How to avoid cyber bullying and keep blogging successfully?

How joyful were the days when in the beginning you were smoothly managing your blog being a motivate learner.

Many senior bloggers were generously helping you and still they are fully supportive to you. You were getting appreciation from everywhere.

But what happened after a few months of your blogging.

You were not feeling as much comfortable as you were in the beginning. Earlier everyone was admiring your work. But now you are not getting that much positive feedback.

On every social media only a few your loyal friends are no doubt still consistently supporting you.

So who the heck are they?

But who the hell are they. Strangely they appeared all of a sudden. Maybe they have been online for a long-time but you notice them all of a sudden.

Now their words about you, their unduly tagging you in a quote with multiple meaning, their cross-questioning to you and their discouraging remarks about you have massively hit your passion and your productivity as well.

cyber bullyingDon’t worry they are online rogues but you can counter them easily being a good human being. They may be intentional or sometime unintentional miscreants. They are the perpetrators of online bullying.

Yes they do an act that may affect you negatively and never let you be with a normal mindset which you earlier had.

What is cyber bullying?

The definition of cyber bullying is:

“Cyber bullying is the use of information technology to repeatedly harm or harass other people in a deliberate manner. According to US Legal Definitions, Cyber-bullying could be limited to posting rumors or gossips about a person in the internet bringing about hatred in other’s minds; or it may go to the extent of personally identifying victims and publishing materials severely defaming and humiliating them.”

Unfortunately in the field of blogging this trend is growing everywhere. The perpetrators of cyber bullying in blogging are mostly those:

  • Frustrated souls who yet to make any big headway despite their long struggle
  • They feel insecure if someone is blogging consistently
  • They don’t understand the fact that a new entrant creates his own market
  • Being jealous by nature they don’t want to see others going ahead
  • They think success is their birth-right and others should keep faltering
  • They wrongly assume they can stop you from succeeding by their dirty tactics

How cyber bullying is done in the field of blogging?

Generally the term cyber bullying is so broad and negatively impacts massively the people under its target. But in the field of blogging it is not as much broader but equally so lethal and directly affect the successfully journey of a blogger.

cyber bullyingPeople do cyber bullying in the field of blogging as under:

  • At social media people give discouraging comments about a gradually and consistently succeeding blogger like you, sometimes without mentioning your name, sometimes by openly mentioning and even tagging your name
  • Questioning your skills and expertise and forcibly proving that their own skills are better than you
  • Pointing out your mistake with a fabricated proof of your mistake as well and tag several your competitors just to prove how poor you are in blogging
  • By asking personal and business confidential questions to you and try to prove you are not true in your claims of your income, traffic and other milestones of your blog’s performance
  • Commenting on your blog by harshly criticizing your post but without any argument
  • Indirectly or directly making mockery of your style, your work or even your profile pic

In short they do any kind of act that comes to your notice easily and it may distract you from your right course of action.

Impact of cyber bullying on a blogger’s productivity

It is generally not taken as much seriously as it should be done so. People usually say you should not be much worry of it because no one can physically stop you from going ahead.

But you know blogging is mostly related to mental efforts. So you must be mentally relaxed and happy to bring your best for the benefit of your readers.

Usually it negatively impacts your:

Passion; with discouraging and negative remarks of online bullies you can’t retain the level of your passion same

Concentration; as you can’t concentrate on your work and may think about a bully, who just has hurt you on social media

Productivity; because without concentration you neither can do proper research nor manage your chores effectively

Creativity; with an upset mind you can’t bring unique ideas nor convert them into a wonderful project

Motivation; blogging is the other name of “keep doing more” and for that you need motivation which you hardly have after facing cyber bullies.

Success; obviously without passion, concentration, productivity, creativity and motivation you can achieve anything but your ultimate goals.

Laws to control cyber bullying

Advance nations do have their own laws to punish cyber bullies. But such laws require a lot of formalities like production of evidence and appearing at court etc. While in less advance nations such laws are confined to papers or just an idea so far and yet to be passed as a law.

Being a struggling and busy blogger obviously you don’t have time to go for a legal process against them. Also in the field of blogging bullying is done to affect your productivity and not to directly hit you as it is done generally.

Many suicide or attempt to suicide cases were also reported in many countries as a result of cyber bullying. But most of them were related to social and sexual abuse with an act of bullying.

cyber bullyingIn short the best option for you being a busy and struggling blogger is to avoid such bullies and keep blogging successfully.

How to avoid cyber bullying?

You may wonder how to avoid cyber bullying since its perpetrators mostly have fake ids. I already advised you not to take any legal action to stop it. There are a few rational steps for this purpose.

Ignore them

First of all ignore them if you think they are incorrigible souls. Their key objective is not only to hurt you but to keep wasting your time. So understand their tactic and never even bother to respond them.

Yes, if it’s a matter of yours or your blog’s prestige then do reply them but do this once for all and with the strongest possible arguments to prove your righteousness and never look back to them.

Never un-friend them

Prove with your attitude you neither love them nor hate them. This is very painful for such miscreants if you communicate to them that they are nobody for you.

cyber bullyingSo don’t un-friend or un-follow them. Just hide their feed from your timeline after reading once and never take it worthy of answering if it does not directly hits you or your blog’s reputation

Never contend with them

They try to drag you in useless discussion and that sometimes apparently looks very positive. Once you get into it they pull you into the area where they want to confuse you. So if they share any point which you may contend with or add value; just ignore it.

Respect them apparently

Yes this is the loveliest and pleasant revenge you can take with them. If a bully also claims to be an expert of any of the blogging chores never challenge his skills (nor follow his advice).

Just keep calling him or her madam/sir whenever you have to talk to them. Let them stay in fool’s paradise and keep struggling to build a real paradise for you.

Talk to them politely

You are an online marketer and have a long way to go. Never make your tongue dirty while facing them. In this way you may fix them but just think about its negative impact on your regular visitors.

So be polite and talk to them in a friendly way and think about your long-term goals.

If you want to be superior to bullies or want to be a successful blogger? Choice is yours.

Forget about them

This is the best way to be safe from the negative effects of cyber bullying. Whoever tries to discourage you or distract you from your going in the right direction just forget about him. If he shares anything positive do notice it but rest of his meaningless words should be thrown into the dustbin.

Dogs bark caravan goes on

I have seen it personally when I was living in a small village in my native village Kunri some 500 kilometers away from Karachi. Many caravans of villagers who were sitting on camels used to pass by my village and stray dogs used to bark at them. But they kept moving without receiving any effect of the barking dogs.

So keep struggling, keep enjoying and keep going ahead without caring about any kind of negative and discouraging act if going on around you.

Success is yours if you have positive mindset and you are fully focused at your goals. Congratulations in advance if you yet to have a big headway because I am sure you will make it.

You and cyber bullying

Did you ever face any kind of cyber bullying or are facing nowadays. How you are handling it. Did you feel a little de-motivated or upset because of it. Do share your views and let us know more about the topic.

I am sure being so sincere to your friends you will also reshare this post with them to let them avoid this problem and keep going ahead.

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