How to make videos for your blog?

Video blogging is becoming popular rapidly. Visitors stay more on a blog if it offers videos. A video in your blog post also reduces the bounce rate.

It means once a visitor arrives on a blog with videos he stays for more time. Many blogs publish video along with text contents to increase value.

Owing to rising popularity of this form of content marketing just one question comes into mind. How to make videos to bring more visitors with their longer stay on your blog? Right.

It is equally important that should you directly upload a video on your blog or first upload it on a place that is specially built for videos.

A directly uploaded video on your blog may slow its speed. As you know video file is quite heavy file even in whatever format it is.

The best use of videos is making a YouTube Channel. Then embed your each video at your blog. Embed is a coding that brings any type of content by moving it from its base.

how to make videosVideos on YouTube also boost traffic on your blog. Visitors on your YouTube channel comes to your blog with the link you drop with each video.

How to make videos?

Subject of the video may be a subject of your blog post or entirely different from it. It is good to make a few videos related to your blog posts to embed them. It is also a good move to make some videos on exclusive topics and attract readers on your blog.

Videos for blogging are mostly made extempore. It means without any script. But it is good to write talking points before making a video. Apart from simple narration outdoor shots related to your topic should also be put into it. Visuals, graphics and tabulated information are also effective add-ons to increase the value of a video. There are three types of videos for a blog according to format.

Solo video: Where one person gives lecture or presentation with the help of white board or multimedia.

Talk show video: Two or more than two people do one-on-one communication directly or through Skype by showing all in separate windows on main screen.

Documentary or presentation video: It does not focus person or persons and base on shots, slides and images. It is the most interesting type of video and mostly used by pro bloggers.

How to recorder a video?

Technically a video is recorded with:

Smartphone: Most of the types of Smartphone offer video recording option. But most of them don’t have of high quality. So must check its quality should be standard.

Webcam: It works with your PC or laptop. Its price is cheap. It also does not have high quality. So you need to check its resolution before buying it.

Camcorder: This is best one for making a video for YouTube and has a quite good resolution. Its prices are little higher but serves the video needs of a blogger smartly.

How to shoot a video?

Shoot a video in a:

  • Noise-free environment
  • In maximum light or preferably in day light
  • Change background scenes to avoid boredom
  • Display introductory slide at the start
  • Show a credit-slide at the end displaying who did what for making of the video.

How to edit a video?

It is so easy. Beginner bloggers should edit a video on Microsoft Movie Maker by free downloading it from Microsoft site. Mac compatible video editing software is iMovie.

Other free software are: Lightworks, Avidemux and MPEG Streamclip

How to upload a video?

Sign-up in YouTube, give title and description of your channel with a link to your blog. Now upload your video and promote it on social media.

So this is all about how to make videos for your blog.

In our next post we will discuss: What is an idea frequency of blog posting?

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Pro Bloggers Secret Formula To
Earn Money With Your Blog

I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.