How to be popular on social media with these 100 ways?

Many enthusiastic newbie online marketers keenly ask to their seniors how to be popular on social media.

I am sure this is also one of your hottest desires.

I know this because the same is mine too.

Whoever works on social media to promote his business or do a job related to it, he wants to be most popular on social media to expand his relations without much effort.

He doesn’t want to be popular just to be happy and proud of his popularity. He wants to be popular because he knows popularity does have its own rewards.

The sharing of a popular social media member goes viral more than a normal sharing.

He needs not to assure people the authenticity of his message.

Nor he has to give deadlines over deadlines to make people grab a big discount on his product(s).

Huge response to a popular social media activist is obvious.

Many people say it needs a long time to be so popular on social media.

I say if this is one of the fastest and most free media so why should one need to wait for a long time to get results.

With the help of the following tips on how to be popular on social media he can achieve the basic benchmarks to become the darling of social media in shorter period of time.

The basic benchmarks of your popularity on social media do not mean a huge number of followers, likes and friends.

how to be popularIt simply means how many of your friends talk to you once you do any kind of act be it your own sharing, resharing of others’ posts or simply commenting or appreciating others.

If more than 25 per cent of all your friends talk to you at least once in a week it means you are quite popular on social media.

If lesser than 25 per cent respond to you it means you are gradually becoming popular.

So keep a vigil on analytics of your Facebook page, Pinterest and response level of your friends to you on Twitter and Google plus.

How to be popular on social media?

Here are 100 tips to be popular on social media.

About You

About You means your introduction on your profile page. Every social media provides different columns to tell people about you. Overall you need to tell people about you by taking care of the following points:

  1. Write your name, name of your product(s) very clearly. If your name is quite lengthy so just put that part of the name which you want people should remember and address you with it
  2. Put an image on your timeline that reflects your thoughts, views or overall personality if you are an individual
  3. Put the image of your brand or product with clearly showing what type of it is, in case you want to be on social media as a business person
  4. Tell about your previous professional life in a few sentences without any lengthy narration of all your achievements. Mostly many social media restrict you to do this within a limited number of words so be concise but mention very smartly whatever is must to mention
  5. Pick the background, fonts and border colors that match with your age, gender, culture, nature of your business or product
  6. Thoughtfully design background and foreground of your timeline if you have brand or business or product to promote it on social media
  7. Your social media ID should not be completely a mismatch with your name or your business or product’s name and should directly or indirectly tells about it
  8. A punch line or description about you should be factual and equally promotional as well. Also it must be free from any exaggeration nor it should be so humble or submissive in nature
  9. Nothing should be fake nor should anything be vague or camouflaged. For example don’t mention “more than 20 years experience” and simply say “20+ years experience”
  10. Equally show your personal life in your profile even if you want to fully focus on your business because people who work online never trust a person who avoids telling or tell a little about him and his family

About Your Products

  1. The name of your product should also reflect its nature to make people understand what it is about. On the other hand established brands need not to be so explanatory like “ShouldMeLoud” is enough to tell people it is a blog on blogging because of its already huge fame
  2. Mention the features of your product but not in as much detail as people get bored to read a lengthy list
  3. The punch line or description of your product should be gist of the basic objectives of your brand or product and how it will benefit the people
  4. The image of your product should truly reflect the original product without much brightness, artistic touches or so much support or props. For example if your product is a soft drink so it must reflect the original product inside the package by showing it being poured into a glass
  5. You can also show the biggest achievement of your product with an image like any big award given to it or any recognition from a celebrity or industry leader
  6. If you have series of products then distinctly mention those products which you feel can easily be sold and then mention rest of the products on remaining space
  7. Never forget to update your products description on your profile pages of different social media whenever you issue their latest version
  8. Clarity should be the basic rule while defining everything about your products and brand
  9. Keep the timeline images of your profile adaptive in your hard drive to add any new product whenever you introduce it and reload the updated image
  10. Do update whole of your profile page after every six months at least to add new achievements and up the previous ones

