How to never fail in blogging with these 11 tips for success?

Yes these are the easiest tips for success and never fail as I ever read so far.

Before telling these to you, first let me ask you two life-changing questions.

1) Are you trying hard day and night to become a successful blogger?

If you are doing so just to be a successful blogger you are not clear on your goals.

2) Are you following your strategy with regular monitoring of your performance?

Here again if you are doing so just to stick to your strategy only, you are at a wrong path.

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You are actually trying hard to achieve a mean that is no doubt must to get a higher end.

But you are focusing the first milestone as if it is the last and final.

In simpler terms you are targeting the joy or blessing or benefit which you will naturally get after reaching at your final destination.

In short you are in a mess instead of being focused and clear.

Don’t worry you are not alone.

Majority of people are doing this mistake.

That is why we see a lot of panic in life.

Everyone is moving fast as if he is the participant of 100 meters hurdles race.

Everyone is struggling hard to be successful. But did you observe one thing.

Everyone is lamenting on his not achieving what he wants.

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Most of the people are complaining of their failure to achieve success.

tips for successMany others are dissatisfied on what a little they have achieved so far.

It shows people want success in every field as you and I in the field of blogging.

But most of the people are not clear on what they should achieve and what they are actually trying hard to achieve.

Don’t worry after reading this post you will be fully clear how to achieve success.

And the good news is that you will know how to achieve success in whatever profession you are. So this post is particularly for struggling bloggers but all can equally take its benefits by reading it completely.

Just casting a look at this post will push you in more ambiguities and you will remain in mess instead of being at a path leading towards success.

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So just be with me while I discuss these steps and then I will tell you a perfect solution for your problem of not being clear on what to do and how to do for becoming a successful blogger.

If you directly jump at the perfect solution at the end of the post it will reflect your haste to become successful. So follow patience and first fully understand your problem then move to the solution. Right?

Once you fully learn what you are missing while struggling you will be fully able to blog like a super hero. Your every step will be leading to your ultimate destination. Your every step will become so easier and you will enjoy taking it.

tips for successHints for 11 tips for success

So first of all read these hints of 11 tips for success for you, me and all who are reading and will be reading this post. After reading it you will find the complete solution to never fail and become a successful blogger.

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Hint 1: No struggle for the sake of struggle

If you are working hard just because every successful person did, so please quit it right now. It is not the struggle that makes you achieve success. This is not your toiling day and night that leads to you to be another blogging super star.

If you are doing much hard work but still far away from your goal it means you are doing a big mistake. I would just tell you how to avoid this mistake at the end of this post.

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So first keep reading other steps and then get the final and easy solution to blog like a superstar. So get ready to be fully confident and poised to be a successful blogger.

Hint 2: Passion but with open eyes

There is a slight difference between passion and craze or fad or over-enthusiasm. You must be fully clear what passion actually is and where from the fad or craze begins. Else you will be just sharing posts over posts and promoting them everywhere either it relates to your niche or not.

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It is more likely many people un-friend you at social media or strictly forbid you to re-tag them next.

Before this stage comes, you must be clear on what your passion is and what you need to do for following it.

Hint 3: Know your limits

Many bloggers start several blogs and remain mediocre blogger. They earn a few bucks from each one and sometime are happy on total earning and sometime get so upset if it’s not a good earning month.

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They actually do more than they can otherwise properly do. So this is another problem they face and fail to come out of this problem.

Hint 4: Just knowing is not sufficient

A scholar of swimming can never be a great swimmer by default. For that he needs to learn swimming and for that he needs to dive into a swimming pool to learn it properly.

This is the main point many strugglers forget. They have lengthy formula of success but it remains in the hard drive of their laptop and they never bother to take it seriously.

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Again I advise you not to be impatient, if you skip rest of my points you won’t be able to fully understand the solution of your problem of being very unclear on what to do and how to do for becoming a successful blogger.

So stay with me till the end of the post and I will be giving you a very amazing solution of your problem. I first tested this solution myself and then telling you.

