How to lawfully grab 100 original backlinks in just one month?

Mostly bloggers get original backlinks by publishing high quality contents and sharing them massively. This is a good practice to get original backlinks in the long-term.

It could be the part of your long-term strategy. You can surely get backlinks by following this method. But in this fast age of stiff competition no one can wait for so long time to get high quality organic backlinks.

So it is must to off and on run massive campaigns to get huge number of backlinks in a short time as well.

Earlier I shared with you how to get 165 high quality backlinks with Visme. It was actually a campaign to get as many as 165 backlinks in a few weeks.

A novel method to lawfully get 100 original backlinks

This time I am sharing here to run another campaign with a different product to get 100 genuine backlinks. They all would be free of spam and free of any kind of over-smartness.

original backlinksIt is not a premium product to get this much number of backlinks so you need not to worry if I would be asking you to buy a product here.

You simply have to create two roundup posts one by one and you would easily get 100 backlinks. You have to follow a strategy to create these roundup posts and share them on social media. While doing this you would achieve the target of getting 100 high quality backlinks without paying single penny.

Step one: Make a survey first

First of all make an extensive survey of as many popular blogs as possible to find if there is a post published on them that is topic-wise quite similar.

For example a post on different ways to get traffic on your blog is quite common and on every popular blog you can easily find it with a little searching.  Or a post on how to create top quality contents is also published on every active blog on blogging.

So make a list of all those blogs that have shared a post of similar nature on an interesting topic of your niche.

Step two: Conceive a topic

Explore a topic for your roundup post. It should also be similar with that of the similar type of post that was shared on so many blogs that you have noted down in step one above.

Step three: Create the headline

Then create the headline of your roundup post with the help of the topic you have conceived above. It should be like: How pro bloggers boost blog traffic in modern era of blogging?

Step four: Send the invitation

You already have a list of all blogs that have published a post of similar nature and that is also similar with the topic of your roundup post.

original backlinksSo you simply have to send them through their Contact Us page a request to give their opinion on your conceived topic.

Your list should have at least 150 blogs so you would get the response of at least 100 bloggers. Don’t worry being a struggling blogger you can do this easily as Guru Nakka recently shared a roundup post where 93 bloggers shared their opinion on how to start a blog.

Bringing that much huge number of experts on your blog to participate in a roundup post is not as much gigantic task as it used to be sometimes ago. Struggling bloggers or experts-in-making very happily accept such invitation because they get a backlink to their blog by participating in a roundup post.

Step five: Publish your first roundup post

After getting the opinion of 100 or more than 100 experts simply compile their views with their proper formatting and publish the roundup post on your blog.

Then follow the whole process that is commonly followed by asking all the experts to visit the published roundup post, comment on it and share it on social media.

This is a common process of creating, publishing and sharing a roundup post. You are well aware that an ordinary roundup post gets five times more traffic than your regular blog post.

You may be wondering I promised to share with you a secret to get 100 high quality backlinks with two expert roundup posts. But so far I told you to publish just your first roundup post with a proper survey of all posts related to its topic.

Don’t worry now the main part of the campaign begins. It will make you get 100 top quality backlinks quite easily. So keep going.

Get ready to grab 100 original backlinks

The main process of getting 100 genuine backlinks begins now. After fully promoting your first roundup post in 15 days now plan to create the second roundup post in next fifteen days.

original backlinksStep six: Explore the topic of 2nd roundup

It should be the most popular topic that may be trending high in blogosphere. Nowadays getting huge traffic with some non-organic (other than search engine) ways is the main demand of bloggers. So create a headline like “How to build blog traffic without looking at search engines”.

Step seven: Send invitation to same experts

Send the invitation to all experts who participated in your first roundup post. You may be wondering what is the benefit of sending the request to same experts. Yes this is the secret which I would share with you now to get 100 genuine backlinks.

Step eight: The secret revealed

Don’t simply send the invitation to experts for joining your second roundup. First do thank them for their participation in your first roundup post.
Then request them to mention your first roundup post in their already published post that is quite similar in nature with it. Clearly mention the name of each blogger’s similar post that you already have noted while doing the survey in step one as given above.
I don’t think an expert who you already included in one roundup post and now inviting in another roundup would decline your request.
Maybe a few of them would decline while majority of them would accept your request on the basis of your rapport with them which you have developed while working with them.

Step nine: Publish the second roundup post

Never forget to publish the second roundup post in same way and include all the experts who either gave you a backlink or not.

Always think long term while dealing with everyone related to your niche. One day they would surely be influenced by your courtesy and would reward you more than your expectations.

So this is all about how to get 100 genuine backlinks in one month. How did you find this idea of getting 100 genuine backlinks in one month? Share your views in comments section below.

I hope you would also reshare this post on social media with your friends and colleagues.

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