How to make infographics of these 10 unique types?

How to make infographics is a topic that has already been covered by many.

But now this topic has acquired a lot of competition and people are damn busy to put more diversity into it.

So it is better to tell you different types of infographics to make you focused while creating the one with a given type and stand out from the crowd.

In this post I will tell you in detail ten different types of infographics which you can try according to the topic of your post.

Earlier I have already discussed with you in my previous posts:

How to make infographics of 10 types?

And now in this post I will explain how subject-wise each infographics would be quite different from the others.

You would agree with me that this is an era of specialization so one needs to be specific while creating any type of content.

how to make infographicsIn content-based posts we have different forms like how-to, top-10 and epic posts. In the same way graphical contents do have diversity which I will explain below.

Before going ahead please do remember graphic-designing-wise there are eight types of infographics that are explained in this post here.

1. Ebook infographics

This is about your ebook. It is so easy to create with any graphic designing software and you simply have to display each chapter of your ebook or paper book in a box or circle and then write one or two lines in small fonts to explain what about that chapter is.

In addition to giving introduction of each chapter you can also include comments of a few experts in second part to tell the readers what is the opinion of experts about your ebook.

This is also called bookographics. Here is an example for your ready reference.

2. Tutorial infographics

People are already fed up of reading detailed text-based contents to learn something. They want to-the-point info and that is not possible with text because some important info may be missed while following this style. So the best option is to create an infographics of a tutorial.

First of all create the first part to simply tell the readers about the issue. For example, if you want to create an infographics on how to create and manage a blog so first describe with graphics what is a blog, why one should start a blog and what are key benefits to start it?

With three images in any shape (square, circle, rectangle etc) or real pictures you can convey with small text-based bullet points about basics of blogging.

Then for describing the steps of picking a niche, buying hosting & domain and publishing contents you can create with different images reflecting these concepts.

Finally cover the SEO, social media promotion and monetization methods with three more images and a little detail in bullet points to explain how to do these three steps.

This is also called tutorialographics. Here is an example for your ready reference.

3. Blog infographics

In this age of stiff competition simply your blog’s URL and description is not sufficient to share it on social media. This type of infographics tells in detail what your blog is about, what are its main features, what type of contents you have shared on it etc.

Also it can be created about overall blogging or any specific blogging chore like SEO or web hosting.

For multi-niche blogs this type of infographics is awesome as it can describe all its sub-niche with graphics and can put great impression on blog readers.

We can also call it blogographics. Here is an example for your ready reference.

how to make infographics4. About/Contact infographics

People know what they usually find at an About page. It is usually full of your achievements, struggle, success story and future plans.

So an infographics on About page can enhance the interest level of your readers and they will just by casting a look get to know all about you with the help of an image.

Also on your Contact page all your regular activities can best be displayed graphically as done in this awesome example here.

In About page infographics three sections are sufficient to tell maximum about you. First one is about your personals including your name, the place where from you are, your family, your past experience and education etc.

In next section include how you started blogging, how were your initial experiences and how you finally started the blog where you are sharing About you.

In the last section share your objectives, your offers, others acknowledgement to you and your future plans. All can be covered with nice images, boxes, circles and a little text in bullet forms below them.

This can also be called aboutographics. Here is an example for your ready reference.

5. Guest post infographics

This is also called guestographics. The biggest advantage of this type of infographics is your liberty to get it published at more than one blog.

Just in return of a back link you can offer its link to all who want to put it in their posts on a related topic.  There will not be any issue of duplicate content because of its nature of being an image-based post.

Guestographics is simply an infographics with more value to convince other bloggers to embed it in their relevant post. You can get high quality back links from other blogs if it is nicely created.

To publish the guestographics even one has not to send pitch to any blog and simply needs to write a post at his own blog with the guestographics offering all the readers to get it embed in their blogs as well. It all depends upon its quality how massively other bloggers pick it to embed at their blogs.

Here is an example for your quick reference.

6. Ecourse infographics

This takes time but once you create an infographics on an ecourse it will serve the two purposes. First it may work as sales promotion tool of your main ecourse and secondly it may sell itself at a lower price for those who can’t buy your high-priced ecourse.

You simply have to divide your ecourse into small chapters and create infographics of each chapter as if you are creating the one for a blog post.

This can also be called ecoursographics. Here is an example for your reference.

7. Review infographics

For paid reviews product makers mostly don’t accept review based infographics. But for affiliate sale you can create the one by displaying the different features of a product graphically to help the readers understand them with more ease.

It can put direct big impact on volume of your sales if you create the one with a little care.

This may also be termed as reviewographics. Here is an example for your reference.

8. Interview infographics

This type of infographics is not much popular and you rarely have seen the one. But it is a fact that now at every blog we can find the interview of great bloggers; but most of the questions you would find there, are of almost same type.

I have shared with you 110 interview questions to put variety in your each interview post. So just pick a few from these 110 questions and create a graphics based interview.

Simply put each question one by one and mention the precise answer against each question with graphical display to let readers go through the interview in short time.

Should we call it interviewographics? Do let me know your opinion while sharing your views on this post below.

how to make infographics9. Roundup infographics

Expert roundup posts are also damn popular nowadays. Many bloggers have tried such posts with infographics and have done very well. So try your next roundup post with an infographics and see the results.

This may also called roundupographics. Here is an example for your reference.

10. Emag infographics

A weekly magazine can easily be converted into graphics if its contents are not huge. Conciseness is the main requirement to create this type of information-based graphics. If you can concise the lengthy contents easily without removing the key info you must try this one as well.

This can also be called emagographics. Here is an example for your reference.

So these are the ten unique types of infographics to put diversity in this form of contents as well. Do you think they are fine or you feel it is not possible to create them easily? I would love to hear your opinion below.

I am sure you will also share this post with your friends as well on social media.

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