How to convert these 14 types of blog visitors?


how to convertSo you are getting more and more visitors at your blog. That’s great!

But why you are so sad?

You should be happy on huge number of visitors.

Oh I see.

There is no change in your blog earnings despite of constant rise in traffic.

You try to sell affiliate products but fail to sell in huge number.

You also display your own products for sale at the sidebar of your blog. Your visitors click on them but stop at the place where they are asked to pay online to get their copy.

You are also surprised to see despite one thousand daily visitors at your blog you earn a few bucks from Google Adsense. You already have optimized your each Google ad after a lot of experimentation but you could not have made huge money from it.

You are damned upset.

You are shy to share your failure to your fellow bloggers.

You avoid telling them how much money you are exactly earning with your blog.

You change the topic when someone asks about your blog earning. You sometime tell them wrong income figure or just say it varies from month to month.

Some of you might say oh I don’t mean to earn money with my blog. Or some other may say I am already earning huge money with my day job and do blogging just to have fun.

But your heart bleeds. Your biggest worry is why you are not making money with your blog.

You will earn money because you can

If you are from any of the above types don’t worry today you will get the solution of your problem if you read this post till the end.

Even if you are earning decent amount of money with your blog that post do have lot of value for you. After reading this post your rate of missing the target will be at lowest minimum. You will convert your each visitor to make easy money with your blog. I bet you will learn to do this if you read this post till the end.

In an extreme case if you have just started your blog or you have a few daily visitors even then this post is for you. You will earn big money with a few visitors at your blog if you follow these tips consistently.

After reading this post you will earn more money. If you are earning in hundreds, it will be in thousands very soon. If your income is in thousands, congrats you are about to earn hundreds of thousand if you fully read this post.

If you are earning nothing, even then you are so lucky. After reading this post you will fully know how to get your first $100 from this month.

So don’t go away and read it to the end. Ok if you don’t have time right now to read this post of more than 3,000 words, bookmark it and read it in your free time.

DISCLAIMER: I am not going to sell any product in this post. So don’t worry I am insisting to read this post till the end just to benefit you. I want you to get full benefit of this post. That is why I am almost begging you to read this post completely if you really want to earn more money with your blog.

What you will learn in this post?

In this post I will tell you all about your blog audience. Just recall the scene in front of a shop. What type of people stand in front of it? Are they all doctors? Are they all housewives or any other group? Not at all. They are different types of customers. That is why shopkeeper deals with them differently.

But what many bloggers do. They deal with all their readers in same tone. They just write contents, reply their comments, interact with them at social media and try to sell their products.

Bloggers give to all of them a big pat, appreciate their comments, and admire their views in a way if they all have same mindset.

This is wrong.

First you need to categorize your blog visitors. They are quite different because their purpose of visiting your blog is quite different.

So try to understand what type of blog visitors you get daily. Maybe not all these types of visitors come to your blog but they are in total. Just read the purpose of their visits and learn how to convert them as your loyal customers, subscribers, follower and ultimately as your customers.


They are the most valuable type of visitors at your blog. They are typically organic in nature, I mean genuine visitors who come to your blog with a purpose. Their main purpose is to get their required information from their blog.

They put their required term or phrase in Google search and find your blog somewhere at top position. They click on it and arrive at your blog.

How to influence them?

They arrive to get info. So the blog post which they have clicked at Google search page must be full of most essential information. No history, no theory, no devilish details. Just the most relevant and most important info should be part of your post where they have arrived. This is the best way to influence them.

Also font size of your blog text, formatting and images should be so broad and pleasant. They should not feel any mental suffocation after coming to their clicked blog post.

How to convert them?

First you need to hold them at the post they arrived. This you can do by providing them value in your post. After that you should:

  • Guide them to some more informative posts related to the post where they have arrived
  • Ask them to submit their email and get more posts of similar type directly into their inbox
  • Ask them to like or follow your social media page and get more posts at their timeline.

Remember; never make jump to convert them. Don’t sell to them directly. Bring them to your final goal step by step.

Now the big question. How do you know how many of them are info seekers from your total blog visitors? Don’t worry. You have to do nothing separately. Just do this for all but keep them in mind while writing your post and placing conversion plugins at your blog.


They are also organic in nature and come to your blog through search engines. But their motive is not to get info. They just want to learn something. It may be blogging, search engine optimization or any other thing depending upon niche of your blog.