Your Attitude

  1. Just one adverse word can deprive you of your soft image on social media so pick the words very carefully to talk about people and products
  2. Always stay positive and do show your positivity to your friends
  3. Keep the time factor in mind and be more closer with your older friends on social media and be gradually closer with newer ones
  4. Do appreciate the good work but never do this in a stereotyped way by writing just “good work” below each sharing of your friends
  5. Express your views in detail on every thoughtful sharing to show your friends you took it exactly in same terms which the sharer wanted to do
  6. Never comment on each sharing but never miss to comment on important ones. Your purpose should be to stay organic while commenting on social media and should never by very mechanical
  7. Never Like the hundreds of shared posts of others in one-go because a few sharers post several posts at a time and they may publicly point out your habit of liking blindly every post
  8. Do everything fast to save your time for your main business but never do anything like a machine in a so fast way like sharing already written sample responses to just put them according to the requirements of a shared post of your friend. In short try to be original without borrowing thoughts from somewhere else
  9. Keep the ratio of personal versus business promotion 60:40 in your attitude. It means spend 40 per cent of your time and energies to be personal with your friends and 60 per cent to achieve your business objectives. Being on one extreme would never bring desired results as established brands now are getting personal as well apart from being promotional to their businesses
  10. Share as much as you can but it must not irritate your friends and followers. So first check the participation level of your friends and then share but in any of the cases your different sharing of your products should not be more than 10 times in 24 hours

how to be popularYour Communication Level

  1. Don’t be too formal while chatting with others nor be so chummy and adopt a balanced approach
  2. Send thank-you and well-wishes note to all who accept your friendship request or follow you
  3. Apart from commenting on others posts send message on any topic of common interest to most active members who are your friends and be more familiar to them
  4. Send messages to your friends sometimes without any business objective
  5. Never point out publicly the blunders of your friends on social media. Try to do this by directly sending a message
  6. Interrupt in two persons’ conversation on social media only if both are already your friends or at least know you very well
  7. Don’t be very choosy while accepting the friendship requests but do confirm if he or she is real and not the spam
  8. Never forget to wish all your friends on their birthdays and on their main achievements if they share the same with you
  9. Share birthday wishes in image format especially with those who are your very close friends
  10. Never copy others’ images and contents to share them on your timeline; if you have to then mention that person

Your Sharing

  1. Your each sharing on social media should be with related hashtag(s) to let public easily search it
  2. Your each share should not directly aim to achieve your business objectives and should aim to help others by offering them the best solutions
  3. Focus YOU in your each share and talk lesser about ME and US
  4. Your each share should be interesting to maximum numbers of your friends so try to make it interesting by putting their things of interest into it
  5. Do strong homework on your share which you want to be noted by more and more people. Make it a good mix of text contents, images and quotes
  6. Share videos but do keep in mind they must be most helpful to make you achieve your social media goals. People don’t like to watch lengthy promotional videos
  7. Reshare the older stuff which you earlier had shared by simply putting a few adds-on in it to make it look fresh
  8. If someone shares against you publicly, do reply it publicly by sharing anew if you think it may hit your reputation if you don’t reply it publicly
  9. Try to avoid sharing anything that may hit the emotions of a big group of your friends
  10. Share consistently and fix a minimum limit of sharing daily after deeply observing how responsive your friends are on your sharing. Also keep in mind the nature of your objectives either they are short-term, long-term or medium term

Your Caring

  1. Avoid saying simply RIP on reading any news of sad demise of someone that was shared by your friends. Express your views if you know about the deceased
  2. Never forget to share greetings with images plus your own words on the occasions of religious and cultural festivals
  3. Tag those friends who love to celebrate these festivals or particularly relate to them
  4. Build an image bank of real and painted photos on different topics to share them as and when you need them to share
  5. Comment on others sharings with fresh thoughts and views by avoiding to say oft-repeated words like “wonderful” and “awesome” etc
  6. Give your especial attention to shared photos of your friends about their personal and family lives and be so personal with them while commenting
  7. Even your sharings related to your business must reflect the element of care and love for your friends because in online marketing such things matter a lot
  8. Tag or mention only those people who you know will not mind your tagging to them. If you don’t know who won’t mind then first announce what you are going to share and invite people to give their consent if they want to be tagged or mentioned
  9. While resharing others post do write a few sentences without any formality to let others know that you already have gone through the post and now sharing it with your own feedback
  10. Give a gap between your two shares and apart from sharing with any software also share manually to let people know your presence on a social media