Don’t worry I am not telling you this solution as an affiliate product. So keep reading the next points till the end.

tips for successHint 5: No one comes from heaven for you

We live in this world and will be living in it. Whatever we do is all in this world. We live with other people in this world. We live in a society and only a hermit lives in a jungle or at a deserted place.

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So never feel lonely despite being in a crowd. In a poetic sense it is a great idea but practically it is a guarantee for your failure. So never feel alone and be with people around you and fully take the benefit of their presence.

Hint 6: Rome was not built in a day

This is the biggest reality of the history. Nothing can be done in one-go. If something is done that may also fall down with a blink of eye. So it is must to work logically. How to do your work logically, this is also part of the solution I will tell you at the end.

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Hint 7: You are not a machine

Yes, a machine keeps doing work day and night. You simply have to put fuel in it and it doesn’t stop. It has no human feeling. It does not enjoy nor be sad. So never act like a machine while struggling. This is also a big mistake many people do to become successful.

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Hint 8: Required approach to be successful

It is must you have a mindset to be successful. It does not take much time to have this mindset. You simply need to know what that mindset is.

If you don’t have, I bet success will remain a strange term for you. Your thinking process actually keeps you struggling with your power of hope.

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So develop the thinking of a successful person in you before becoming a successful blogger or any other successful professional or businessperson. What that mindset is, ah you will also get its answer in your eagerly awaited solution at the end of this post.

Hint 9: Keep building a mindset for success

You can’t build in a day your thinking required to be successful. It is a regular process. You need to keep doing this as and when you get a chance.

So ultimately it will become your nature to think like a super hero, act like a super hero and be like a super hero. Right?

I am not going to test your patience any more. Just two points below are left and after that you will find the success formula to blog like a superstar.

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Hint 10: Come out of the shell

Yes you are right. If you come out of the shell you have only one thought in your mind. “How can I succeed if millions of blogs are already there”.

It is right to think in that way. But you have to look at yourself to know how you are doing. You can’t do this just checking the number of comments at your blog post. Nor you can do this by staring at Google analytics of your blog every day. Here again you need to adopt a rational way.

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I am not saying anything more and let’s move to the final point of my discussion.

Hint 11: Two sides of your struggle

Every struggle has two sides. You need to be fully aware of them. If you simply check the one side you will not know what is happening at other side. So it is must to know the whole picture before painting it.

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So these are the 11 easiest tips for success which I didn’t fully describe above and just hinted them to make you know their significance. If I tell all these tips for success to become a great blogger I need to write an ebook for that.

Success formula for struggling bloggers

Earlier I was seriously thinking to write an ebook to serve your need of becoming a successful blogger.

But quite recently I bought an ebook and much amazed to see all these tips in generalized terms were fully mentioned there and in very clear terms.

I don’t think after reading this ebook you will have any ambiguity with regard to your struggle. You will be rightly moving to achieve your final goal without any confusion.

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The most motivating aspect of this ebook is its author a blind person with the courage and expertise both to show people the right path to success.

Yes this is my friend and an amazing blogger Maxwell Jr who recently wrote this ebook “Leading You Out Of The Darkness Into The Light”.

tips for successPrice of the formula

Now the most important question you should ask me that what its price is.

Let’s calculate it.

If you get a personal coaching to get complete guidance on all points as I noted above just tell me how much you will pay happily for it.

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To the lowest side if you are ready to pay just $2 bare minimum for each tip to get complete guidance on all the above points so you will be paying total $22 to any success coach to get these 11 tips for success.

Don’t worry you need not to pay that much amount to buy his ebook.

Its price is not half of it and even not quarter of it.

Its price is even less than $5. Just imagine if you follow all the 11 tips for success mentioned in this ebook what you will be getting in the long-term.

First of all you will gain the confidence to be successful that will never let you fail in any venture. So;

So just click here (both are not affiliate links) to buy it from Amazon or here to buy from Selz and get your copy now.

Once you read this 39-page success formula I bet you will be thanking me on recommending such a wonderful solution to blog like a super hero who doesn’t know what failure is.

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