How to influence them?

Make your contents easy to understand. Your posts should be simple and free from bombastic wordings or examples. Keep in view of lowest level of learner to make your contents comprehensible for all.

How to convert them?

So just create attraction in your posts to hold them more at your blog. They arrive at your blog to learn something. So educate them but equally tell them how important are the things which they are learning. Ignite their desire of learning while educating them. They will stick to the subject which they want to learn. They will become your regular subscribers and ultimately will buy digital learning products on your recommendation. But first you have to give basic learning material of higher value to make them your follower. Then you can easily convert them as your customers.


They don’t want repetition. They are in search of value. They always believe in get more, do more, learn more and earn more. That is why they just explore value. So they search extensively. Here you need to give them value. For this you need to put some valuable info in your blog which you get from offline world. It should be related to your niche but should not be easily available on internet. This will be quite new information.

How to influence them?

If you really want to give anything of big value in your blog post do announce it at the beginning of your post. In this way they will stay at your post and will go to its end.

How to convert them?

Soon after or before giving anything of big value like “Three 100% confirmed ways to earn money online” request them to submit their email and get it directly into the inbox. Your blog post should not be a complete manual. It is wise to give something at your blog post, send anything more to their inbox, and keep something else for your next post and get a promise of comeback from them.


They are your competitors. They are not your enemy. In business animosity is a crime. So just keep in view of them while writing a blog post. Never declare your future plan nor any hint of them. Also don’t explain what is your strategy. Just focus at your main visitors as noted above and give maximum value to them.

How to influence them?

Try to be unforgettable for your competitors. Grace should dominate your whole blog. No stuffing of ads, no several requests to subscribe. You should do everything for conversion gracefully. Clearly tell them you are not in blogging for a while. You have long-term goals and you will stay here. So your every blogging act should display your long-term vision.

How to convert them?

If they become your blog subscribers they will not hit it. If they see grace at your blog they will be happy to follow you and to be like you. Always remember new entrant in a market does not grab someone else share. He creates his own niche market in the industry. So never think your competitor will hit down your blog. You will be going your own way and he will find his own course of action to move ahead.

how to convert5. BACK LINK HUNTERS

They are mostly struggling bloggers and SEO consultants of business blogs. They just cast a cursory look at your blog post and give comment to get a back link if you offer a do-follow link. If you don’t then they try to create their voice in their comments to attract your blog visitors to their blogs.

In any of the case you need not worry. Your readers visit their blogs after visiting yours and will not quit visiting yours if you really provide value to them. In online world everyone tries to get as much value as possible. So forget about diversion, if you provide value no one can divert your traffic. So always worry about giving value to your customer.

How to influence them?

Install a very interactive commenting plugin to attract more and more of this type of visitors. If your blog has huge number of comments it will show the power of readers’ engagement of that post.

How to convert them?

Obviously a highly interactive commenting plugin is best to convert them. Once they drop their comments at your blog post, follow them to their inbox by sending reply directly there. They will remember your blog and come back to become your loyal visitors. After that it ups to you what value you provide to them to make them your subscribers and then customers.


They are in initial phase of blogging and just want to expand their networking. Same type of treatment you can offer to them as I advised you to deal with back link hunters. They just want to be in your circle and make you in their circle. Ultimately they want you reshare their blog posts and they will share your blog posts. There is no wrong in doing this. It’s a part of social media strategy of many bloggers.


They want everything for free. Don’t worry they are not potential customers. But you can convince them to go for premium products if they really want to become valuable online. So keep mentioning the importance of priced products in your contents to convince them come out from the trap of freebies.

How to influence them?

If you have anything to offer free display it prominently. The word FREE in your display should be the most prominent word to stay them at your blog?

How to convert them?

You can convert them quite easily. Just put a free version of your premium product and then invite them to buy your premium product. This is the easiest way to convert freebie lovers.


They just roam here and there to copy the ideas for their online projects. You need to take care of them like I advise you to do for your competitors.

How to influence them?

Your layout and design should speak of your professionalism. It does not give an impression as if you are a naïve. That is why it is wise to get your blog developed by a professional if you are a serious blogger. Looking at seriousness of your blog they won’t think to steal anything from it because they do know you being professional blogger equally know how to hit back the copycats as per internet laws.

