How to convert these 14 types of blog visitors?

So you are getting more and more visitors at your blog. That’s great!

But why you are so sad?

You should be happy on huge number of visitors.

Oh I see.

There is no change in your blog earnings despite of constant rise in traffic.

You try to sell affiliate products but fail to sell in huge number.

You also display your own products for sale at the sidebar of your blog. Your visitors click on them but stop at the place where they are asked to pay online to get their copy.

You are also surprised to see despite one thousand daily visitors at your blog you earn a few bucks from Google Adsense. You already have optimized your each Google ad after a lot of experimentation but you could not have made huge money from it.

You are damned upset.

You are shy to share your failure to your fellow bloggers.

You avoid telling them how much money you are exactly earning with your blog.

You change the topic when someone asks about your blog earning. You sometime tell them wrong income figure or just say it varies from month to month.

Some of you might say oh I don’t mean to earn money with my blog. Or some other may say I am already earning huge money with my day job and do blogging just to have fun.

But your heart bleeds. Your biggest worry is why you are not making money with your blog.

You will earn money because you can

If how to convertyou are from any of the above types don’t worry today you will get the solution of your problem if you read this post till the end.

Even if you are earning decent amount of money with your blog that post do have lot of value for you. After reading this post your rate of missing the target will be at lowest minimum. You will convert your each visitor to make easy money with your blog. I bet you will learn to do this if you read this post till the end.

In an extreme case if you have just started your blog or you have a few daily visitors even then this post is for you. You will earn big money with a few visitors at your blog if you follow these tips consistently.

After reading this post you will earn more money. If you are earning in hundreds, it will be in thousands very soon. If your income is in thousands, congrats you are about to earn hundreds of thousand if you fully read this post.

If you are earning nothing, even then you are so lucky. After reading this post you will fully know how to get your first $100 from this month.

So don’t go away and read it to the end. Ok if you don’t have time right now to read this post of more than 3,000 words, bookmark it and read it in your free time.

DISCLAIMER: I am not going to sell any product in this post. So don’t worry I am insisting to read this post till the end just to benefit you. I want you to get full benefit of this post. That is why I am almost begging you to read this post completely if you really want to earn more money with your blog.

What you will learn in this post?

In this post I will tell you all about your blog audience. Just recall the scene in front of a shop. What type of people stand in front of it? Are they all doctors? Are they all housewives or any other group? Not at all. They are different types of customers. That is why shopkeeper deals with them differently.

But what many bloggers do. They deal with all their readers in same tone. They just write contents, reply their comments, interact with them at social media and try to sell their products.

Bloggers give to all of them a big pat, appreciate their comments, and admire their views in a way if they all have same mindset.

This is wrong.

First you need to categorize your blog visitors. They are quite different because their purpose of visiting your blog is quite different.

So try to understand what type of blog visitors you get daily. Maybe not all these types of visitors come to your blog but they are in total. Just read the purpose of their visits and learn how to convert them as your loyal customers, subscribers, follower and ultimately as your customers.


They are the most valuable type of visitors at your blog. They are typically organic in nature, I mean genuine visitors who come to your blog with a purpose. Their main purpose is to get their required information from their blog.

They put their required term or phrase in Google search and find your blog somewhere at top position. They click on it and arrive at your blog.

How to influence them?

They arrive to get info. So the blog post which they have clicked at Google search page must be full of most essential information. No history, no theory, no devilish details. Just the most relevant and most important info should be part of your post where they have arrived. This is the best way to influence them.

Also font size of your blog text, formatting and images should be so broad and pleasant. They should not feel any mental suffocation after coming to their clicked blog post.

How to convert them?

First you need to hold them at the post they arrived. This you can do by providing them value in your post. After that you should:

  • Guide them to some more informative posts related to the post where they have arrived
  • Ask them to submit their email and get more posts of similar type directly into their inbox
  • Ask them to like or follow your social media page and get more posts at their timeline.

Remember; never make jump to convert them. Don’t sell to them directly. Bring them to your final goal step by step.

