How to build your own blog traffic generation system?

Blog traffic generation is one of the biggest challenges in blogging.

This is not your problem only.

It’s a problem of you, me and every one to get huge traffic on his blog.

How pleasant were days in the past, when generating traffic was not much difficult?

Just look at the posts of senior most top bloggers which they shared in the very beginning.

By reading their posts you can know what the main keyword in a post is and how many times it was used. How many times it was flipped to make a related keyword and how it was turned into a long tail keyword.

Then you see the bloggers who joined blogging afterwards and they followed the rule of using long tail keyword as the main keyword.

If you look back not far away you see another lot of bloggers that came to know that simply on-page SEO is not sufficient to get higher rank in Google search page to get huge traffic. So they tried off-page SEO as well by publishing guest posts, blog commenting and directory submissions.

blog traffic generationThen people came to know that social media optimization is equally an effective tool to get higher rank in the kingdom of Google.

Then all of a sudden Google announced that back links gotten by guest posts may or may not help a blog get higher rank. It all depends upon the quality of the back links so the era of quality replaced the era of quantity.

And now the latest trick you must be hearing is to build relationship with top bloggers to get your posts shared by them to get more traffic. In technical terms this is called influencers marketing.

Redefining quality contents

So we can say the journey of getting traffic with a mechanical way now has been turned into purely effort-based method where you have to prove and publicize you are good in production as quality of contents is still there and it embraced diversity as well.

Earlier quality content was just a post with simple text. But now quality content means a good mix of words, images, charts, graphs, videos, podcast, infographics and everything that help readers understand fast the subject matter of the post.

So online contents now have become almost same as offline contents but one thing still makes them powerful. Yes you can publish them just with one click of mouse. No printing, no cutting of papers and no filing into a newspaper or magazine format is required.

So the power of online contents is still more but the way to get more and more readership for online contents have become almost same has that of offline contents.

Rational role of SEO

So it is clear now one can’t get more traffic by simply very smartly and cleverly doing on-page and off-page SEOs only.

Yes you heard me right now with doing both types of SEO it is not confirmed you can get more traffic on your blog.

To firmly believe in this fact you should read this post Why I Stopped Selling SEO Services and You Should, Too of Ryan Stewart published by Moz.

It is an age of stiff competition where millions and millions of quality posts on every topic are already there. I am sure Google is fed up of evaluating the level of quality of that many posts and it mostly gives higher place to the ones that already gotten higher places by following all the parameters of both on-page and off-page SEOs.

A relatively new post with higher number of searches hardly gets higher position immediately. It has to wait for quite a long time or has to hire professional SEO to do this task by paying huge fee.

Obviously bloggers like you and me can’t afford to pay that much money at the time when we already have invested money to buy hosting and a few plugins. In the beginning it is quite riskier to invest that much money for blog traffic generation.

So the best way is to build your own blog traffic generation system if you already have spent some time in this field. It may be one to two years and not the decades.

You may be wondering how a person without any technical knowledge can build a system. Don’t be confused it is not any highly technical task to build your own blog traffic generation system. You are taking the meaning of word “system” in a very technical sense.

What is a system?

System is actually a set of things that support and complement each other. If one wheel moves and push the machine to run it means both the things are working under a system. One is pushing and other one is performing with the push. How simple is that.

So never be afraid in your life while building a system. I would suggest build it for doing any chore which you have to do regularly.

What is a blog traffic generation system?

Following the stereotyped built-in system of blog traffic generation what do you do?

I know you know that first of all you pick a niche that is in high demand and build your blog after buying a domain name and hosting. After that what do you do?

After that you do keyword research to pick the highly searched keywords to put into your contents and share them on your blog to impress the search engines to give your contents higher rank. How easy it was?

SEO is no more just-do-it type of thing

But now just doing that is not sufficient.

Ok instead of being sunk into nostalgia let’s come back to the topic. You also share your contents on social media and equally publish your guest posts on popular blogs of your niche. In short you try to share them everywhere where you think it can bring huge number of visitors to your blog.

In a way forward you also build relations with so many top bloggers and request them to reshare your posts and they very generously do this.

It means you are following a system to do all that is required to get more traffic on your blog. But are you really getting more traffic on your blog by doing this.

Hmmmmm……..still you are not getting as much traffic as required to make big money with huge sales of your products.

Actually you are following a system but without knowing its basic concepts and how it is going to help you get more traffic. You do most of the things very randomly. Sometimes you skip so many important chores and sometimes you simply keep doing everything with a very stereotyped way of doing things.

What is an unreliable blog traffic generation system?

It means a blog traffic generation system should be the one that you understand well. You must have the proper concept of its every tool and equipment. You must know how to make each part of the system fully functional. For that you should have a proper plan to build a system very clear to you and you can run it without any ambiguity.

How to plan your own blog traffic generation system?