How to convert them?

They will be influenced by your professionalism and your strength to do serious blogging. Eventually they will visit your blog regular to be updated on valuable information you provide to your blog visitors. Once they become your loyal visitors it ups to your marketing skills how you convert them as your customers.

how to convert9. SERVICES PROVIDERS

They just visit your blog to see where you are weak or not doing well. Then they offer you their services to make your blog perfect.

How to influence them?

Your blog should give an impression you are not weak in everything. You know very well a few blogging chores and quite well a few others.

How to convert them?

If they offer you any services to improve your blog you can avail it by offering your expertise in exchange. In this way you need not to spend money and will improve your blog without any expenses.


They are usually online advertising agencies. They visit your blog to see who else has given you ad and do you deserve an ad.

How to influence them?

If you have ads of other companies it’s fine. It will show you value. If you don’t have, so never put fake ads because they do know which ads are genuine or which are just for display.

How to convert them?

Your “Advertise” page is the most effective tool to convert them. Give all impressive information about your blog including its daily visitors, its PR, DA and which industry leaders said what about it.

After that put your ad rates but never mention anywhere you can come down if someone insists. Nor show rates as rigid. Just mention the rates and show flexibility if someone directly contacts you.


They just want to check quality of your contents and may be middlemen of various business blogs for providing blogging services to them. They may hire you if your blog is much impressive and really delivering value.

How to influence them?

So easy to influence them. Every corner of your blog should be a symbol of quality.

How to convert them?

Your “Hire Me” page is the most effective tool to convert them. Just narrate your skills and where you have already provided your services. Do mention the links of your articles published at top blogs.

If list is lengthy then mention the name of a few top blogs where your several post are published. They will be impressed by your services done so far and may hire you for their clients blogs.


After stiff competition in blogosphere there are many would-be bloggers. They have bought domain, hosting, template and have built their blog with a landing page displaying email subscription offer. They just visit maximum blogs to show their presence by commenting and reading more and more contents to learn more and become very effective bloggers.

how to convert How to convert them?

If they are from same niche you need to guide them with your tutorials and help them learn from them. You can invite them for email subscription to get each tutorial directly into their inbox.


They simply keep roaming online and arrive at any post which they think can give you benefit. So your each post should be for all and should not be limited to a very narrow group of your target audience. Yes once you raise your voice then you can narrow your market by observing the level of response coming from which side.

How to influence them?

Make your blog design, contents and layout very interesting to make them take interest in your blog.

How to convert them?

Freebies, giveaways and easy competition are the best attractions to make them regularly visitor your blog and then become your customers.


Their sole purpose is to hit your blog. Get access to your control panel. Need not to worry about them. Just install an excellent security plugin at your blog and stay safe from their digital mischief.

How to influence them?

They don’t visit your blog. Mostly they try to break the password of your control panel. If you have installed the plugin to limit log-in attempts they can’t try more than specified limits.

How to convert them?

On failure of their last attempt show a very friendly message with a link to your blog to bring them to your most popular posts.

So these are the 14 types of blog visitor who you convert as your regular visitors, subscribers and then customers. You must try to convert as much your blog readers as possible by following step by step strategy to finally make them your customers.

Now your turn

After fully reading this post share here what types of visitors come to your blog. Did you already have developed a strategy to deal with them separately or now you will develop the one. Do give your valuable opinion on this post and freely ask anything more you want to know about this topic.


  1. says

    Excellent post! Well laid out. I have been reading these points since I arrived the office. What I find most interesting is how you spell out each category of visitors and provide a suggestion to turn them to customers 😉

    So even hackers can become customers 😉 Isn’t that interesting?

    YEs, if we come to clearly distinguish these visitors, following your well laid out points, we will be able to feed them with the right kind of material. That will quite be easy to convert.

    Again, Excellent post Mi

    • says

      Hi Muki
      Thanks you for your great words.
      I was expecting comment about hackers conversion from any awesome blogger and you made my hopes done. :-)
      I thought several before taking hackers into the list. Just one point made me get them. If our job is to market our products and services as internet marketers then why we give exception to any group of visitors. Being an entrepreneur we must keep drawing opportunities from every type of problems.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views. Your comments are always a guiding beacon for me. Have a great week. :-)

    • says

      haha really it was very interesting even there are many freebies coming to my blog but i had converted to my customer by writing geniune review and even i talk with them personally to convince them

      Overall it was an excellent post thanks for sharing this post.
      I found it on Kingged

      • says

        Hi supmondal
        You convert freebie grabbers as your customers. Vow; it means you know how to convert your blog visitors by following a proper strategy.
        Thanks for coming by and for your great words for this post. Hope to see you again.