how to be popularYour Activities

  1. Don’t change your profile pic very frequently, it may reflect your lack of consistency
  2. Avoid taking much interest in topics entirely different from your niche. It will show you are not much focused on your subject
  3. Never upload your pic as profile image that was too old when you were young or a kid. It must show your real age at a given point of time
  4. If you participate in fun activities online try to set the limits for it and beyond that take them as your private matter and avoid sharing them with your friends on social media
  5. Ask people to comment on your personal sharings but ask those who are your close friends while putting the option open for others either they like to comment or not
  6. Participate in debates started by others but never participate just to show your presence and give your proper feedback on the debate topic
  7. Fully support any noble cause related to human welfare, environmental care or human rights to show people how responsible citizen you are
  8. Share joke but avoid repeating the older ones and find new ones to let your friends enjoy more
  9. Promote others work by clearly mentioning why you are promoting them
  10. Never act in a give-and-take way and simply appreciate the good work on merit and criticize the poor quality work very softly without hurting anyone

Your Public Relation

  1. Add as much friends as you can but they must be those who you want to be. In short don’t focus on quantity because a few most relevant to your niche would be more valuable than thousands of irrelevant friends
  2. Be open-hearted while accepting the friendship offers but have a fast look at their profile before clicking the button of “Confirm” or “Accept”
  3. Refer your new friends to your older ones and you would get the same in return and eventually would expand your friends network
  4. If someone irrelevant follows you just ignore him and after sometime he would un-follow you once noticing your no interest in his sharing
  5. Make the last option as un-friending any irritating person and first try to correct his attitude with a little admonishing and overlooking his petty disturbing acts
  6. Share your achievements by giving due credit to those who have any role in them to let people know how acknowledging you are with your friends
  7. Be an open person with all but do avoid those who try to waste your time intentionally or unintentionally
  8. Mention the reason of your delayed reply to your friends and followers
  9. With industry leaders and seniors be so humble and first admit their authority to let them know how much regards you have for them. In this way they won’t mind your getting so friendly with them
  10. Guide your juniors and reply their serious and well-thought questions while very politely avoiding their silly questions

how to be popularYour Campaigns

  1. Your all types of promotion should be focused, robust and not much time-consuming. Try to get maximum results on their launch and then keep displaying them on your profile page
  2. Plan campaigns with sizable gap between the two to give an impression you are not on social media just to sell but to achieve your long-term business objectives
  3. Be open-hearted while promoting others campaign too but first and foremost put your best to promote your own
  4. Give the best to your audience gradually because on your each offering they set it as a benchmark and expect more from you. Never share the best post on first day and initially share posts of average value and then move for the best. In short plan your campaign in a way that your each sharing should be or at least look better than the previous
  5. Give reference of your previous successful campaign especially when you have nothing new to share
  6. Reformat the whole campaign of an older product to re-launch it with a fresh look
  7. Create a ground of your campaign by discussing the problems that your upcoming product would solve wonderfully
  8. Share the success result of your campaign on social media if it has huge success otherwise you have the liberty to skip this step
  9. Never share the basic idea of any upcoming product till you fully get its copyrights
  10. Share your memoir of how you conceived the idea and how you made it happened at the beginning of the campaign

Your Organic Presence

  1. Protect your good reputation like a precious thing because once you lost it you would hardly recover it to the earlier level
  2. Don’t try to be famous. Just be kind, loving, caring and supportive to others and eventually you would be quite popular on social media
  3. People want others listen to them instead of listening to others so be patient and be good listener to win the hearts and minds of people
  4. Try to mediate between two rival groups or people but not at the cost of a rivalry of any of them with you
  5. Never make haste while responding to any adverse comment or having a stance on any irritating situation. Do take your time and unveil the truth before public
  6. Whenever you take a bold step of big investment or any other type share it with your friends to let them know how courageous you are
  7. Share your secrets of success on social media in a piecemeal to engage others with you
  8. Share your sweet and sour experiences equally but in a positive tone
  9. Keep offering your free help on a topic which people can also get from somewhere else easily
  10. Apply these tips on a few selected social media with your full concentration instead of applying them on every social media to achieve nothing meaningful at the end

So these are hundred tips on how to be popular on social media to achieve your business goals smoothly and fast.

How did you find this post and how many of these tips you found quite new to you? Share your views in comments section below.

I hope you would also reshare it with others on social media as this is one of the golden rules to be popular on social media by sharing the best stuff with your friends.

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