How to create a boredom-proof expert roundup?

Are you fed up of reading so many boring expert roundups every week?

Sorry to be blunt but it is obvious that if a thing is created in big number it loses its natural attraction and becomes boring.

Sometimes you can’t refuse visiting such boring posts because most of them are shared by your dear ones who you are with good terms.

But the question is why such posts are being created in big number everywhere in blogosphere.

Its answer is so simple. It is because even a blogging toddler very well knows their amazing benefits. That is why you can see everywhere their mushrooming growth.

Smart bloggers know well that this kind of post easily generates more traffic, brings more comments and receives more social media shares.

But don’t you think a blogger tries to be over-smart while trying to create just another expert roundup post without adding any interest and value in it.

Let me clear it first before discussing this topic in detail.

What happens when a blogger publishes an expert roundup?

All the experts first visit the blog where it is published. If they are more than fifty so that much traffic is must on it even if that blog was started the previous day.

All the experts give comments at least for thanking the host blogger for including them. They also reshare the post on social media.

expert roundupSecondly friends and crazy followers of all the experts also visit it just to know what their mentors are saying about a particular topic.

What is just another expert roundup?

Do you think a post on a fixed pattern can create ripples in blogosphere? Is it sufficient to bring a huge number of experts ranging from 50 to 150 and create a mind-blowing impact?

Is it ok to get more or less same number of comments on such post equal to the number of experts who participated in it?

Is it still fine to get the reshares by only those who were part of such post?

If yes then where is the organic response to such post? All the above seems to be fixed response just like that is done in any fixed wrestling match.

Process of creating an expert roundup

Following are the common steps to create this kind of post:

  • Selection of the topic
  • Request to experts seeking their input
  • Half of them respond and you compile their response in a post and let them know their post is published
  • Experts first thank you by replying your email
  • Then they visit your blog and also thank once again by commenting on it
  • They finally reshare it on social media
  • Eventually their crazy followers on social media visit your blog

What is the real purpose of an expert roundup?

The benefits I noted above are no doubt amazing but these are just benefits not the real purpose of an expert roundup.

If someone creates this kind of post just to get more traffic, more comments and more reshares it means he is limiting its real scope that is quite broader if it is created keeping in mind its real objectives.

To clear your confusion I am giving below the five key objectives of an expert roundup.

1. Offering multiple opinions on a topic

The basic purpose of an expert roundup is to offer multiple opinions of experts on an issue or multiple ways to do a given task.

People have different situations so they want different tips or methods to pick the best one that is most fit for them. That is why they love to read such posts having several options.

2. Offering case studies not the set of opinions

Expert means authority on a subject. But in blogging the meaning of expert is a little different. Here expert means a blogger who became an authority by proving it on his blog.

That is done by showing own achievements and not just proving anything theoretically. It needs practical evidence like “how I got 50 orders soon after showcasing my own product”.

So ask experts about their experience related to an issue and not their general observations.

3. Offering solution in definite terms

There is big difference between blogging and philosophy. If an expert gives several options to solve your readers problem, that is not an expert opinion suitable for this kind of post.

He needs to give a tip or solution in definite terms and should not condition it with several ifs and buts. His opinion should be least theoretical and more practical.

To get such kind of response the creator of such post needs to ask them questions that do not allow anyone to beat about the bush and must stick to the topic.

4. Neither quantified nor very qualitative

Many problems need solution in quantified terms. For example; on how many social media one needs to share his blog post in the beginning of his blogging journey. So here the best answer should be in digits.

But we do know blogging is neither philosophy where numbers have no role nor is it mathematics where everything relies on number. It is in between the two.

expert roundupSo an opinion of expert should be neither so quantitative nor much qualitative. He needs to give his answer in definite terms but equally explaining it to make the readers fully understand it with its full perspective.

This is not the job of an expert to give an answer most fit for your readers. It is you who needs to coin a question that generates an answer most beneficial to your readers.

So ask a question that generates an answer covering both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of an issue.

5. Proper length of opinion

Many bloggers request the experts to give a detail answer up to 300 words while many others restrict the experts to reply in limited words. Both the approaches are not very right.

You need to ask a question that neither requires a long answer nor a very short. Equally your selected expert should have the skills to say more in few words. So pick the question and experts both very carefully.

How not to create just another expert roundup?

Nowadays every second blogger is creating an expert roundup. While doing so, no doubt he is generating more traffic, getting more comments and also making it viral on social media with the help of experts. But do you remember just one post of this type that is unforgettable for you.

Maybe you remember one or two but not that much in number which you remember other types of posts. It means this kind of post also falls prey of herd-instinct that means creating just another roundup because everyone is creating it.

5 unique tips to create an unforgettable roundup post

To make your expert roundup unforgettable these five tips would surely help you a lot to not create just another post and make a difference to grab your readers’ attention.

1. Don’t chase the numbers

As a first impression it sounds great to click on a roundup post with hundreds of experts’ opinion in it. But tell me honestly did you ever read the opinion of all of them. You read only those opinions who you think will help you in solving a given problem.

Your favorite opinions are of those who you trust more than others. I think if you arrive on an expert roundup post of 70 experts you hardly read the viewpoints of ten to twenty. So it has only 30% stuff that is your favorite and the rest you skip.

Instead of just running after numbers it is wiser to go for a few experts being followed by many. They should be the ones who you can also convince to reply your questions.

For this purpose you obviously need to first build relations with them and I am sure you must have already read several posts previously on how to do influencer marketing or relationship building.

2. Pick the problem that needs multiple solutions

No doubt every problem has multiple solutions to pick the best one for you. But in blogging there are several problems where their solutions’ priority also changes. For example now guest blogging is not as much important to get back links as it was in recent past.

So do your extensive research to:

  • Get the perfect topic for you roundup post that must offer multiple solutions for a problem
  • The topic should also calls for new priority order of different solutions to let your readers know what experts are saying about a problem and its solutions.

3. Never be freak

In an effort to bring a very unique topic so many bloggers create a roundup post on an abnormally unique topic. Sometimes instead of creating an impact it may become a laughing-stock for your readers.

So never be crazy while going unique. Your topic must be acceptable and have an interest for your readers.

expert roundupIf your readers want to know how to generate more traffic with minimum contents just go for it without unnecessarily making I unique as “how to generate more traffic on your blog without contents”.

4. Put diversity

It may sound strange but you can put diversity in your expert roundup post in terms of contents. Instead of just getting the answers in text contents you can record the voice of a few experts living near to you. You can also ask them to send you a one minute video on the topic if you have very good relations with them.

Even you can ask them to send you a relevant link of their blog post to mention it or solely include it as their opinion.

5. Select a topic never covered before

Your topic should not be earlier covered either in any expert roundup post or in any regular post. If the topic was already covered previously your post could be just another expert roundup and would fail to create big impact.

So find a fresh topic and make experts say something new on it. Obviously if your topic is new the opinion of experts would also be quite fresh on it. As a result people would love to visit your roundup post and participate in it.


This is all about how to create an expert roundup that sends ripples in blogosphere. You should also read this post on 7 myths about expert roundups to be clear on several self-assumed benefits associated with it.

Your take

What are your plans to create this kind of post on your blog or you already have published the one. Share your experiences related to it to let us know more about this topic.

I am sure you would also reshare it on social media to let your friends know how to create an expert roundup that becomes talk of the town.

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