Now the big question. How do you know how many of them are info seekers from your total blog visitors? Don’t worry. You have to do nothing separately. Just do this for all but keep them in mind while writing your post and placing conversion plugins at your blog.


They are also organic in nature and come to your blog through search engines. But their motive is not to get info. They just want to learn something. It may be blogging, search engine optimization or any other thing depending upon niche of your blog.

How to influence them?

Make your contents easy to understand. Your posts should be simple and free from bombastic wordings or examples. Keep in view of lowest level of learner to make your contents comprehensible for all.

How to convert them?

So just create attraction in your posts to hold them more at your blog. They arrive at your blog to learn something. So educate them but equally tell them how important are the things which they are learning. Ignite their desire of learning while educating them. They will stick to the subject which they want to learn. They will become your regular subscribers and ultimately will buy digital learning products on your recommendation. But first you have to give basic learning material of higher value to make them your follower. Then you can easily convert them as your customers.


They don’t want repetition. They are in search of value. They always believe in get more, do more, learn more and earn more. That is why they just explore value. So they search extensively. Here you need to give them value. For this you need to put some valuable info in your blog which you get from offline world. It should be related to your niche but should not be easily available on internet. This will be quite new information.

How to influence them?

If you really want to give anything of big value in your blog post do announce it at the beginning of your post. In this way they will stay at your post and will go to its end.

How to convert them?

Soon after or before giving anything of big value like “Three 100% confirmed ways to earn money online” request them to submit their email and get it directly into the inbox. Your blog post should not be a complete manual. It is wise to give something at your blog post, send anything more to their inbox, and keep something else for your next post and get a promise of comeback from them.


They are your competitors. They are not your enemy. In business animosity is a crime. So just keep in view of them while writing a blog post. Never declare your future plan nor any hint of them. Also don’t explain what is your strategy. Just focus at your main visitors as noted above and give maximum value to them.

How to influence them?

Try to be unforgettable for your competitors. Grace should dominate your whole blog. No stuffing of ads, no several requests to subscribe. You should do everything for conversion gracefully. Clearly tell them you are not in blogging for a while. You have long-term goals and you will stay here. So your every blogging act should display your long-term vision.

How to convert them?

If they become your blog subscribers they will not hit it. If they see grace at your blog they will be happy to follow you and to be like you. Always remember new entrant in a market does not grab someone else share. He creates his own niche market in the industry. So never think your competitor will hit down your blog. You will be going your own way and he will find his own course of action to move ahead.

how to convert5. BACK LINK HUNTERS

They are mostly struggling bloggers and SEO consultants of business blogs. They just cast a cursory look at your blog post and give comment to get a back link if you offer a do-follow link. If you don’t then they try to create their voice in their comments to attract your blog visitors to their blogs.

In any of the case you need not worry. Your readers visit their blogs after visiting yours and will not quit visiting yours if you really provide value to them. In online world everyone tries to get as much value as possible. So forget about diversion, if you provide value no one can divert your traffic. So always worry about giving value to your customer.

How to influence them?

Install a very interactive commenting plugin to attract more and more of this type of visitors. If your blog has huge number of comments it will show the power of readers’ engagement of that post.

How to convert them?

Obviously a highly interactive commenting plugin is best to convert them. Once they drop their comments at your blog post, follow them to their inbox by sending reply directly there. They will remember your blog and come back to become your loyal visitors. After that it ups to you what value you provide to them to make them your subscribers and then customers.


They are in initial phase of blogging and just want to expand their networking. Same type of treatment you can offer to them as I advised you to deal with back link hunters. They just want to be in your circle and make you in their circle. Ultimately they want you reshare their blog posts and they will share your blog posts. There is no wrong in doing this. It’s a part of social media strategy of many bloggers.


They want everything for free. Don’t worry they are not potential customers. But you can convince them to go for premium products if they really want to become valuable online. So keep mentioning the importance of priced products in your contents to convince them come out from the trap of freebies.

How to influence them?

