How to promote your blog by not blindly following 80:20 rule?

If I tell you how to promote your bog by following 80:20 rule, maybe you promptly respond “I know it already”.

Don’t worry I do know you are fully aware of this rule.

It means spend 20% of your time creating great content, and the other 80% distributing it. Otherwise the content won’t be found.

But I guess many people don’t follow this rule WISELY.

They follow this rule blindly.

Yes, you heard me right; they follow it blindly.

They take it without relating it to their strengths and weaknesses.

This rule does not mean writing a post in an hour and promoting it for four hours irrespective of your content writing and content marketing skills.

It means to put your efforts for the promotion of your blog post four times more than the efforts you made to create your post while being a trained or experienced content writer and content marketer.

Earlier you well followed my advice to follow 80:20 rule which I shared through this post: Do you know how you are dumping your each blog post?

Confusions to follow the rule of 80:20

But here a lot of confusion arises.

  • What if a newbie takes too long time to create a post? Should he still put four times more time to promote it?
  • What if a person can afford to do paid-advertising to promote his blog?
  • What if a person already has monumentally huge fan following. As you can see several people have thousands and thousands of followers at Twitter and make their post viral by just one click.
  • What if a person has news blog or the one like that and has to publish several posts daily? So should he spend his whole day just promoting them?

how to promote your blogSo it is not wise to take this rule as it is and try to follow it wisely. Every blogger has his own strengths and weakness. So it can’t be applied ditto same to everyone.

Yes, I heard you well. You may be saying, so this rule is for beginners.

Again you are taking it incorrectly my friend.

It can never be for beginners who have to do a lot of hard work to create quality posts.

In terms of their blog post promotion they can do on-page SEO of their post while rest of the other traffic building techniques does not work urgently.

how to promote your blogHere Jon Morrow explains why these 11 traffic building techniques are not good for beginners.

Yes, the four techniques he mentioned in his post do work to build blog traffic for beginners. These are; guest posting, interviews/podcasting, outreach and paid advertising.

But how can a beginner can publish his guest post at top blogs because he has yet to make his content writing skills worthy of being featured at other blogs.

But you can’t put aside 80:20 rule

Does it mean I advise you to fully ignore the rule of 80:20 and never follow this wonderful advice on how to promote your blog?

It will be more unwise to fully ignore this rule.

Actually this rule is made for:

  • Those who already have developed their skills to write their contents and market them well.
  • Those who already know how to expand their social media base.
  • Those who already have started building contacts with influencers.
  • Those with any or all the above skills want to invest in blog promotion and want to rely more on their hard labor.

how to promote your blogIt is also a fact no one would be the perfect reflection of any of the above requirements. So it is not possible to fix criteria of who should follow this rule fully and who should do so by altering it.

Be clear on business model of blogging

Those get more confused on this rule who take blogging as a cause or a kind of mission or just a money earning tool. Or in simpler terms they don’t have business mindset so they can’t take it as a business.

Actually they don’t have proper concepts of two basic activities of any business. These are:

  • Production
  • Distribution

These are the primary activities of a business. Businesses produce goods and services by manufacturing them at their factory or buying them from another manufacturer.

Businesses distribute the goods and services at price and we call it selling.

Rest of the other activities support these two basic activities either it is showcasing of products, hiring of staff, buying of raw material or meeting with clients.

In the same way blogging is also a business and it has two basic activities.

  • Creation of contents and products
  • Distribution of contents and products

Ideal business strategy of a blog

So a blogger first creates the contents to distribute them for free for promoting his upcoming products and services which he plans to sell at a price and earn money. He also sells affiliate products to serve all types of needs of his blog visitors because a few his own products can’t completely do this task.

How to promote your blog in a right way?

Now just tell me if a blogger fails to create quality contents to promote his upcoming products will he be able to sell them robustly.

Do you think here he should follow the 80:20 rule by just creating a post and then making four times more efforts to promote it?

You have a blog which means you have your small business. So can you afford to run your business 24/7 in the beginning to follow this rule to work day and night just for blog promotion?

For example, if you publish a post daily by creating it in four hours can you spare twelve more hours to promote it daily.

Obviously you have limited resources in the beginning and time is also a resource for your business.

Alter the rule to make it best fit for you

So initially you can alter this rule by changing its proportion as 70:30, 60:40, 50:50, 40:60 or even allocating more time for production and lesser time for promotion as you must not compromise on quality.

Creating high quality contents and promoting them lesser is not as unwise as creating low quality contents and promoting them robustly.

If your contents are not of high quality you can get big response for their promotion up to a limit. People or influencers may support you by helping you promote your contents but they will also avoid once they get to know the lower quality of your contents.

Do you insist still you want to create a post and make four times more efforts to promote them. If you do, you will suck as you don’t have time to do rest of the equally important blogging chores like blog maintenance, building email list, connecting with influencers, reading other blogs, researching for new products and services. So:

Follow 80:20 rule but after complete introspection of your own strengths and weakness.

You should also measure your efforts to create a post and gauge it in any measuring common unit like dollar, kilogram, minutes or meter.

How many minutes you spend to create a post and how many minutes you do to promote it. It is not likely that only time is spent to follow the rule of 80:20.

how to promote your blogMoney is also spent to create a post if you outsource content writing or put various premium plugins to increase readers’ engagement into it.

If a plugin has one time price, its price per post can be calculated by dividing the price with the total number of posts published so far.

If its price is monthly fee, then calculate it by dividing the monthly fee with total number of posts given in a month.

For whom the rule of 80:20 is good?

So we can say that the rule of 80:20 is

  1. Best for the excellent content writers and marketers as they can create a post in short time and need huge time to promote it.
  2. Beginners should alter it to put equally more efforts for creating a post
  3. Medium level bloggers should also stay focused at quality of contents and then spend the rest of the time to promote their contents.
  4. Good content writers and marketers with low-budget should also shuffle the ratio as they can’t pay for promotion so they can enhance the ratio as 10:90 (1 hour to create a post and 9 hours to promote it)
  5. Bloggers who can pay should take it time-wise and money-wise other way round as they can spend money to promote their post so they follow it as creating a post in 90 per cent of time and then promoting it with rest of the 10 per cent as they need not to take hectic efforts as are taken for free promotion.

Also remember good manufacturing is half marketing. Yes, this is the golden rule of business growth. If you manufacture well it means half of its promotion you already have done.

This rule is not good for brand promotion. For this purpose long-term efforts are required and you can’t give 80 per cent of your business time just for the promotion of your brand.

If you focus more on quality control of your products and services, your brand image will itself rise because word of mouth of your customers is the best tool to promote your brand.

So follow the rule of 80:20 by altering it according to your own circumstances and follow it in terms of money, time and skills as well.

A premium solution

Do you still want to promote your blog posts robustly despite spending your most of the time for quality content creation?

Don’t worry you can do this despite making all your efforts and spending most of your time to create a quality post.

For robust promotion of your each post without spnding your time this plugin is the best option. It will keep promoting your each post in social media under an automated system. You need not to spend even your single minute for doing this task once you installed it at your blog.

It is a premium plugin and you simply have to pay its price once. After that you will be promoting your each blog post again and again at social media forever and without doing anything.

So just check it out and make a smart decision now as you know without investing money you can’t earn money with simply your hard labor.

Now Your Turn

Do you follow this rule or just try to focus both production and promotion with the same level of your efforts.

Do share your views to further the discussion for our more learning on the topic.

I hope you will also reshare this post with your friends at social media.

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