How to make money blogging with these 10 business tips?

Money blogger means a person who fully knows how to make money blogging. He applies his skills and earns money with his blog.

For me he is the most mature blogger because he accepts the reality from the day one.

Instead of earning no money or a little money and then monetizing quite lately it is better to plan for money from the very beginning.

For this purpose you need to be business minded.

Mind it please; business is not a bad thing.

Doing business is a great service to people.

So proud to be a businessperson while blogging.

It does not mean you become selfish or be unfair to people if you try to earn money with your blog.

What businesses do?

They buy several products from different suppliers and put them at one spot to sell all who need these products individually.

What if we have to buy each product separately directly from its manufacturer?

So always remember the ultimate objective of “almost” all the bloggers is earning money and we should be brave enough to accept it from the very beginning.

how to make money bloggingI used the word almost because a small quantity of bloggers blog to support their already established business or any offline product.

Here are 10 reasons why bloggers must aim to make big money online

So doing business is a great service to humanity. You do aim to earn money with our blog but another important aim is to serve the people by providing them best products and services to buy with one click.

How to make money blogging with these 10 business tips?

I have a long-term association with a few money bloggers. They are not very famous but are quite well established money bloggers. They do know these 10 ways to make money blogging by selling benefits.

Many of them are from mainstream niche like health, education, fitness, politics, go green because I have also more experience in mainstream niche.

While interacting with them they off and on reveal a few of their 10 business secrets to earn money.

So I have compiled them to make you get more understanding on how to make money blogging.

1. Don’t buy all products for testing them first

You may get this advice more than several times to buy a product and test it before selling at your blog.

But how come one buys each product of quite a higher price if his main source of earning is selling affiliate products.

New products are being introduced quite frequently in the online market of each niche. If someone buys all the products to test them before selling he might have to buy several dozen products in a year to follow this rule.

Business tip # 1

I am not saying you should give an impression as if you have already tested it though you have not tested it.

For this purpose use your contacts. Someone must have tested a given product in your friends circle. So just talk to him in detail and get every detail of it from his practical experience.

Second option is to read all the reviews so far written on a given product. If the product is of a small affiliate you can ask several extra questions to him before selling it at your blog.

2. Don’t show all income sources

Why do you show your earning statement to your readers? You do not mean to teach them how to make money blogging with it.

Actually you publish your earning statement at your blog:

  • To impress your target audience that much huge money you are earning.
  • To motivate them to follow you and buy all products and services from you to earn big as you already are doing.
  • To promote your authority as a successful money blogger

While showing your all sources of earning at your blog you actually forget the fact that simply your readers are not noticing them. Your competitors are equally and very deeply observing your each income report.

So if you have any lucrative source of earning like sales contract of a product of an individual blogger you need to hide it. If that individual blogger is not promoting his offer anywhere in that case you must hide it.

Business tip # 2

Yes it is wrong to tell half truth. But you need not to fully hide that source. You should simply change the name of that source.

For example if you are selling a product of X company so just change the name as Y and don’t mention the brand name of the product. This is called maintaining secrecy and fully allowed in every business.

It is the professional right of a businessperson to hide the legal income source by simply showing the amount of earning. Yes you can show it to any regulatory authority confidentially for audit or tax purpose but not publicize at your blog.

3. Hold a few more lucrative deals

If you get a very lucrative deal to sell affiliate products you must grab it.

If you are already running a massive campaign at your blog to sell another lucrative deal you can hold the latest one.

This is your right to grab as much profitable deals as you can to sell at your blog and hold a few to sell them later.

Business tip # 3

You can ask me if you hold on a very lucrative deal your readers will buy it from somewhere else.

Here you need to be a smart money blogger. Make an announcement about the deal with a little more discount than the one offered by your competitors. In this case you just have to forego your chunk of commission a little.

So your readers will not buy the same from other blogs because they know if they wait for a while they will get more discount on it at your blog. Such announcements you can put at the sidebar of your blog or any other place you consider fit.

how to make money blogging4. Presell or create a need well before selling a product

This is called long-term monetizing strategy. If you are struggling to achieve a minimum traffic level at your blog, don’t engross in it only.

Meanwhile also develop a monetization plan of your blog. If you plan to sell a few affiliate products after sometime, do start creating their need in your contents. Did you get my point? Let’s explain it further.

You initially publish fully optimized contents which bring huge traffic from search engines. Right? If you presell or put demand-creating paragraph for you planned products in your contents, your readers will buy your pre-sold products once you put their ads at your sidebar or write reviews on them subsequently.