  2. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Good to be over at your blog after my little break :)

    I have to agree with Esntine – excellent post indeed, and I think you covered ALL the possible type of bloggers there could possibly be, and the reason why they visit our blogs and how to convert them – good job done!

    I know it’s all easier said than done and we at times cannot please everyone, every time. But we need to keep trying out ways and means to get it all done and your post is a good solution, especially those who want to convert their visitors, which I think everyone wants, whether you are making money from your blog or not, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing these with us. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • says

      Hi Harleena
      A very warm welcome to you after a well noticed break. Absence of focal person in a friends circle is always widely noticed. :-)
      Your point is very valid we can’t please all the people all the time but being blogger we can give our best to them to hold them at our blog and keep trying to convert them. This is one of a few options we have to convert our visitors in multiple ways if we have variety of blog visitors.
      Your words have always been a big source of motivation to me.
      Once again thanks a lot for giving your valuable views here. Hope to see you again. You do have a niche week. :-)

  3. says

    Really great post here Mi Muba.

    The first 6 are ones that the majority of us get all the time and I’m glad that you laid out a plan to get them to become regulars or customers on out blogs.

    Haha, the hackers one is interesting. I don’t know if I would truly want to have a person that tried to hack into my site as a reader or a customers though. Nonetheless, great post.

    Keep up the great work and have a great week.

    – Andrew

    • says

      Hi Andrew
      You are right; we all get all these types of visitors but we offer to them value collectively because we don’t have any tool to categorize them.
      Yes you are right to convert hacker is risky :-) but once we prove the strength of our blog security definitely he will be impressed by our professionalism. At least he will have our good impression.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you again. Have a great week. :-)

  4. Reginald says


    Great article. For me, done just one thing when it comes to blogging. Provide VALUE. Constant value and people are going to come back for more.

    Top notch!

    Keep it up buddy!

    • says

      Hi Reginald
      Thanks for your great words; indeed value is the most wanted thing for which people visit our blog as I pointed it in top 3 types of visitors in this post.
      Thanks for coming and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you again. Have a great week.

  5. says

    Indeed a great post. Loved reading the post.There are a lot of good ideas to open the doors of earning money through our blog. Keep it up Mi.

  6. metz says

    Hi Mi Muba!

    A roundup of different types of blog visitors has different wants and needs. Using dissimilar ways to influence and convert them is essential.

    Emphasizing each visitor to understand further the best practices we need to do to approach them are a great help.

    Even though competitors are hard to convince, here, you gave us an idea that there’s still a big change to influence and convert them.

    Smart tips shown here, I have to admit. Thanks for the valuable information you shared with us!

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    • says

      Hi metz
      You are right each type of blog visitors needs a different way of dealing them to serve them to their highest level of satisfaction.
      You pointed well it is not so easy to convert competitors but if we prove our worth for them they would obviously want to get value from our blog.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you around.

  7. says

    Hey Mi Muba,

    This is a Marvelous Post! This post post is really informative for me and others too.

    The Info seekers and value finders are the two best type of visitors which visits our site. It is really hard to convert them into our fan. They want new info time to time and we have to provide it. If we done it in right way, we are having a bunch of high quality visitors which will help us to build our reputation.

    Thanks for such a wonderful post!

    Well, i found this post on kingged and commented on it!

    • says

      Hi Swaraj
      It is good to see you here at BeAMoneyBlogger :-)
      I am glad you liked this post. It’s a great source of motivation for me.
      You well pointed two important types of blog visitors. They some time over expect and want to get awesome value in each of our post which practically is not possible.
      Thanks for coming and sharing your wonderful views. Have a great week.

  8. says

    Hello Mi,

    Hahaha! I was very interested in the Hackers bit. How in earth can you convert a desperate hacker to be a loyal reader of your blog?