Did you hear the famous puzzle asking; which one came into this world first, egg or hen? This is a confusing question and so many such questions you must have heard in the field of blogging. For example:

  • What is better; to start a blog and then learn blogging or first formally learn blogging?
  • Is it right to monetize your blog from the very beginning or do that after getting good number of visitors?
  • Should you showcase your product from the day first or first build your authority and then sell it.

The list goes on and on. Everywhere you have several options and have to adopt according to your strength and weaknesses.

So first of all plan the best way which you can follow to build traffic on your blog.

blog traffic generation systemOption one is for rich

If you have money then no problem just try Google Ad Word and get huge traffic after paying handsome amount of money. Also place ads on social media to get more followers.

But every newbie and struggling bloggers do not have money to invest that much for getting more blog traffic.

Option two is for fools

The second option is to try every free source of getting more traffic but must remember the fact that most of the free resources are just like spam where only those people visit who also need free stuff.

So how come they be your client if you attract them on your blog. There are a few high-quality free resources but that also place restrictions of your organic participation into it to make your shared posts visible to others.

Option three is for you

The third and most viable option is to make good mix of free and premium ways for getting traffic on your blog. Join one paid forum and five high quality free forums. Share your contents in so many Facebook groups for free but equally boost your post by paying as little as $10 to get more impressions and clicks on a newly shared post.

You decide the exact number of free and premium sources with a definite amount of budget to build your system. It varies from person to person entirely depending upon his blogging goals and his strategy to build his blog traffic generation system.

Basics to build your own blog traffic generation system

Let me first clear that system and strategy are two different things. System means set of activities that support each other. Strategy means a proper order of doing several things to achieve a goal.

You create contents, attract visitors, influence them and sell your or others products to them. This is called a strategy where you decide how you would do all that.

In a system first you need to pick the best tools to get higher traffic on your blog. The basic purpose of your blog is to make money. You can make money by selling your products and services to your blog visitors. To bring traffic, in past highly optimized contents were sufficient but now you have to try multiple sources like:

  • On-page SEO up to a rational limit
  • Social media optimization while being very selective
  • Forum posting focusing quality
  • Guest posting to get traffic from other blogs of your niche
  • Blog commenting to get attention of others
  • Building email list to send your new post directly into the inbox of your blog subscribers

So all the above chores help you get more and more traffic but doing all chores randomly without knowing what you can do best and what you even can’t do average is a waste of time.

Do your SWOT analysis

So do your SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis related to blogging chores and then decide what to do how and get the best results.

If you don’t have any contacts in blogging field your hoping to get huge number of reshares would be waste of time.

If you don’t have much creativity to come up with new idea in your post no one would notice it and it will not send ripples in social media.

The time of repeatedly doing a task has now gone in blogging.

Just take the example of Jane Sheeba and have a look on her a few blog posts. Not any one of them has slight overlapping with another post. She never makes haste to share more and more post. She shares when she has a new and brilliant idea to write her post.

Hints to build a blog traffic generation system

For a mediocre blogger who just has spent one to two years in this field and now is very much clear that with any kind of jugglery it is not possible to get more traffic he should follow the below guidelines to build his own blog traffic generation system.

  • Quality contents with good mix of text words, images, videos, podcast, infographics, charts, graphs, schedule – in short anything that can attract the readers’ attention
  • Rational search engine optimization by putting highly searched keywords by without its stuffing and never picking a keyword irrelevant to your niche. Kim Kardashian could be highly searched keyword but who mostly put it into search window? Obviously fun lovers and not the knowledge searchers.
  • Balanced social media optimization by sharing it in places where you are organically present and not behaving like machine. If you act like machine the other one would also reciprocate you in a same way.
  • Posting in selected forums and equally responding to others’ posts there with your full attention to never give an impression you are there for tit-for-tat or give-and-take only. Kingged and ABC are ideal examples for this purpose.
  • Commenting on other blogs and not for just taking a back link but to reap all its benefits including getting attention of others, building relation with the post writer, being noticed by fellow commenters, influencing the post readers with your thoughtful comments to be well-known in your niche. My friend Enstine Muki well-defined this topic in his post here.
  • Writing guest posts on other blogs either you have to request other blogs’ owners or you receive a request from them. Try to share your best posts on blogs more popular than your blog because you can create best posts in future too but can never bring more traffic by just sharing your best posts on your own blog.
  • Actively be in connect with influencers in your field neither irking them by contacting again and again nor keeping much distance to not let them notice you
  • And finally converting your blog visitors into subscribers by offering them a free gift of high quality apart from keep offering them best contents to solve their problems and improve their life.


So this is all about how to build your own blog traffic generation system instead of waiting for long time as and when Google showers its blessings on you by awarding higher rank to a few of your professionally optimized blog posts.

If you follow each tool of your system fully understanding its worth and meaningfulness then each one would support others and if you don’t, it means every tool will work in isolation and may create a mess instead of helping you achieve your desired results.

What is your take?

Do you follow a proper system to get more traffic on your blog or you do the chores randomly as and when you have time. Share your thoughts in comments section below to further add quality in this post.

I am sure you would also reshare this post on social media with your friends to let them know this important subject.

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