Business tip # 4

Here also you may ask me why to create a future-demand of a product that is hot in demand today. It may be replaced by another product tomorrow.

So its solution is you need not to create demand of the brand of a product but simply the benefits of the product. For example don’t promote Hostgator in your initial contents but advise your readers to buy a hosting of features which Hostgator offers. Right?

5. In your interviews skillfully refer your products

If you do blogging seriously and stay in this field your juniors note your presence. After sometime they will try to introduce you at their blogs to benefit their readers from your experiences. Whenever you get an offer for interview from a blogger just check his audience. If more than half of it, is potential audience of your products then accept his offer of interview.

Business tip # 5

Now it ups to you how you sell your products in your replies of interview questions on how to make money blogging.

For this also help your interviewer to develop interview questions with highly searched keywords. Do put the same keywords in your replies also. So eventually once his blog gets huge traffic more people will read your interview and they may also buy your promoted products if you smartly promote them in it.

6. You can almost copy an available product

Blogging is not much vast field. Nor any of the top niche of blogging. People want prompt solutions of their problems. For example in blogging niche what solutions new bloggers want:

So these are four main challenges every blogger with blogging niche faces and wants it solution. So don’t be so philosophical for developing your own product. Stay around these four problems to create a product.

Business tip # 6

You may say that solutions of all of these problems are already available online. I mean there are several products in the market which offers their solutions.

You need to apply your creativity and reshuffle the contents of a given solution and produce them exactly fulfilling the requirements of your readers.

Already available solutions are not developed for your audience specifically. So just alter them to make them best for your readers and sell them with a very impressive name with a lot of fresh thoughts in it.

7. Guide juniors but with a purpose

You are a money blogger not a reformer. You are not in this field to bring a big change in your society. You are in this field to serve the people by teaching them how to make money blogging.

So you can’t solve their problems with simply tips and tricks. Whole life can’t be spent with tricks and tips only. Almost 90 per cent solutions of the problems in life lie in products and services available at a price. So keep this reality in mind while dealing with your target audience.

Business tip # 7

Your junior bloggers of the same niche are also part of your target audience. So do guide them free as much as you can but don’t be ashamed to refer a product to them for solution of their given problem.

Do refer it with your affiliate link and it ups to you either you declare it or not. If it is likely that they may be confused if you mention a link as affiliate you may hide that link. Your purpose is to help them solve their problems. Right.

Think positively if you want to be a money blogger. Never become a philosopher to always be wondering how to make money blogging.

how to make money blogging8. Stay loyal to well-established brands for your needs

If you want to sell a new brand of email marketing service you should not first adopt it before selling it at your blog. Such products keep coming off and on.

Will you also keep changing them for your own use? You must use the most authenticated and well established brands which you are already using.

Business tip # 8

Your readers may ask why you are not using a product which you are selling to them.

Here you should exploit the unique selling point (USP) of the product. What is the USP of many products? Their competitive price or their higher quality obviously with higher price.

In both the cases you can defend by saying that you can’t afford the higher price but want to sell your readers because of its higher number of benefits. If the price is low you can say you can afford a product of higher price that is why you are not using it.

9. Try to strike a deal directly with supplier

Many online middlemen of various suppliers offer you to sell the products of their client.

If they offer less commission even then try to grab such offer. If you become their marketer on long-term basis you can be quite familiar with the supplier directly if your performance is good.

After that if you succeed to impress the supplier he may offer you the deal directly without involving the middlemen. You can get higher commission if you get a direct offer from the supplier.

Business tip # 9

You may ask me if it is fair to kick out the middleman after performing well in a deal. You should not kick him out. If you work smart your supplier will himself do that because a part of the middleman commission will also go into his pocket.

This does not happen if the supplier is a big company but small companies mostly do that as they can easily deal directly with online marketers.

10. Willingly or unwillingly be fair to readers

This is called your USP and the biggest secret of money making.

You can play tricks with suppliers to get maximum commission or other benefits. But you never ever imagine to be unfair to your buyers.

Even you want or don’t want but the only secret of success to become a successful blogger is to be very very fair to your target audience.

Business tip # 10

Your target audience has an ample choice to switch and will not take a minute to buy from someone else because changing an online seller just needs opening of another window to open the blog of your competitor.

This tip is actually the conclusion of this post on how to make money blogging with above business tips. So I need not to write another paragraph to conclude this post.

Now Your Turn

First of I am sure you will reshare this post with your friends networks at the maximum number of social media.

Also do tell me how did you find these business tips? Do you think one or a few of them are not very important? Are you following any of these tips already while earning money with your blog?

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