How to promote your blog on social media after flip in SEO rules?

how to promote your blogYou may wonder why to learn how to promote your blog. It is already discussed in thousands of blog posts. You may be right if no any change would have occurred in Google algorithms. It has gone through lot of changes recently. Now quality matters a lot. Now you can’t get huge traffic with huge number of back links. Everywhere quality rules the quantity.

How to promote your blog now?

In this scenario it is must to learn how to promote your blog on social media especially. Now you need to try all methods to bring traffic on your blog. Simply with smart SEO tricks you can’t boost your blog traffic. Now every source of traffic counts a lot.

That is why it is necessary to fully learn how to promote you blog on social media.   

Understand the concept

Your post on your blog will remain unread if you don’t tell others about it. In online world it is unwise to publicize your post offline. The most effective and free way of promoting your post is social media. It has various platforms where you can express your thoughts without paying a dime. You can promote your ideas for free. Just a little art of marketing is required to promote your blog on social media.

Social media platforms

There are hundreds of social media platform. You need not to learn how to promote your blog on all of them. Several of them have very small membership base. It will be wastage of time to visit such social media site just to let a few hundred people know about your new post. So first of all search only those social media platforms those are very popular.

Popular social media platform

For proper understanding of how to promote your blog on social media just go for these 5 platforms initially. After that depending upon results you need to explore more.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

How to create an account on social media?

First of all register on these five platforms. All of them have more or less same registration process.

There are two ways of registering on these platforms. Either as an individual or as a business or brand showing your blog name.

If you want to focus simply on one blog it is wise to register as a brand and not an individual. It is also possible to register as an individual on Facebook and Google Plus and then open a page under your individual account. It is a smart move and you can add more pages as soon as you start a new blog.

On Twitter either register as an individual or a brand. It all ups to you. But I would suggest you to focus more on your brand on those social media where working on both brand and individual account under one account is not possible.

Be Popular First

Who becomes popular in our offline life? The one who can impress others, right? Who can impress others? The one who can benefit others and add value in their life.

People want solution of their problems. People want addition in whatever they have. So provide it on social media. Share valuable knowledge with them. Guide them where they can find solution of their problems. Let them know where from they can grab best weekend deals. In short help them, benefit them and value them.

They in return will give you value. They will trust you. They will follow you. They will go to the link where you are referring them. Right?

After that you can easily promote your blog once you have developed your authority as a good guide. Don’t worry. You need not to spend hours for this. Just half an hour on each social media is sufficient to prove your presence.

Whatever you learn in your life so far share with them. Whatever you know so far tell them. Right?

Keep sharing with them value

Not your blog. Whenever, you find anything valuable share with your friends and circles on social media. Tell them benefits of early rising. Tell them importance of planning to succeed. Tell them where from they can get free blogger templates that work awesomely.

Refer your blog in a unique way

Share your each post in a different way. Don’t forget to add your comments while sharing a post of your blog. Whenever you make a big achievement, let them know. If a pro blogger drops a comment on your blog take its screen shot and share with your friends.

In short always avoid stereotyped interaction on social media. Apply your creativity to put interest in each sharing. This is the right way to promote your blog on social media.

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