How to do SEO for your blog like an expert?

How to do SEO of your blog; is the second main question once you get the answer of how to start a blog on strong foundation.

In every business you first produce or buy products and then sell it. In a same way first you start a blog without any confusion by building it on a high quality hosting with any blogging software like Blogger or WordPress.

After building your blog you make efforts to create blog posts that go viral. But just creating awesome contents is not sufficient because you have to let the people know what you just have shared on your blog.

For example you must have arrived on this post through social media, Google or Bing search or with a back link of this post at any other blog which you were reading before coming here.

So this is actually optimization of this post with various sources. The most important is optimization through search engines.

how to do seoWhat is search engine optimization?

Once you start an offline business what you do to bring buyers. Usually you publicize it on media. It may be an advertisement in newspaper, TV, Radio or even simply a signboard on a busy road.

In a same way if you start a business online and also build a blog to promote your business you need to bring customers online on your blog. For that purpose you do two kind of publicity.

First is called inorganic or paid publicity that may be with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, direct ads on popular websites etc

The second one is called free or organic publicity that means you create your blog or online business of much high quality that search engines themselves tell searchers about it.

I think you are a little confused with the term SEO or search engine optimization. So first let’s be clear on it and then move ahead.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you take a few important steps to make your blog quite easy for search engines to fully know it and remember it you actually do its SEO.

I think before learning how to do SEO, first you need to understand:

What are search engines?

Just imagine if people are searching their required info on the web and no one is there to tell them about it what would happen. They have to visit thousands of sites by writing the name of each site or blog on guesstimates or on the basis of their previous knowledge.

But thanks to search engines they have made the job quite easy and already know which information is available on which sites and blogs. When a person searches something they very quickly tell the searcher about his required info. How easy it is and you may be thinking you know how to do SEO of your blog.

Still I want to clarify further how it all happens. But first understand what search engine is.

Search engine is an online system. You need information from internet. Search engine provides you your required info.

They gather the information from all the contents available on worldwide web. The gather it by following a procedure that makes quite easy to first collect the info, then categorize it and then store it to give it to searchers as and when they require.

In simple words it seems quite easy but it all works under a technical system. People write a query and search engines offer them their required query on search page.

Search engines actually do two jobs first to crawl all the contents on internet and then rank them on the basis of their relevance and popularity to provide the searchers best contents first.

Did you get my point that why everyone tries to be on the top of the first page of Google’s search results pages? Obviously he wants to get more clicks on his contents and receive huge traffic on his blog.

how to do seoMain search engines

There are many big and small search engines. But big ones are five. They almost do 92% searching job on internet. Google is the biggest one with almost 70% searching role.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Ask
  • AOL

What a search engine does?

So a search engine reads the available contents on internet and shows you your required information.

But the question is there are millions and millions of information of same type on internet. Why a search engine ranks it as 1, 2, 3 …… up to last one. This is its actual job. It read the information. It assesses the information. Then it ranks entire information to give the searchers more relevant and of high quality on top of its search page.

Again the following two questions arise after reading this much efficiency of search engines.

Is search engine a human being?

Can it read like humans?

Absolutely not! It is a robot. It reads the signs. It actually smells the quality with its censors. So you need to make your contents able to pass the each test of search engine to rank on top or to highest possible rank in search window.

Learn how to do SEO of your blog

So to make search engines easily rank your content you must know how to do SEO of your blog. You need to put certain signs and marks in your content. This is called SEO.

If you don’t do SEO, search engines will not assess your contents. If your contents are of high quality but without these signs, no one will read them.

If search engines don’t know your content, how can they show your high quality contents to searchers? That is why SEO is second most important blogging job after content creation.

The signs and marks for search engines are not scientific or very technical in nature. They are the words or phrases that tell the search engines what your blog is about. So your blog must have a name, URL and description or tagline that tells them what your blog is about.

If your blog is about fitness your blog’s name, its domain and description must reflect the niche of fitness.

So you must know:

The description or tagline of your blog means that fully narrates what your blog is about, for whom it is and how you will give your best to solve a specific problem of your readers by offering different mini solutions.

So whenever a searcher writes in search window “top blogs on your niche” your blog must come on first page at least if it is not possible to bring it on top of the page.

how to do seoOnce you fully do SEO of your blog after that you need to do:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

After doing that search engines would be more familiar with your blog and would refer your contents to more and more people to provide their required info.

Is it enough to just please the search engines?

While reading this post maybe you are thinking that to get huge traffic on your blog it is must to do proper SEO of your blog and for that you must become so chummy or friendly with search engines.

This is absolutely wrong. It was a little right in the past when most of the things were in infancy in online world including blogging and search engines. At that time they were not smart enough and whatever you wrote for them they innocently believed in it and promoted your blog.