    If there is one thing this post has to say, then it has to be this, there are of course various people on this thing we refer to as the internet and it is of course our duty as bloggers to know how to convert them to loyal and this is something this post has done justice to.

    I did find this on kingged.

    • says

      Hi Emmanuel
      Thanks for your very frank views on this post. You admitted that hackers are desperate type of community so we need to sell their desperation by offering various positive solutions to it. Right?
      I think we need not to leave any of our visitor free and try serve him as much as we can and obviously hackers also visitor our blog.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views.
      Hope to see you again. Have a great week.

  9. says

    Hi Mi,

    As I was reading your post, I saw a lot of commonality among each type. By the way, I love that you segmented them and shared how to talk to each independent of one another; all at the same time.

    Your key theme over and over again is value. The struggle for the overwhelming majority of bloggers is they don’t know what that means and they confuse value with “buy my stuff because it’s valuable.” Well, that’s subjective and as a seller my stuff is always valuable, lol… To confuse the matter there are so many different definitions people are working off of when it comes to “value.”

    That’s not to imply in any way that your article is misconstrued. In fact, you do a great job of defining value all the way through and for each person, and as a result for each type, value does mean something a little different and how to communicate with them. I really appreciated that you brought out it’s not a one stop shop.

    In comments, so many readers of blogs leave the most drab and boring of comments and sometimes it’s even obvious they just scanned it. I don’t understand why you would bother leaving a post at that point. However, I have been blessed to earn a few clients by gently calling them out and then turning it into a strong conversation that resulted in a great relationship.

    I think I would summarize your article in this way – learn your different audiences, their problems, needs; and then communicate to them appropriately.

    Thanks for another great learning opportunity!!!


    PS. While I read your blog often, I happened to find this one

    • says

      Hi Purdum
      You pointed well that all types I mentioned are not entirely different but to develop an effective conversion strategy it is good to categorize them as deeply as possible to never miss even a single visitor. The objective of this post is to teach readers never let even a single visitor of your blog go back without doing anything which may bind him to at least come back.
      Just take an example. What the people at front desk in a business try to do. They keep asking every visitor what they should do for him. They just want to make him speak of his problems, his needs so that they can send him to concerned section for making him their client.
      So the front desk of our blog is its lending page and here we can’t make our representative sit to ask each visitor online what he can do for the visitor. So the best way is to do every blogging chore keeping in mind your each type of visitor to convert him as at least loyal visitor.
      You are right if we follow each of our blog visitors we can easily develop good customer relation with him and eventually can convert him as our regular customer.
      I liked the way you summarize this post which shows how thoroughly you reviewed it and this was my first objective to make all my valued readers to go through the whole post.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your detailed and very thoughtful views which did add lot of value to this post.
      Hope to see you again. Have a wonderful week.

  10. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Lots of good information here. I especially liked “They are your competitors. They are not your enemy.”

    Too many bloggers see other bloggers in their niche as an enemy. They’re not your enemies. In fact, they can be your allies, if you work things correctly.

    Thanks for commenting on Be A Better Blogger. Hope you have a great day!

    • says

      Hi Kevin
      You noted a very valuable point about competitors. Market is so big and everyone can have his pie easily if he follows a proper strategy. That is why we should not be worried of our competitors and instead make them allies to be part of the same industry.
      I like your blog and regularly visit it. :-)
      Thanks a lot for your great views and hope to see you around. Have a nice day.

  11. Mark Newsome says

    Wow Mi!

    You have truly hit this post out of the park! It’s so easy to mistakenly think of all of your traffic as one and the same! Your excellent post shatters that myth!

    And you offer excellent advice on how to not only effectively recognize the different types, but how to convert them when you do!

    Thank you so much for shedding some much needed light on this incredibly important subject!!

    • says

      Hi Mark
      I am so glad you like this post. This is the biggest reward a blogger gets when a person with good knowledge of blogging likes his post. :-)
      You pointed well we take all our blog visitors same and that is why we miss lot of them a just manage to convert a few of them.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your awesome opinion. Hope to see you again.

  12. says

    Wow, who would have thought there would be 14 types of visitors to a blog! So it really does seem that any type of visitor can be converted, and now we have the know how 😉 Great list here!!

