and go to Visme and create your free account now. Then check if you can create your desired infographics with free version. If yes, nice, go ahead because I am sure you can easily create the one for free with Visme.

But do remember that you are going to get 165 free high quality backlinks with your planned infographics. If you otherwise spend one dollar minimum to buy one link you would have to spend total 165 dollars at least to get same number of backlinks.

high quality dofollow backlinksSo never put your entire plan in peril for saving a few bucks and subscribe its premium version of lowest rates and use it to create high quality infographics.

Visme has recently released its new version that offers more control to create your desired graphical project without going here and there.

Brainstorm with full force

After creating your account with Visme then brainstorm on your topic and create its outlines.

Then identify the points you can elaborate yourself with your own knowledge, information and observation and search the info on rest of the points on internet and give credit to that info just to make it reliable. Otherwise without mentioning the source of important info you can put it but people hardly trust such info that does not have its proper source.

So after creating an infographics with Visme on a topic related to your niche and in hot demand in your niche market as well just put a link to your blog at the end of it and it is now a guestographics to be published on as much high PR blog as possible.

Don’t forget your target is to get 165 high quality dofollow backlinks with it so your ultimate target is to get it publish on 165 high PR blogs.

Don’t worry I would tell you how to achieve this monumental target by following a smart strategy.

Main campaign to get 165 high quality dofollow backlinks

First of all publish the same guestographics on your blog by removing the link to your blog that you put at the end of it and make it a simple infographics.

This is the first step towards achieving 165 high quality dofollow backlinks.

At the end of the post put the embed code of your infographics by putting back link to your blog under a clear-cut call-to-action to your readers to publish it at their blogs as a guestographics.

Also offer your readers to ask any query if they have in comments section and reply their query in no time by fully addressing their concerns or clearing their confusion with regard to publishing your guestographics on their blog.

Promote your infographics post

Now it ups to you how extensively you promote your infographics post to bring your target audience on it. Initially make a target of at least influencing 75 bloggers to publish it on their blog with your call to action and by promoting it extensively on all online places where you think your target audience is registered. With 66 per cent success rate you would get your guestographics published on 50 blogs.

Create a list of blogs with a similar post

Do an extensive survey by putting the topic of your guestographics or its main keywords into Google search and create database of all blogs that already have published a post on it. Generally hundreds of blog publish a post on a popular topic. It is likely that the wording of the topic won’t be exactly same but you can judge it if its sense or meaning is the same.

So compile the database of all blogs that have already published a post related to the topic of your guestographics and check PR of each blog through Google PR checker and put them in order of your preference by putting high PR first and then low PR blogs at the end of your list.

Campaign One: Comment on blogs of your list

If their commenting system does not offer you to put the URL of your blog post at the end of your comment just mention the topic of your infographics in your comments and offer the admin of that blog and also other commenters to visit your blog and enjoy your infographics post.

Through your thoughtful comments, suggest the admin of the blog to enhance the quality of that post by putting your guestographics at the end of it. Initially make the target of at least bringing 100 people on your infographics post and convince at least 25 people to publish it on their blog.

Campaign two: Invite blogs of your list with direct message

After promoting your infographics post, commenting on other blogs under campaign one now the third point is to visit each blog of your list that did not respond to your offer as yet and send an offer with its “Contact Us” page to get the embed code of your infographics for free and point their post that is related to the topic of your infographics for its inclusion into that post.

Make a target of convincing at least 50 blogs to embed the code of your guestographics into their already published related post.  With 50 per cent success rate you would get it published on 25 blogs.

Campaign three: Search newly published similar posts

Now after targeting the already published posts related to the topic of your infographics now keep eye on newly published posts on same topic.

First of all reshare such posts on social media and generously comment on them to let the writer of the post notice you. Then offer them to embed your infographics code into their newly published post without paying a penny to you and just for one dofollow backlink to your blog.

Note: Usually thousands of blogs publish posts on popular topics so your infographics must be on a popular topic.

If you successfully convince 25 blogs to embed your guestographics into their newly published posts related to your topic you would get another 25 high quality dofollow backlinks to your blog.

Campaign four: Target long-ago published similar posts

Those who had published a similar post long ago will love to revive it for more traffic. So suggest them reviving their post by putting the embed code of your guestographics into it.

high quality dofollow backlinksYou can send them an offer through email with a subject line “How to refresh your old post in five minutes”. You can also write a small post on this topic and share it on social media and forums to attract more hosts for your guestographics.

Again make a target of at least convincing successfully 20 blogs to refresh their old post by putting your guestographics into them.

Campaign five: Offer a guest post with infographics

Still if you don’t achieve your target of publishing your post on 165 high PR blogs it’s maybe not my fault but still I won’t leave you alone.

I still give you another tip to achieve the target and make it done. Finally send an email to all who earlier have ignored your message by offering that you can put an opening and closing paragraph showing the significance of your guestographics uniquely for each blog.

So you simply need to write two paragraphs for each blog that accepts your final offer.

Here again make a target of 20 blogs that be ready to publish your guest post.

So just count the numbers you can achieve with above five campaigns and thank me once you get 165 high quality dofollow backlinks.

  • Main campaign: 50
  • Campaign one: 25
  • Campaign two: 25
  • Campaign three: 25
  • Campaign four: 20
  • Campaign five: 20
  • Total: 165

I would love to hear your views in comments section below about this post. I would also warmly welcome your severe criticism, if any, on this idea to further improve it and make it more beneficial for the readers of this blog.

I hope you would also reshare this post on social media to make your friends take its benefits and enjoy.

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