How to create this unique product in 30 minutes only?

I hate rhetoric.

I hate exaggeration

I also know you are a busy person and your time is precious. You will never waste your time for clicking each headline you see just to check how true it is.

Honestly, I don’t exaggerate in any way if I declare in the headline of this post that you can create a unique product for your blog in exactly 30 minutes.

You just want the solution of your problem. Your problem is that despite managing your blog for a long time you have yet to create your first unique product for it. As a result:

You do know you can create a free product by merging your important blog posts on one topic as an ebook. In this way you can easily build your email list by incentivizing your blog readers with the ebook to become your regular subscribers.

Why not an ebook?

unique productBut you don’t have enough time to do this task. To create an ebook from your published posts you need to do:

  • Glancing at all your published posts to have an idea which ones you can include in your ebook
  • Picking your shortlisted posts
  • Arranging them in order
  • Formatting them
  • Removing their undue or unnecessary links
  • Putting new useful links in them
  • Deleting outdated points from them
  • Updating the old info
  • Creating the title of the ebook
  • Converting the word file into PDF
  • Creating its title image
  • Uploading both title and PDF copy at your blog
  • Displaying the title image at the sidebar with the link of its URL

Thus you need to do all these twelve tasks and that too not for earning money but just to offer a free ebook to your visitors. You may have no motivation to do this task because:

  • The unique product which you are going to offer is already published at your blog in piecemeal. So your lacking of enthusiasm to reproduce the same is obvious.
  • There is no financial benefit in short-term of doing this task though in long-term you can sell a lot to your subscribers by creating a list with it
  • You are not sure people will subscribe it just to get a set of already published posts

What is the best solution and for whom?

So you need a solution that helps you create a unique product without spending much time and with no much enthusiasm to offer it free to your visitors to convert them.

This solution is the best for those who

  • Have yet to create the first unique product for their blog
  • Have not released a new product for their blog since long
  • Have no time to create a product for their blog
  • Want to create their first product without any investment of time and money
  • Urgently need a product to convert their rising number of visitors into subscribers with email building

The best solution of your problem is creating a linkotorial.

unique productWhat is a linkotorial?

It is a link-based tutorial. You can easily create it by just putting a list of links of the published posts in a PDF to help solve a common problem of your readers.

For creating a linkotorial you need not to do much hard work like you do to create an ebook.

I coined this word by joining two words link and tutorial into one. If you search it on Google it says not found such word on internet.

It means you are the lucky mates first time introducing this idea at your blog by following the tips of this post. So it is right to call it a unique product.

How to create a linkotorial as your unique product?

Simply you need to pick the title and URL of your posts related to a given topic but they collectively should solve a common problem of your readers.

If your blog niche is blogging, the most common problem of your visitors may be to build traffic fast and for free also.

  • So pick all the posts in which you helped your readers how to increase your blog traffic without spending a dime and fully avoid all types of traffic growth mistakes?
  • Now put your selected posts into an order. It means to put the basic level posts on top and advance level at down to first let visitors get basic knowledge and then move to advance level.
  • In MS word you can directly link title of each post with its URL under the option Insert where you have an option of Hypderlink with the image of globe.
  • Select the title of your each selected post and insert its URL to create its link. Now you have a complete list of link-based tutorial.
  • Put sub-heading of each set of URLs of the sub-category of the main topic of your linkotorial to make it easier for users to click on links of sub-topic which they want to read first.
  • You can also put images under each link or under the set of links of each sub-topic to make your linkotorial more attractive.
  • After that convert it into a PDF file and create a title image by writing its title and put it at the sidebar of your blog.

You can see its practical demonstration at my blog here. I have recently created a linkotrial and now it is at its sidebar.

I offer this product to my visitors even without asking them to submit their email before downloading it because I want to get its some other benefits. You will read its other benefits in the later part of this post.

Why a Linkotorial?

  • You can offer it to your visitors in return of their email to make them your regular subscribers
  • You can save your time which you otherwise have to spend to merge all your selected posts for creating an ebook to offer free to your visitors
  • You can give a professional look to your blog by showing that you do have a unique product to offer to your visitors
  • People don’t like ebooks because of their availability in abundance. So a linkotorial gives an impression of a unique product and not a simply ebook. It can attract more people to become your blog subscribers.

Other benefits of linkotorial

  • Once your visitors get it they will come back to your blog by clicking the links mentioned in it
  • Coming back of your visitors to your blog means increase in page views of your blog
  • It will also help reduce bounce rate of your blog
  • People will stay more at your blog to read the posts pointed in it which ensures their longer stay at your blog
  • As a result analytics of your blog will improve and you can get higher page rank

Ebook versus LinkoTorial

Features Ebook Linkotorial
Update Once downloaded you can’t update it and have to issue its second edition You can update any post of its links because of its being in your blog and only its link is in Linkotorial
New text links You can’t add new links of your latest posts in ebook already downloaded by your visitors You can keep linking all the posts already mentioned in it with your latest blog posts to increase page views per visitor
New affiliate links It is not possible to put affiliate links of newly introduced products of your niche in ebook because its several copies have already been download You have the benefit of putting new affiliate links in all posts linked in it
Nature of product Ebook has no big impression because of being an ebook and not taken as a complete product It is a tutorial that is based on links of your blog posts of a topic so it can be called a unique product.

If you have huge number of blog posts at your blog you can create several linkotorials to solve multiple problems of your blog visitors.

The main task in doing all this task is to pick the best posts of your blog related to a topic and put them in proper sequencing to avoid any randomness.

unique productThe success of this unique product mostly depends upon the quality of your selected posts you have mentioned in it. If they are of higher quality and focused at one topic then your product can be a big boost to increase the conversion rate of your blog.

It is your money making product.

Yes you heard me right linkotorial is one of the best money making products.

It is free but you will build a list with its help. So ultimately you can sell as many products as you can by selling them to your email subscribers. We all know that money is in the list so how can we avoid calling a list making product as money making product.

That is why I did not mention anywhere in the post or in its heading that it is a free product. In the long run it is a money making product I repeat.

Call to action 1: Share your views?

So how did you find the idea of creating a linkotorial. Am I right to declare that you can create this unique product exactly in 30 minutes. Just you need to copy paste titles and URLs of your selected blog posts to convert the word file into PDF and it is done.

Call to action 2: Create your linkotorial now

So don’t waste time to let this idea become stale and publish your linkotorial in 30 minutes soon after reading this post and let me know in comments if it is done.

I am sure you will reshare this post with your friends at social media to let them avail its benefits.

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