How to get backlinks to your blog like a virgin?

You must have heard this famous and evergreen classic song “Like A Virgin” sung by American singer Madonna in eighties.

I am referring this song at the very beginning of this post on how to get backlinks to your blog because of its direct link with the message which I want to share with you through this post.

The song means to say that if a girl finds true love she feels like a virgin even if she had lost her virginity quite earlier. This is actually power of true love that makes a person so happy, confident and be her own.

Same rule applies to getting backlinks to your blog. If you find a true backlink you would feel awesome as if a girl feels like a virgin after having true love.

It was the old goody days when every backlink used to count a lot regardless of its quality.

But now Google is wiser and is still getting wiser after passing of each day.

Now one can’t get higher rank by submitting the URL of his blog into thousands of true and fake directories.

how to get back linksNow one has to get true love or true backlink to be noticed by the Google. Apart from submitting in a few organic and genuine directories and most important social media and forums’ sites one needs to make his blog worthy of getting backlinks.

How to make your blog worthy of backlinks?

Did you ever observe someone standing on roadside and begging for love?

If a girl does this we all know what she is called in our society.

In short this is an era of earning a back link and not begging for it. You can request to others by justifying your request but you can’t simply beg for a backlink without any reason.

So this is the awesomeness of your blog contents that makes you get huge number of backlinks.

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How to get backlinks to your blog like a winner?

Think like a winner and act like winner. Make people notice you. But you can’t make thousands of people notice you by just sharing a post on social media.

The proper way for this purpose is to do influencer marketing and instead of aiming to make thousands of friends initially, make a few friends who have thousands and thousands of friends and followers. They are the top people of their fields and have a huge number of followers.

I can say without a pause that one of the authorities in influencer marketing is Adrienne Smith and she shared a very effective and result-oriented post on this topic.

The right and wrong ways to do influencer marketing by Adrienne Smith

So the best way is to create quality contents and share them directly with your social media and forum accounts and also share with influencers with whom you already have built relations earlier.

If you don’t follow proper methods your blog will remain unread. No influencer will notice it.

If no one will notice it obviously no one will reshare your posts and you will not get high quality backlinks.

So create high quality contents with extensive research by fully applying your creativity and share them to maximum social media and forums in addition to sharing them with influencers.

By following this method your contents will become talk of the town. People would love to mention your contents in their blog posts. So ultimately you would have several high quality backlinks.

Otherwise your blog will become a ghost town. So you must bring people on it. You may call them visitors or readers but must bring them.

There are two basic methods to bring visitors on your blog.

  • With organic search
  • With referrals

Organic search means the visitors sent by search engines to you. In our previous post we have discussed how search engines send traffic to your blog.

With referrals

If you go to an expert for some help, what he does. Either he helps you or he refers you to another expert who can better help you. He actually refers you to an appropriate expert.

Similarly if you visit a blog and read its post what you get. You get information and some other links for more information. This is backlink.

Higher the links to your page, higher would be your page rank. It means whenever someone searches a given keyword that was used in your hugely back-linked article Google will show your post on its top pages.

How to get backlinks as a true marketer?

To get high quality backlinks follow these two famous methods of marketing.

  • Outbound way of marketing
  • Inbound way of marketing

How to get backlinks with outbound way of marketing?

This is called outbound marketing or outdoor marketing. Here you have to visit other blogs. You need to put quality there along with a link to your blog. You may put quality with the help of:

Sharing articles as a guest writer

In the beginning it is fine to write quality contents on your own blog to impress others give you a link back to your blog.

After that you should write post on other blogs with more or less similar topics of your blog.

how to get back linksIn your guest post you can refer back your selected blog posts to bring traffic over there. This you can do once the owner of other blog agrees to publish your post.

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Article submission in organic directories

Another way of getting a backlink to your blog post is by sharing a related article in article submission directories.

These must be high quality and genuine directories and not made just to offer a back link. If it is so your backlink will never be of high quality and it is almost impossible to get higher rank with it.

There are several article submissions directories where you can submit your fresh article with a backlink to your given blog post. Here are top article submission directories.

Google recently announced that links from article submission directories are no more useful for the SEO of your blog.

So you need to be extra careful for this step and should focus on quality not quantity.

In new SEO scenario, submit limited number of articles but of higher quality. At least you will influence people to visit your blog if Google doesn’t consider your backlink for SEO.

Commenting on other blogs

Your comments on other blogs also give you links back to your blog. Put your name, email and URL of your targeted blog post there before writing your comments. Select those blogs that offer do-follow comment links. Google traces only do-follow links to rank your blog pages.

To find such blogs just write in search window do-follow blog comments you will get a huge list of such blogs.

Here you can find which blogs offer this facility.

Blog commenting does not mean just to put a few words for the sake of getting a backlink. If you don’t give quality comments blog admin will not accept it and Google will also not consider it to up your blog rank.

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Press release

Press release submission is another awesome source to get links to your blog. Write a press release on the topic of your blog post and submit it to various press release submission sites that are free.

To publish your press release put value in it. Otherwise it will not get space on high page-rank (PR) sites.

After a lot of changes in SEO rules, now it is not clear either your press release link will get you a backlink acceptable to Google or not.

But still you have a win-win situation for availing this method. In case Google does not consider backlink of a press release publishing site, still you can attract a huge number of visitors from there to your blog.

Social interaction

Social interaction means submission of a link of your post on social media and social bookmarking sites.

Being on various social media does not mean to simply share your posts over there. You need to follow all the ethics and rules to be there as popular member.

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First create your account at popular social media and then share your each post with a backlink to your site. To get clicks on it put a good introduction of your post to convince people visit it on your blog. Main social media and social bookmarking sites are below:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Stumble Upon
  • Delicious
  • Reditt
  • Digg

How to get backlinks with inbound marketing?

Inbound way marketing of getting backlinks is the result of your outbound drive. You get several links with outbound campaign and Google ranks your post higher.

So whenever a newbie blogger searches top quality posts of a given topic he finds your post on top positions on first page of Google. He confidently refers this post on his blog for further or detailed info. So the rank of your post is the most effective way to get a backlink by doing nothing.

In our next post we will discuss: How to do keyword research for writing contents on your blog?

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