How to make podcast for your blog?

Many people wonder how to make podcast. If you too, then you landed at a right place.

Podcast is information in audio on internet. It is made of two words iPod and broadcast. First a speech, lecture or interview is recorded with audio recording software. Then it is converted into MP3 file.

Finally it is uploaded on your blog or social media. It can be placed for listening for free or on payment of fee. But premium podcast must have value that convinces customers to pay for it.

how to make podcastWhat is the significance of podcast in blogging?

In blogging podcast is an important form of content. Blog readers feel bored by reading textual contents. After reading a lot of text, people want change without any break in learning.

So it fulfills their need of learning without making them read words and sentences. So being a blogger it is good for you to learn how to make podcast.

A listener can get his required information while doing another physical work. That is why it attracts more visitors to your blog.

The blogs that offer this service experienced huge rise in their traffic after its inclusion in their contents. Smart Passive Income is the glaring example of this case study.

How to make podcast?

It is made just like a text base article. Here you need not to write. You need to speak and record it. If it is a conversation between two or more persons you need to record speech of each one and then upload it on your blog.

In text contents images are inserted to add value in them. In podcast background music and sound effects can be inserted to enhance its value.

Many bloggers use it for interview more particularly. You might have observed it is so difficult to convert interview in textual contents. You can’t retain the emotions in the voice of an interviewee while writing it. For this podcast is the best option.

Simple lecture-based podcast can also bring desired results. But it should be made with the support of sound effects and background music. Such support features can easily be downloaded free from various websites. Many music websites offer free download option for your favorite music.

How to record a podcast?

There are several software to record a podcast. Audacity is the most popular one. As a beginner you need to work on sound recorder of Window 8.

You should get an external condenser mic to avoid noise while recording. Go online and select the best from various USB headset/microphone pairings for an all-in-one solution. You can buy it locally or online.

Window sound recorder is a do-it-yourself type of software and you can record your lecture or interview easily. Save it on hard drive of your computer. Then convert it into MP3 to upload it on your blog.

How to upload podcast on your WordPress blog?

Upload MP3 file into the media section of your WordPress control panel and insert its link into your post. WordPress has a setup to run it on one click. It is also good to put an image link showing its main features with an image and text.

So this is all about how to make podcast for your blog. It is so easy and you can diversify your contents with it.

Have you tried this type of blog post on your blog. Or you are planning to create the one to attract more visitors to your blog. Share your views in comments section below.

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Pro Bloggers Secret Formula To
Earn Money With Your Blog

I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.