How to write an ebook and sell it like a hot cake?

Ebook is published not printed. This is the main different between a book and ebook. That is why in monetary terms it costs almost nothing. So you should not wonder financially on how to write an ebook.

If you hire a writer to write an ebook just his fee is its cost. Otherwise simply text content in word file could be converted into a PDF file. It is ready to publish.

There are hundreds of free title page templates available on net. You can pick your favorite one without paying a dime.

Do you need a blog to promote your ebook?

Obviously not. There are hundreds of places where you can promote and sell your ebook. But being a blogger it can be your first own product to develop your email list. Interested visitors of your blog submit their email and receive a copy of your ebook.

How to select the topic of your ebook?               

It should be related to the niche of your blog. If you are freelance blogger or writer then it should be a topic of your area of specialty.

If you write on topics of job market so it should be related to it. But the topic of your ebook should reflect its subject matter. It should solve a long-standing problem or problems of your target market. If your niche is job market then its topic may be like “50 sectors where you can easily get your required job”.

how to write an ebookHow to write an ebook?

There is no prescribed length of your ebook. If its contents solve a serious problem of your readers it can be of a few pages. Ebooks of 30 pages are available online and are being sold like hot cakes. So volume of ebook is not a big matter. Main thing is how much valuable it is.

So first make the title of your ebook and don’t spend much time on it. Just follow it while writing. Eventually after completing the content you can get a better idea to improve the title.

Divide contents in three parts as below:

Introductory part: Here simply narrate the problem and how it is affecting your readers.

Analysis of solutions: In this section simply analyze the various available solutions and rank them to know how much effective they are.

The best solution: Then introduce the solution which you have developed. Prove it why it is the best one. Quote the opinion of industry leaders about your solution.

How to market an ebook?

Develop its offer

This is complete copy of the advertisement of your ebook. You invite your readers to buy it. Prove its worth more than its price. Narrate the benefits that readers will get. Also offer a limited time discount to first 100 or another number of buyers.

Where to sell an ebook?

The best option to sell your ebook is on your own blog. No need to develop your own payment system. There are several website that offer the service of selling your ebook through your blog and deduct a percentage from each sale as commission.

Check Selz . It is the simplest solution to sell your digital product not only on your own blog but on various social media platforms. Here is another list of 20 websites to sell your ebook.

So this is all about how to write an ebook and sell it like a hot cake. Do share your comments to let me know if I wrote which you want.

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