    • says

      Hi Catherine
      I am glad you liked this post.
      We can convert more accurately if we categorize our blog visitors into different types and they try to serve their needs.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your awesome views. :-)

  13. says

    According to your post, I’m a visitor “Relation Maker” type, Mi Muba :)

    Where you got this idea, i got amazed with your post. I do agree with your visitor views and yes, there are many types of visitors visits our blog. Providing valuable content in a consistent manner would give a pleasant experience to all types of visitor, Am I right? I’m just doing the same.

    I feel good that 90% of my traffic comes from search engines to get information. Thanks for writing this awesome post Mi Muba, keep writing for us.

    • says

      Hi Nirmala
      Hahaha; You are not only relation maker but also my good friend who always supports me as and when possible. :-)
      You are perfectly right; providing valuable content in a consistent manner to all types of visitors makes our task to convert them into our customers quite easier.
      Exactly your blog offers very up-to-date information on your niche which greatly serves your visitors info needs.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you again. :-)

  14. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Excellent points and you did a very good job by identifying each one of our blog visitors and gave the way to convert them

    I think it all boils down to providing value in your posts so each type of reader will benefit from it. Value is the magnet that attracts your readers and after a while they will decide if they want to follow you or not. We can’t convert all types but those who resonates with our content will stick and become loyal customers.

    Thanks Mi Muba for a great and valuable post jam-packed with great information. Have a great rest of the week.

    Be Blessed,


    • says

      Hi Neamat
      Good to see you here as you are regular visitor of this blog.
      You pointed right it is value that can influence each type of visitors at our blog and they ultimately become our customers and then buyers.
      Exactly we can’t convert all types of visitors but we should try to convert maximum type to make a strong clientele of our blog.
      I am glad you like this post. Your great words are always a source of great encouragement to me.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your great views here. Hope to see you around.

  15. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    This was a value packed post indeed! As you know I just had a post on knowing the Psychology of our readers and you knocked out 14 different personality traits!

    The one that stands out the most to me is converting Hackers. That is very interesting to me. I mostly have that, stay away from me mentality :)

    Excellent post Mi Muba!

    • says

      Hi Steven
      Yes, your post on to know psychology of our readers is really wonderful and offer much thought to convert maximum visitors.
      You pointed well that converting hackers into loyal customers is heck of the task but we should not leave them their own way and either to convert them or they forget about our blog. :-)
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing you awesome views. Hope to see you again.

  16. Sherman Smith says

    Hey Mi Muba,

    Wow, I haven’t realize that there were so many different types of blog visitors there are out there. I do have to say that the first 7 are the major ones that i run into.

    With that said, you have compiled some great advice on how to deal with them. In all you must give these visitors what they want which of course is value (Except for the hackers!) You want the message you convey to be in alignment with each of their wants and eventually needs. When you do this, conversion becomes easier!

    Thanks Mi Muba for putting all of this together! Have a great one!

    • says

      Hi Sherman
      You are right; top 7 types are the most relevant and every blogger should aim at them to boost his blog business. Rest of the types are equally important but it depends upon someone’s blogging objectives how to deal them.
      Exactly, it is the value which works as basic funnel to bring visitors into the ambit of our regular customers. Then we can make them our regular clients by offering multiple services.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your valuable opinion on this post. Hope to see you again.

  17. says

    Hi Muba,

    You have put all together.:)

    I haven’t thought that there are that much kind of visitors. The way you have described about different kind of visitors is really effective and beginners should know about it.

    There are some visitors who just visit at our blog to get the information for which they have visited many blogs.
    There are many who like to connect with us via comments if they find our content valuable.

    But the hackers are the enemies for whom we need to find the solution.

    It’s great to know about kind of visitors.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post.

    Hope you are having fun this weekend.:)


    • says

      Hi Ravi
      I am glad you like this post.
      You well defined various objectives of visiting a blog. You are right it ups to us how far we succeed to convert maximum of them to make them our subscribers and then customers.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you around.

  18. says

    Hello Muba Sir, sad I am commenting so late but what to do this commenting system isn’t loading on basic cell phones . But everything is planned by God for our good. If your posts are 100% I get 110% by reading your posts and the comments above where you discuss with other valuable bloggers so (100% +10% = 110% ).. This post is really so informative and I had already read it two days back. following your advice anyone can convert his visitors into clients or customers. It is so good that I have bookmarked for later because these tutorials will be needed in future.
    thank you and have a great weekend :)

    • says

      Hi Swadhin
      I can’t forget the way you support me here and at social media by regularly resharing my posts to breaden its outreach. You read the post it is sufficient to make me happy.
      It is good to learn you get value here it means you are value searcher. :-) Many people, including you, are regular visitors of this blog since I started promoting it at social media. This is main reason of my blogging pleasure.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your very valuable opinion. Hope to see you again.

