9 types of interview blog post and how to create them

Interview blog post means publishing your chat with an industry leader. He may be a pro blogger, online marketing expert, niche expert or a successful entrepreneur.

To create an interview post perfectly first of all you need to know how to take interview of a pro blogger. Secondly you must have thorough knowledge of the:

  1. What are different formats of interview post?
  2. Common benefits of publishing an interview at your blog
  3. Common mistakes people know while creating such post
  4. Most importantly main types of interview blog post

If you already know all the above points continue reading this post to refresh your knowledge. If you don’t know all or a few of the points so this post is especially for you to just read, chew and swallow it. And never forget to give your comments at the end to let me know how you found it. So continue your reading and enjoy.

Formats of interview post

You already know what are the main types of blog contents and which one is the best. On same pattern the format of an interview post usually is:

  • Text contents
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Infographics
  • A mix of above two or three

5 common benefits of interview blog post

interview blog postApart from driving more traffic at your blog, the five most common objectives of publishing an interview blog post are:

  • To help your readers learn from the expertise of interviewee
  • To inspire your readers with the success story of the interviewee
  • To practically guide your readers how to succeed in a given field
  • To provide your readers talk directly with interviewee through commenting
  • To bring a change in your contents after several simply descriptive posts

Names of top bloggers as keyword

You would be surprised to know that many industry leaders’ names are highly searched keywords also. So an interview blog post serves another purpose of increasing huge traffic at your blog if the one who you are taking interview is very popular in blogosphere. Just see below the latest average monthly global searches of a few top bloggers here:

But don’t make it a criterion to try to take interview of a blogger on the basis of monthly searches of his name. Just look above and see the most senior blogger Lisa Irby has just 720 average searches in a month. This number is far below her stature as a top blogger. So it is not the only criteria to assess the popularity of a blogger.

Attributes of top bloggers as keyword

There are hundreds of top bloggers whose names have zero monthly searches. So it does not mean if you publish their interview you can’t get more visitors at your blog. With your social media sharing and with their features as highly searched keywords you can still drive huge traffic at your blog.

For example following most common attributes of an interviewee generally have also decent amount of monthly searches:

  • Money maker: 12,100
  • Content writer: 5,400
  • Online expert: 4,400
  • Pro blogger: 1,000
  • Top blogger: 720
  • Online entrepreneur: 720
  • Affiliate marketer: 590
  • Industry leader: 480

interview blog postMore benefits of interview post

Once you publish an interview post you not only get huge traffic at your blog but also you get the following benefits for your blog:

  • Variety in your contents
  • Higher number of comments on interview blog post
  • Higher feedback at social media because of the popularity of interviewee
  • Get noticed by the competitors of your interviewee
  • Your closer contact with the interviewee

Common mistakes related to interview post

You might have also observed that many bloggers do a lot of mistakes while publishing an interview at their blog.

Promotional mistakes

Most of the bloggers generally:

  • Don’t make appropriate publicity before publishing the interview of a real top blogger
  • Share it as if it is their ordinary blog post
  • Don’t tweet important points which their interviewee said in the interview
  • Don’t provide regular feedback to interviewee to let him know your hard work for the promotion of his interview

Structural mistakes

  • Conduct the interview like an examination paper consisting of questions and answers
  • Make a hotchpotch of questions from various fields and a few are most irrelevant
  • Craft the questions like of a quiz show and interviewee also reply the question in one sentence
  • Repeat asking personal questions like “tell us about yourself” and again ask “what you were doing before joining blogging”.

Why interview posts are mostly boring?

Many bloggers take interview as simply one type and just think it sufficient to send a few questions to interviewee and after getting their answers, publish the post. They maybe don’t know there are different types of interview. They should come out from the stereotyped interview and try something more.

9 types of interview blog post

So for your convenience I have explored these nine types of interview blog post to pick the one each time you get consent of one of the industry leaders to give you an interview.

1. Scripted Q&A-based interview – the most boring

This is the most common type as we discussed earlier. You send a few questions and receive the replies to publish it at your blog. This has become so boring because everywhere you can see such interviews with quite isolated questions and answers. Yes a few bloggers add the element of interest by putting an infographics in it that works a little but not fully impress the readers.

2. Extempore Q&A-based interview – the most interesting

If this is done in its true spirit it can be called the most interesting type of interview blog post. In this type you talk to interviewee either face to face, on phone, through Skype or any other software and record it also. Then you convert it into text and may also put its recoding in video or audio to provide choice to your readers to read, listen or watch it.

Under this type of interview while talking you can add several supplementary questions to get the complete answer of a main question. It does not leave any answer incomplete and people fully enjoy reading such interactive and perfect interviews.

3. Descriptive interview blog post

Under this type the questions and answers are converted into narrative format. Simply you need to tell readers what you asked the interviewer and what he replied.

For example instead of asking what is the most effective way to increase blog traffic and then putting his answer you simply merge both question and answer and write “Talking about the most effective way to increase blog he (interviewee) said that search engine traffic is still on top because people will keep searching their required info on internet through search engines”. In this way whole interview can be compiled in narrative or descriptive form very easily.

interview blog post4. Compiled interview blog post

This is a little tricky type. Here you need to pick an industry leader who you can never get on board for interview. So you need to research what he earlier said about a topic in his already-published blog posts and interview posts. So collect that information and compile it in interview format to tell your readers his opinion about a topic. Just like Jackson Nwachukwu compiled this group interview post following the same type.

5. Niche-based interview blog post

This is also called topic specific interview. For this type just stick to one topic in each question and try to get opinion of interviewee on different aspects of the topic. For example if a topic is “blog traffic” so your each question should cover how to increase blog traffic with different sources of traffic.

6. Inspirational interview blog post

Once you feel you have published several posts of dos and dons you should try to reenergize your readers. You need to bring an industry expert or a leader who is now an icon and there is an inspirational story behind his success. So his interview will work as tonic for your readers to keep following your tips to become successful in their field.

7. Marketing-based interview post

It is quite new type and recently I observed that such type of interview blog post at Erik Emanuelli blog where he took the interview of an entrepreneur and offered him full space to market his product to Erik’s blog community. You can learn more about this type after reading his post here.

8. Sales/offer based interview post

This is also like marketing-based interview post but here you need not to refer your readers to a sales page somewhere else to buy a given product. Simply put the buying option within the interview and make the deal on the spot. Such interviews are also published on income sharing basis which means interviewee will pay you a proportion of sales proceed to you as an affiliate commission. The sales arrangement at your blog is made just to tell your readers you fully own the sales process which means you are guaranteeing your readers that the product of your interviewee is really reliable.

9. Solution-based interview post

Here instead of selling a product one or several free solutions of a common problem are introduced with the help of your interviewee. The interviewee as an authority of a field endorses the solutions to resolve the dilemma of readers to help them pick the best option and drop rest of the others. A few premium options can also be pointed out in such interview to help those who can afford to buy a premium product for the solution of a problem.

So these are the nine types of interview blog post to make you more focused and successful to achieve the objectives of such post.

Your Turn

Did you earlier try any of the above types at your blog or now have any plan to do this. Do share your views with me and this blog’s community.

I am dead sure you already have reshared this post to let your friends also enjoy its benefits.

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