If you have anything to offer free display it prominently. The word FREE in your display should be the most prominent word to stay them at your blog?

How to convert them?

You can convert them quite easily. Just put a free version of your premium product and then invite them to buy your premium product. This is the easiest way to convert freebie lovers.


They just roam here and there to copy the ideas for their online projects. You need to take care of them like I advise you to do for your competitors.

How to influence them?

Your layout and design should speak of your professionalism. It does not give an impression as if you are a naïve. That is why it is wise to get your blog developed by a professional if you are a serious blogger. Looking at seriousness of your blog they won’t think to steal anything from it because they do know you being professional blogger equally know how to hit back the copycats as per internet laws.

How to convert them?

They will be influenced by your professionalism and your strength to do serious blogging. Eventually they will visit your blog regular to be updated on valuable information you provide to your blog visitors. Once they become your loyal visitors it ups to your marketing skills how you convert them as your customers.

how to convert9. SERVICES PROVIDERS

They just visit your blog to see where you are weak or not doing well. Then they offer you their services to make your blog perfect.

How to influence them?

Your blog should give an impression you are not weak in everything. You know very well a few blogging chores and quite well a few others.

How to convert them?

If they offer you any services to improve your blog you can avail it by offering your expertise in exchange. In this way you need not to spend money and will improve your blog without any expenses.


They are usually online advertising agencies. They visit your blog to see who else has given you ad and do you deserve an ad.

How to influence them?

If you have ads of other companies it’s fine. It will show you value. If you don’t have, so never put fake ads because they do know which ads are genuine or which are just for display.

How to convert them?

Your “Advertise” page is the most effective tool to convert them. Give all impressive information about your blog including its daily visitors, its PR, DA and which industry leaders said what about it.

After that put your ad rates but never mention anywhere you can come down if someone insists. Nor show rates as rigid. Just mention the rates and show flexibility if someone directly contacts you.


They just want to check quality of your contents and may be middlemen of various business blogs for providing blogging services to them. They may hire you if your blog is much impressive and really delivering value.

How to influence them?

So easy to influence them. Every corner of your blog should be a symbol of quality.

How to convert them?

Your “Hire Me” page is the most effective tool to convert them. Just narrate your skills and where you have already provided your services. Do mention the links of your articles published at top blogs.

If list is lengthy then mention the name of a few top blogs where your several post are published. They will be impressed by your services done so far and may hire you for their clients blogs.


After stiff competition in blogosphere there are many would-be bloggers. They have bought domain, hosting, template and have built their blog with a landing page displaying email subscription offer. They just visit maximum blogs to show their presence by commenting and reading more and more contents to learn more and become very effective bloggers.

how to convert How to convert them?

If they are from same niche you need to guide them with your tutorials and help them learn from them. You can invite them for email subscription to get each tutorial directly into their inbox.


They simply keep roaming online and arrive at any post which they think can give you benefit. So your each post should be for all and should not be limited to a very narrow group of your target audience. Yes once you raise your voice then you can narrow your market by observing the level of response coming from which side.

How to influence them?

Make your blog design, contents and layout very interesting to make them take interest in your blog.

How to convert them?

Freebies, giveaways and easy competition are the best attractions to make them regularly visitor your blog and then become your customers.


Their sole purpose is to hit your blog. Get access to your control panel. Need not to worry about them. Just install an excellent security plugin at your blog and stay safe from their digital mischief.

How to influence them?

They don’t visit your blog. Mostly they try to break the password of your control panel. If you have installed the plugin to limit log-in attempts they can’t try more than specified limits.

How to convert them?

On failure of their last attempt show a very friendly message with a link to your blog to bring them to your most popular posts.

So these are the 14 types of blog visitor who you convert as your regular visitors, subscribers and then customers. You must try to convert as much your blog readers as possible by following step by step strategy to finally make them your customers.

Now your turn

After fully reading this post share here what types of visitors come to your blog. Did you already have developed a strategy to deal with them separately or now you will develop the one. Do give your valuable opinion on this post and freely ask anything more you want to know about this topic.

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