  19. says

    Hey Mi Muba,

    Well I’m happy to see that not everyone on your list visits me and they aren’t all my target audience. I think once people learn to attract their target audience to their blogs then they won’t have to worry as much about the straggles, etc.

    Now hackers are hanging around to do anything but try to hack into my blog. Let’s just say I’ve never had a conversation with one mainly because that’s just not their thing. They’re too busy scheming. LOL!!!

    You did point out all of the different types of people and especially if you’re new and not quite sure how to grab the attention of your target audience and then what to do with them then their results could be rather dismal I’m sure. But just like you said, with time they will learn how this is done and thing will turn around for them too. Hey, it’s all about learning and moving forward.

    Appreciate the great share and you have a wonderful weekend my friend.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne
      I start my point with concluding remarks of your awesome comments here; It’s all about learning and moving forward.
      So our aim should be to fully understand what type of visitors come to our blog and what is their purpose. Now it ups to us how we adopt a strategy to first influence them and then convert them. This strategy is sum total of all components of our blog including its design, contents and promotion options.
      We know hackers do make a visit to website before trying to hit at the control panel of the website. So we can’t ignore them nor we can stop them from coming. The only option we have to keep our blog safe from their attack and as counter attack try to influence them as “hey man I offer you value also, be my friend and don’t hit my blog”. :-)
      I get so happy whenever I find your great comments becasue I am also so passionate to keep learning and moving ahead. Comments of people like you help me learn a lot in little time.
      So thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts on the topic. Hope to see you again. You do have a great weekend. :-)

  20. DOK Simon [Blogging Engage] says

    Hello Muba !

    Wow ! is all I can say.

    it is so amazing how you were able to break and categorize all these people. In my normal mind set I would have never thought of anything like this. You have really done a great job.

    Am just speechless about the hackers section, because for all I know, no hacker would come in peace, their specific mission is to steal and destroy, they mean you no well.. But with how you would convert them truly fascinates me a lot. I wish to know more this !! Thank you for the share !!

    DOK Simon

    • says

      Hi DOK
      Mostly we see all our visitors with same eye and that is why we also treat them with same way. As a result we can’t serve them according to their needs and try to do what we want from them. This is not a business approach of blggoing.
      Whatever is the objective of hackers but this is a reality that they visit our blog. So we need to first let them know how powerfully protected our blog is and then try to convince them to be positive memeber of online community.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you again.

  21. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    I liked your whole article indeed. And also I need to say you shared very nice and awesome strategies to convert visitors.

    Now a days what is happening is people are only blogging for money and they they don’t give attention to their readers and visitors and that’s the main reason why blogging is become mainstream in India.

    However, I really Liked your article. But this article is only helpful for those people who really respect their readers and want to run a blog for long term. To get a lot of traffic and to convert your visitors needs lot of patience. You have included all the points which I completely agree.

    Thanks for sharing this such a nice article.


    • says

      Hi Shaswat
      It is good to see you here with your very encouraging words. Believe me when I hear such great words for this blog I get a lot of encouragement and involve myself more in my work. This is the biggest reward we bloggers receive as feedback.
      You are right most of the bloggers focus earning money and forget about customer care. That is why they don’t bother to know who their blog visitors are and why they are visiting your blog.
      But those who do blogging with a clear plan fully keep vigil on all types of visitors and try to serve their needs by diversifying the products and services they offer at their blog.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you again. :-)

  22. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    This is really an informative post.

    Different types of bloggers!

    And how to convert them and How to influence them

    session is really an educative one.

    I appreciate your effort to put these points together in a systematic order
    Some areas are really unknown to me, indeed this post made me to look
    into many other areas of blogging and internet activities

    Thank you so much for sharing this to us :-)

    Have a great and profitable day. :-)

    ~ Ann P V
    Hey, Muba, I read this post notification at and i kingged it and posted a comment there,
    Great post indeed!
    Keep writing


    • says

      Hi Ann P
      It is good to see you here again as your great words are always a big source of encouragement for me.
      It is right we mostly take all our blog visitors same but they are different and their purpose to visit our blog is also quite different. That is why it is quite good to serve their needs after knowing what they want.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you again.

