How to make 1000 influencers notice you in one go?

Sounds overambitious?

Or a trick to bring you to this post?

Right now you may think so!

But after reading the whole post you would have one thought only.

Why this idea couldn’t have hit upon you.

It could have but I was after this idea for a long time.

I was after it when I first time saw a roundup post.

Since then I have been just researching it to make it a perfect idea.

Thank God today I can say it one of the most unusual ideas of creating a blog post.

This is called a super roundup post or in simple terms roundup of a roundup post.

You got my point.

It looks easy to create it but it is not as easy as you are thinking. So be with me till the end of this post to know completely how to create a super roundup post that will:

  • Make you get noticed by 1000 influencers
  • Get half of them reshare your post
  • Make half of them comment on it
  • Make thousands of their followers visit your post
  • Get you be discussed in blogosphere because of your widely covering so many roundup posts

influencersSo don’t go away before completely reading this post and I am sure after finishing it you would be thanking me.

What is super roundup post?

It means to compile so many roundup posts on a similar topic as a one post with a summary of and link to each post.

So by compiling such post you would attract the attention of all those experts or influencers who were part of any of the roundup post you have included in it.

How to grab attention of 1000 influencers?

If your super roundup post has 20 roundup posts of a similar topic and each of it has average 50 influencers so how many influencers are in your super roundup post in total.

Yes the total number of influencers would be one thousand or even more.

So after creating a super roundup post you can contact all of them through social media and email to let them know you have again covered a roundup post where they participated earlier.

  • If half of them visit your super roundup post it means 500 new visits to your blog.
  • If out of them 50 per cent give comments so you have 250 comments on your blog.
  • If still half of them reshare your post so you have another 125 reshares on social media that could bring huge number of visitors to your blog.

3 dazzling benefits of creating a super roundup post

1. No spade work is required

This is the most glaring benefit of creating a super roundup post. You need not to compile a huge list of influencers and then send them a request to participate in it.

You simply have to research and identify all roundup posts already created and shared on a similar topic related to your niche.

influencersThen you need to read them thoroughly to pick the best of them and then create your own roundup on all the selected posts with a brief overview of each and putting link under the summary of each to send the readers on main post. That’s all!

2. Multiplier effect

By creating a simple roundup post you simply build contacts with the influencers who join it. By creating a super roundup post you build contacts with all those experts who were part of any of your selected roundup post.

3. One free benefit

By including the selected roundup posts in your super roundup you also get noticed by all the bloggers who earlier published your selected roundup posts on their blog.

Obviously you would also mention their blog on your super roundup post and also let them know about it. So they would also visit your blog and also give comments on your roundup post in addition to sharing it on their social media.

Why to create a super roundup post?

The main reason of your creating a super roundup post is millions of roundup posts were already created on almost every topic that your audience may need.

So the need is to compile all of them written on a similar topic to offer your readers opinion of thousands of experts on a particular topic in one post.

influencersSo they don’t have to browse for hours to search your selected posts and may go directly from your blog to each one.

So the basic objective of creating a super roundup post is to provide a hub of opinion of hundreds of influencers on a similar topic at one spot to let your readers go from there to each referred post.

How to create a super roundup post?

It is very easy to create a super roundup post but still you need to have a clearly defined strategy to make it achieve your objectives of creating it.

Select a few topics

First of all select a few topics on which your readers want expert opinions of different nature to pick the best one to serve their given need perfectly.

You must select a few topics instead of only one because it is possible you can’t find so many roundup posts on your only selected topic.

Research extensively

Now check how many roundup posts have already been shared on each of your selected topic. Make their list and then visit each one to judge the quality of each.

Then go for the topic that was covered by highest number of high quality posts. Here quality means the post which included top class influencers of your selected niche.

influencersOtherwise posts with flock of mediocre or unknown influencers will not give good impression to your readers and then many of them may skip your super roundup after clicking a few of the top posts there.

Collect contact details of influencers

This is the most difficult and time-consuming task of creating a super roundup post. Here you need to search contact detail of each influencer of all the roundup posts which you are going to cover in your post. So first of all visit each post and check:

  • The comments of its influencers on that post and go to their blog from there.
  • Every roundup post does mention the blog address of each influencer so visit from there
  • Check the social media account of all blogs that covered your selected roundup posts and then check their timeline where you would find many experts thanking that sharing and you can get their social media details from there.


Then send a message through social media messaging and through contact page of the blog of influencers and let them know when you are publishing a super roundup post where their opinion that was shared earlier would also be republished.

Create an impressive message

Tell each influencer that you are creating super roundup post because you found so many super opinions in different roundup posts and he was also part of it.

So the same opinion will now be referred again on your blog to make more people read his views on a given topic. This would impress him and he would happily visit your post once your publish it.

Inform the influencers

The day you publish your super roundup post inform about it to all the influencers who were part of the roundup posts you have included in it.

Make Twitter your main arsenal

You can promote your post on all social media but make Twitter you super arsenal by quoting one sentence of each influencer in your tweet with a link to your post.

So you can share almost 1000 tweets to cover main point of each influencer and also grab his and his followers’ attention by mentioning him in your tweet as well.

Each influencer would obviously reshare your tweet as well and you would get another few hundred reshare of your post.

How to professionally format a super roundup post?

You may put each of your selected roundup post in your roundup of roundup according to:

  • Higher number of comments on it
  • Higher number of its resharing on social media
  • Higher number of influencers who participated in it
  • Higher ranking of the blog that covered it
  • Chronologically, that means putting first those that were published first
  • Latest first, that means putting those first that were published latest

I would suggest covering them according to ranking of the blog and also mention a few words about that blog in its intro in your post.

How to impressively compile a super roundup post?

Usually each roundup post has a main photo that has small photos of all the key influencers so pick that photo and put it in intro of its post by resizing it a little smaller and also mention its credit to avoid the issue of copy writing.

Give a small introduction of each post by mentioning a few top experts who participated in it.

At the end you may also give a comparative analysis of all posts by mentioning which of them got huge response which one of them were referred how many times and which one got highest number of reshares.

In your call to action you should ask your readers to mention which top three influencers have impressed them most and why. Also, which one of the selected posts is the best one and why?

So this is all about how to create a super roundup post without doing much hard work and bring huge number of influencers on it to get more reshare apart from their valuable comments.

Do you think there is still another easy way to create such post with least amount of hard work and can achieve more results? Do mention it in your comments below.

I am sure you would also reshare this post on social media to let your friends and colleagues the easiest way to bring thousands of influencers on their new blog post.

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