Have become just another blogger? Here is how to come back

It’s quite painful.

No one is noticing you. Hardly a few visitors come to your blog.

Out of them many are your best friends. A few other come just because you regularly visit their blogs. So reciprocation is natural.

You regularly update your blog. Never miss a chance to connect with others. You follow influencers and regularly share their posts on social media.

But you are in a logjam. No rise in traffic. No connection with any super influencer. No rise in your page rank.

You are just blogging. Or to be upfront you have become just another blogger.

You post regularly, share your posts on social media regularly, comment on other blogs regularly and get nothing new regularly.

It means you are a stereotyped blogger. Your list building plugin is the one that you put years ago. Its message is also same promising to send your contents to their inbox. Your lead magnet is also same – a collection of your previous posts.

just another bloggerSo how come you should not be taken just another blogger. You actually opted to be the one poor soul. So it is not your right to complain of your standing still with no moving ahead.

Comeback from the state of just another blogger

If you really want to come out of the logjam you must take a few steps. To break your blogging inertia it is must to rattle your stereotyped status.

First take a break

Forget about your blog. Announce on social media to take one month or fifteen days break. Maybe nobody would care but ethically you need to mention reason of your absence.

Just tell your friends and followers you are first time taking one month break since you started your blog. Also tell them you would come back with a lot of new things on your blog.

What to rationalize?

This is the most important step to come back as an effective blogger. Check what you are doing that is waste of time. Make the list of all the things which you are doing in a routine. It could be:

  • Spending two hours on social media for nothing
  • Commenting on other blogs who just reciprocate you
  • Reading latest posts of those blogs who simply reword their old posts
  • Writing a post after directly getting an inspiration from top blogs with no your own input
  • Publishing a post every week with a few images and a few quotes into it

Now rationalize all the above activities. Be practical while doing so.

Exploit social media

Don’t spend more than half hour on total three to four top social media. Just respond to those who could become your client.

Only like and love shares of those who are just in your friends list with no any prospects of becoming your client.

But never let any know you are doing social media with a business strategy. You are a personal blogger and have to be apparently like this.

Comment smartly

Comment on so many blogs but out of them half should be new to you. Keep exploring more and more blogs to comment on them. Don’t limit your commenting skills to a few blogs only.

Conceive a big idea for your blog post

Conceive your post idea from practical life. Never be bookish and try to cover topics that your readers want to read and not the one that you want to write. Ascertain their needs from their comments on your blog and also from social media.

Read more to write well

Maintain your Feedly account and add as many blogs of your niche as possible. Have a look on all and pick the ones that you think have quite unique contents. Try to read more and more unique contents to expand your knowledge base.

Diversify your contents

Try to put as much diversity in your posts as possible. Start creating videos to make them part of your different posts. Record audio to share it as podcast on social media.

Also try to create small infographics with free tools like Canva and Visme to insert them as an add-on in your posts.

Major comeback

To make a big come back try to take all or a few of the following steps.

just another bloggerChange the design

It’s time to change the design of your blog. Pick a good template from Thrive Themes or from MyThemeShop. They have high quality and low-cost themes that would bring a new life to your blog.

Change the list building plugin

If you have free plugin to build your list buy a premium now. Installing a free plugin means you are not serious to make money blogging. That is why you are not ready to invest in your blog.

It is the resource that could make you come out of the state of just another blogger.

Obviously money would be the leading factor to make people believe in you as a pro blogger and not just another blogger.

Change the lead magnet

Create a new lead magnet. It should not be an ebook because this is the most exploited thing to attract new subscribers.

Create a valuable resource of unique tools or guide that can assist your readers to become expert in your niche.

Offer the new lead magnet by replacing the old one. Make an announcement on social media about it and invite people to grab it on your blog.

Plan a few long posts

Never be crazy to create unique contents. Nothing is unique in this world. One post could be unique for you but for those who already have read it earlier can never by new.

So plan a few long posts. Your long posts should be a collection of all that has been shared so far. Research extensively on all such posts that were written on a topic previously.

Read them and then write a new post covering all that data plus your own viewpoint. So it will be a unique post because it has your own voice on its front.

Create a few long posts and then share them every week with massive promotion on social media. Send email to all influencers who you know very well with the request to reshare your post.

Also collect the list of bloggers who earlier covered the topic of your post. Request them to link to your new post that is the most comprehensive one on a given topic.

By taking all the above steps you can make a big comeback to reject your image of just another blogger. Most important thing is to maintain your revival by putting more and more diversity in your each blogging chore.

It is actually stereotyped style that makes someone just another blogger. So be innovative and diversify your contents and networking as much as you can.

Do you think there are a few more steps that could help a blogger make big comeback and reject your impression of just another blogger? I am keen to hear your views about it in comments section below.

I hope you would also reshare this post on social media with your friends and colleagues. Also subscribe my email list to get more posts like this in your inbox.

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I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.

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