  23. says

    Hey Mi Muba,

    There are lot more information in your article than I guess. Even you clear each and every point in very good manner.
    This article encourage me to put little effort to follow these steps of converting blog visitors into monthly earning.

    You wrote a great point of Back-link hunter, I will gonna try this trick and will give you feedback how much its effect on success of my blog.

    In point 11 Quality checker, I impressed with this tactic as this way hope to give positive response from audience that help in earning a handsome amount for living.

    Thanks for sharing this article here on kingged. Will hope to see more informative post from your side that help new beginners.

    Mustafa Gaziani

    Hello Muba,
    I found this article on and found it very informative Glad to find helpful site from

    • says

      Hi Mustafa
      A warm welcome to you here at BeAMoneyBlogger.
      I am glad you like this post.
      You noted right; back link hunters just aim to get a back link from your blog but you need to convert them as your subscribers by offering value of his required level.
      Yes quality checker is also another important type of blog visitors. They simply check quality and sometime market your blog to advertisers and industry influencers.
      Thanks a lot for your visiting this blog and adding value in this post with your great opinion. Hope to see you around. :-)

  24. says

    You seem to have done good research on this topic with so many relevant links, well i liked your analogy – if a shop keeper can treat his visitors differently then why should a blogger not do the same. good read. thanks

    • says

      Hi Harish
      Thanks for your great words for this post. You pointed well; being a businessman we need to deal our each visitor as per his expectations.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you again.

  25. Jackson Davies at Blogprefect says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    This article is awesome and by the growing comment numbers I hope that others can see the value in this in depth look at a series of varying visitors to anybody’s blog. Why didn’t I think of this :)

    At any rate, I think you struck on some really good archetypes and thought it was also useful that you included some of those passers by who could be considered nuisance callers like Hackers, Data thieves and the Competition. If you are getting competition viewing you, you are doing a good job, you’ve already got them worried and that means you are headed in the right direction.

    I hope you continue to craft more gems like these.


    • says

      Hi Jackson
      In this post I tried to cover all types of visitors who come at our blog. Maybe not all of them visit but collectively they are all types of visitors including hackers because they do come to hunt what they want. Now it ups to us how we deal with them and how we make them run away either by just putting strong security around our blog or also influencing them with the fact how professional bloggers we are.
      I am glad you liked this post and also shared your wonderful views on this post.
      Thanks a lot for coming by. Hope to see you around.

  26. says

    Hello, Mi Muba! :)

    I must say that this article was very informative.

    With 14 valuable, effective tips to earn more money with your blog, this is not only an informative article, but also an important and useful content for the fellow bloggers wishing to make money blogging online efficiently.

    I’ve indeed learned a lot here, and it’s cool to know the different types of blog visitors, as well as how to convert them into buyers.

    Thanks for the shared knowledge! :)

    I’ve found this post shared on and leave the same comment there.

    • says

      Hi Pauline
      It is good to know you termed this post a guide for those who want to make money blogging. I am so happy you liked this post very much.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around.

  27. says


    I would say – you did lots of researches and huge observations to know these different types of audience/visitors. According to me in these days very few people are caring about all these type of blog visitors, but we need to do for a good grow.

    All these 14 visitors are completely different in nature and currently i am getting visitors like: SIMPLY LEARNERS, COMPETITORS, BACK LINK HUNTERS which is not enough.

    I am going to try out now to get the visitors like: INFO SEEKERS, VALUE EXPLORERS, RELATION MAKERS, and SERVICES PROVIDERS.
    Thank you so much Muba sir. Keep inspiring :)

    I got this informative article on

    • says

      Hi Amit
      You pointed very correct; many people don’t give much importance to types of blog visitors and just treat all of them with same eye. That is why they fail to convert them in huge number.
      It is good to know you are aware of what types of visitors come to your blog and obviously you must be dealing with them as what they need from your blog.
      Yes, it should be part of our strategy to keep targetting more and more types of visitors with diversifying our contents to serve needs of maximum kind of blog visitors.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views.
      Hope to see you again.
      Have a great weekend.

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