How to learn blogging and become a pro blogger?

Either you are a newbie blogger or a struggling blogger, what is your biggest problem for learning how to blog successfully. You read a lot and learn a lot but retain the least in your memory.

Secondly most of the things become hotchpotch in your mind because while searching great posts you read whatever you find.

Equally thanks to Google criteria for its taking blog commenting as an important point to rank your blog. Now you read huge number of blogs daily to give your organic comments on them and get back links or attention of other commentators.

It means most of the time you read the blog posts which you don’t need to or which you already have read with a different version. Meanwhile you also miss to read the posts which you must to learn blogging and become a pro blogger.

Eventually you apply at your blog what you have learned and remember and failed to apply all that stuff which you could not have retained.

So problem is not in your learning process but in your post-learning application of your knowledge at your blog.

Learn blogging and become a pro blogger

become a pro bloggerFrom today after reading this post you will become an efficient learner of blogging and will retain all you read and can apply at your blog whenever you need to.

This post is especially for those who want to learn blogging and then want to become a pro blogger. Pro blogger means a blogger who makes his full-time living with his blog or blogs, Right.

Develop a learning plan

Don’t worry if you have started blogging years ago or just before awhile, everyone needs to keep learning forever.

So develop your learning plan with the following points.

It should be preferably in Excel sheet but it is not rule of thumb even you can develop it in MS Word, notepad or in any planning App.

Your learning plan should specify what you already have learnt and what you need to learn as:

  • What you already know quite well related to blogging and also on your blog niche?
  • What you know but not very clearly and need revision?
  • What you completely don’t know?
  • What you try to learn but can’t learn properly without mentoring?

The second step is to decide what you need to learn first if you have to learn various subjects. This is necessary if your blog is not on blogging or any related niche like SEO, social media or blog monetization.

If this is the case, allocate your time for learning 70 per cent about your niche and 30 per cent about blogging if your niche is not blogging or any related one.

If your niche is blogging or any topic related to it then don’t divide your learning efforts.

If you have any mainstream niche like green, health, fitness, personal development then 30 to 40 per cent out of total blogging learning time is more than enough to achieve your blogging goals.

Set your learning objectives

Your learning objectives should be:

become a pro bloggerSo to execute your learning plan and achieve your learning objectives, you need to follow these steps to keep learning blogging.

Create a learning folder

First of all create a learning folder in your hard drive or in your shared drive depending upon how you prefer to store your data. It should be easily accessible and you can open it anywhere you want including at home, office, while travelling

Create sub-folders

Now a little detailed work is required. Create sub-folders as per your blogging plan.

  • For the things you learn easily and name this folder as Easy Learning
  • For the things you want to learn with effort and name this folder as Advance Learning
  • For the things you need to first know and then learn as Research and Learning
  • And the fourth one is to learn with mentoring and name it as Learning with a Mentor

Learning guide

It is not a person or tutor. It is your point to point guide to learn:

What to learn?

It includes keyword research, content writing, search engine optimization, blog monetization, blog security, blog speed, social networking, guest posting and most important plugins.

How to learn blogging?

Either by reading text post, watching videos, listening podcast or attending webinar or training course. Also decide if you want to learn with free stuff or with premium stuff and put your budget range.

When to learn?

Set daily, weekly and monthly targets to learn with a balanced approach. It means don’t be aggressive to learn a lot in the beginning and then forget about it. It is better to learn a little but with consistency.

From where to learn

This is the most important point. First mention what you want to learn free and for what you are ready to pay money. This you can do after doing extensive research and discussing with senior bloggers in your network.

But do remember that from the ones you get suggestion should not be selling any blogging product at their blogs. They may be a little biased while guiding you and influence you to buy their product which may be not the best one. So just get the advice from those who you believe will guide you without any business interest.

If you have more time you can learn for free because everything is available for free to learn on internet. You just need to explore valuable resources that are mostly blogs and free ebooks to learn with them.

For premium learning products you still have broad choice and must pick the best product which can serve all your info and learning needs.

How to manage data?

First do extensive efforts to retain whatever you read, listen and watch while learning blogging for free. Following points will help you to retain as much info as possible both in your mind and in your record.

Make a hub of resources

  • Make a list of all websites and blogs and mention against the URL of each what it is about and what you can learn the best from it.
  • Write main points under separate heading the most important info which you have learnt by visiting other blogs and websites
  • Make a list of websites and blogs which you bookmarked for further reference and mention against each bookmarked site what you can learn from it.
  • Make a list of tips with sub-headings on topics of content writing, SEO, SMO, link building, money making methods and mention each blog where from you can get these tips.
  • Make an inventory of all free ebooks you have downloaded and mention topic of each against its name and also write if you must read it, should read or may read if you have time.

Now you have the resources list and you can keep reading and learning from them as per your learning plan.

become a pro bloggerMention references in your blog post calendar

Obviously you must have a blog posts publishing calendar with topic of each post. Here you can point out in separate column the online place of your collected resources to take help from them and make your each post an epic post.

Be choosy also

Also remember, there is ocean of info on internet. You can read all of them but in quite a long time. So you must decide:

  • What you must learn?
  • What you should learn?
  • What you may also learn?

You need to know what you must learn with looking around you. Look at what very successful bloggers of your niche knows. Read their struggle and success stories. Read their how-to guides and evaluate from them what you must learn and what you should learn. To polish your blogging skills there is no limit on what you may learn.

Get help from a mentor

I don’t mean here a professional mentor. By mentor I mean your senior friend or a cooperative pro blogger who may help you without charging fee.

I personally observe most of the pro bloggers love to help others within a limit. So fully exploit that limit and the best way to seek their help is initially commenting at their blogs and also at social media to be noticed by them.

If you think you can afford to hire a mentor on fee to fully learn blogging professionally you can hire the one after examining;

  • His level of authority in his field
  • His past reputation and
  • Track record of his past trainees.

On the topic of how to hire a blogging mentor I will guide you in detail in another post after sometime.

Now Your Turn

How do you learn blogging. Do you follow the naïve method of remembering what you learn or note down separately what you read and learn daily. Do you think the steps I mentioned above will serve to help you learn blogging effectively? Share your views with this blog’s community and with me to help me improve further.

I am sure you will also reshare this post at social media to help your friends learn blogging effectively.

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