How to do on-page SEO of your blog in 2014?

how to do on-page SEOIn our previous post we have already discussed what SEO is and how it works. So we need not to repeat it. Just go to the back post, read it and get back here.

Now after you got the answer of what is SEO lets move to know how to do on-page SEO of your blog in 2014.

Here emphasis on 2014 is because of lot of changes in SEO requirements. Now numbers don’t have much importance. In future quality will count a lot. Blog ranking system of Google has matured and still mature further. So from now over-smart tricks will not work to lift the page rank of your blog.

Now let’s discuss how to do on-page SEO of your blog. You will learn this, keeping in view of all the changes by Google in its method.

What is on-page SEO?

It is direct SEO of your each post and page. It makes your each post and page easier for Google spies. We call them bots. They come on your each post and page. They understand it if it has well-done SEO. They add the post in their data bank. Whenever someone asks Google bots for info of your post they refer it.

But from now they place it at the position according to the quality of your post. If its contents are of high quality, it will get higher place or rank on Google page. High quality means fresh info, new ideas, lot of comments and maximum likes, +1 and reshare on social media. This is the new criteria of on-page SEO in 2014, right?

How to do on-page SEO

Keyword research: Pick your topic. But don’t give a headline to your post before keyword research. First search the highly searched keyword related to your topic with the help of Google Keyword Planner or free WordTracker. If a highly searched keyword is directly related to your niche just pick it. If it is partially related then search more exact keyword to put into your post.

Headline: After you get the perfect keyword for your topic develop headline of your post with it. Try to put the keyword at the beginning of the headline. But it’s not a rule. Put it wherever it makes sense more.

Alt-image: Select the image or images for your post. Always follow copyright rules and don’t pirate an image. Either pick from free resources or give credit to its source. If you use an image without the permission of its owner you may be penalized. So always take care in selection of an image. Uploading an image in your post put the keyword in alt-text option in Control Panel of image up-loader. It tells Google bots that the image also relates to same post under its search.

Keyword density: Never thrust keywords in your post. Yes try to put one in first paragraph in its very beginning. Try to put one keyword for each 125 to 150 words. Minimum ratio should be one keyword per 100 words.

Meta description: Meta description is the text that appears just below the title of the post on Google search page. It serves two purposes. It works as a window to motivate readers visit a given post. It also informs Google bots about the post.

Its length must be 156 characters. If it is less, there will be blank space on Google page that is not a good impression on searchers. If it is more, there will be dots after it as if it’s an incomplete paragraph. So write a description of accurately 156 words and must put a keyword in it at least once.

On-page SEO plug-ins for WordPress blog

For WordPress blog there are two free on-page SEO plug-ins. Newbies should go for any of them and after a little understanding on this topic then go for the premium ones.

1)    All in One SEO Pack

2)    WordPress SEO Plug-in by Yaost

On-page SEO plug-ins for Blogger

There is not separate plug-in for Blogger. A built-in option for on-page SEO offers to put meta description separately in a window for each post.

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