They followed simply the keywords mentioned in blog name, domain name and description or tagline of the blog.

how to do seoBut now search engines assess the quality by popularity and relevance of a blog. They judge if the blog is really popular in people. They judge it on the basis of previous clicks on a blog.

For relevance they check if the previous searchers stayed for a longer time on a given blog to get their required info. Obviously a person stays on a blog for a longer time where he gets his required info with high quality that satisfies his needs.

So a fully optimized blog is the one that is quite helpful for people and very easy to understand for search engines.

The best approach to fully optimize your blog is to please people by keeping in mind requirements of search engines.

Practical steps to do SEO of your blog

It is so easy to build your blog on a high quality hosting with any blogger software that is high in demand in public and create the layout with a very SEO friendly blogging theme to make it equally good for both search engines and people.

1. High quality hosting

Buy a hosting without any compromise of just for the sake of saving a few bucks. Extensively research the hosting reviews and pick the best one. Also read my post how to select the best hosting for your blog for detailed information on this topic.

2. Keyword-rich domain name

Keyword is the word or phrase about a topic which people write in search engine window to get their required info.

For example people mostly search “how to make money easily” so this is a keyword but it is a long-tail keyword that exactly tells what people want to know. Its main keyword is money and the word “make” further clarifies the objective of people as obviously it is to “make money”.

So this is the highly searched or rich keyword that most of the people write in search window. It may be how to make money fast/easily/from home/online or extra.

Also read my post: How to do keyword research?

3. Keyword-rich blog name

The blog name should also directly or indirectly reflect the keyword that is highly searched by people.

For example “Smart Passive Income” is the name of one of the famous money blogs of the world. Everyone wants income without doing much. So “passive income” is the rich keyword that perfectly fits in an income blog’s name here.

4. Keyword rich description/tagline of your blog

A description or tagline is written to tell search engines about the blog. It is wise to put the rich keyword in blog description to again tell the search engines about the niche of your blog.

5. SEO friendly format of your blog URL

A permalink means the detailed structure of a blog’s URL. Its main URL is usually If someone clicks on it he arrives on the home page of a blog.

To bring on a specific page of the blog it is necessary to create a specific format of the blog’s URL by adding an extension to represent a given post.

For example for a post “how to increase search engine traffic of your blog” the main keyword “increase search engine traffic” should come after main URL as

Don’t worry you need not to make post extension after creating each post. Simply go to Dashboard of your WordPress blog and then click on Permalink under Setting Option and click on Custom and then put /%postname%/ in blank.

6. Submit a sitemap

Sitemap tells the search engines about all you have shared on your blog. It is not shown to people and just for search engines to let them refer the relevant post to its searchers.

how to do seoThere are several plugins to install on your WordPress site for creating sitemap and simply link it with your Google Webmaster Account. I would recommend Google XML Sitemaps as one of the best options.

how to do seoAfter creating your sitemap submit it into Google. For this purpose go to and click the option of Crawl in Dashboard and then click Sitemaps and then click Add/Test Sitemap to put your sitemap in the blank and click the Submit button.

To register your blog in Bing search engine go to and submit the URL of your blog.

For rest of the three search engines as mentioned above it is not essential to register your blog as they pick it from web even if you don’t resister there.

7. SEO-rich blog theme

It is not necessary that all themes are SEO-rich especially those not updated and have their old versions.

So before buying a premium theme or picking a free one, must check if it is cleanly coded, fast loading and original without being copied from any famous theme.

8. Easy navigation

People want convenience while searching any kind of online stuff. After reading your one post they don’t explore further if many valuable things are not in front of them.

So provide ease to get them further browse your blog by showing popular posts, recent posts on sidebars.

Show categories behind the header and also show next and previous post options after each post apart from showing all your posts on pages and show the page numbers list at the bottom of the home page.

how to do seo9. Do on-page and off-page SEO of all contents

Read my following posts to do both these tasks.

How to do on-page SEO of your blog

How to do off-page SEO of your blog

After reading this post I am sure you have a clear understanding of SEO and why you need to do it for your blog.

If you don’t do SEO of your blog, no one can find your blog and its contents. Your blog will be like a person talking in an empty hall.

Remember SEO is not a rocket science. You simply need to ascertain which words people are writing on search engines to search the info you want to provide them.

Now you have to skillfully use those words into your contents to make them readable to search engines. They will eventually recommend your contents to those who want to read them. Right?

So what do you say about how to do SEO of your blog. Share your views in comments section.

I am sure you will also reshare this post on social media with your friends.

In next post we will discuss: How to get back links for your blog?

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