10 reasons newbie bloggers must aim to make big money online

So ultimately you are convinced that now it is not possible to make big money online with your blog.

You have read this advice in more than several blog posts. They have proved with several facts and figures that now it is not so easy to earn money with your blog. They asked you to compromise on fewer bucks. They scared you by narrating failure stories of several bloggers who could not have made more than a few pennies.

Many philosophical type of bloggers dud tell you don’t run after money. Interestingly many of them proudly claim they are not here to earn money.

But the bottom line of this whole story is you still want to make big money online with your blog.

But you are a little upset. You keep thinking how it is possible. Everyone around you is opposing the idea of earning money with your blog. They say competition has stiffened now. Only those earn huge money online who have been blogging for the last one decade or more. They also say if you want to be rich with your blog wait for this much and that much long period.

Remember these are views of those who take blogging as

  • A like-a-casino to earn money
  • A purely creative or artistic activity
  • A freaky thing that make you rich at once
  • Or they are still confused what blogging actually is.

Why you must plan to make big money online with your blog?

I have ten sound reasons why you must plan to make big money online with your blog. So just read them and then tell me what you think.

1. Blogging is business not charity

make big money onlineWhat is done on a typical blog? Do remember, exceptions are always there. But on a typical blog a few things are given to readers for free. They may be contents, free templates, ebooks or maybe plugins.

Do you know any blog that offers all things for free?

So blog is not a charity.

After doling out freebies a blogger must sell a few things at price.

So blog is a shop and blogging is a business.

Can we say for a business that no one can earn money with it? Yes those who don’t learn it properly or don’t do full justice with it may fail but not all.

So blogging is a business and money can be earned with it just like it can be with every business. Right?

2. It’s a source of online marketing

This is the second reality that proves you can make big money online with your blog. If you don’t have your products to sell online at your blog what you do. Do you ask your readers to keep coming till you make your own product? No not at all.

You sell others products and services at your blog. So it is a wonderful tool of online marketing. Do you know any source of marketing that does not pay? So how it is possible you do online marketing at your blog properly and still don’t earn money.

3. Online demand will grow

What is demand? It is an expression of the needs of people. You want to eat food and for this you go to shop food items. In this way you demand food items. In the same way you demand online products. You demand ebooks. You demand blogger templates. You demand weight loss tutorial. You demand green living manual. So these are your online demands.

Can you believe one day online demands will be no more? Never at all! They will be there and even will keep rising. As more people become aware of online products they will demand more. Awareness for online products will surely rise because you and I are raising it with our blog contents and social media.

4. Online supply will become easier

What happens when demand rises in physical markets? Producers produce more products because they know their products will be sold easily as their demand is rising.

The demand of online products is also rising. So their production is also rising. More blog templates are being created. More tutorials are being developed. More blog traffic boosters are being made. Why.

Because their producers know their demand is rising. So more online supply means more competition. More competition means most attractive prices because every supplier will try to offer products at best prices.

Who will benefit most of this situation?

Obviously bloggers; because they will have more options to sell at most attractive prices. So they will be able to make more money with their blog.

5. Best plan promises best results

Many people are very right to say blogging is good way to make big money online but everyone can’t do this. This is right but who can’t do this. Only those, who don’t plan properly. Earlier all used to plan randomly because they didn’t have mentor or any success model. But now every second pro blogger offers his services to make you plan your blog to achieve your blogging goals. That is why now we can’t say it is not possible to develop a good plan for your blog and earn money with it.

6. Genuine products are always priced

This is one of the main reasons why many bloggers still fail to earn money. Once they understand this secret they happily join the queue of those bloggers who easily make big money online with their blog.

Yup you are right you can’t earn money with free things. The only use of free products is to assist you buy premium products later on to grow more. Now those who really want to earn money are not relying on freebies. They are straight away going for premium products because they know that more they invest more they earn. This is universal rule of earning money. Blogging is not out of this rule.

7. Gradual expansion

Yes this is another rule. You can make big money online with your blog but not instantly. Maybe in first month you earn a few bucks like John Chow did ten years ago. But now after continuous blogging he is earning more than $50K per month or even more than that.

This is normal length of time every business takes to make you that much rich. Just take the list of top 100 rich people of the world. Not a single of them reached that height in years. Many of them got that position after three generations of their ancestors. So you can still earn money with your blog but gradually.

8. No need of guesstimates

This is the biggest advantage newbie bloggers have now. Earlier all those who are now pro bloggers used to take every step in blogging on the basis of guesses. Sometimes they failed sometimes succeed. Everything was being done randomly.

But now newbie bloggers have hundreds of success stories of pro bloggers. Newbies can learn from them to avoid mistakes which they committed and became successful a little later. But now newbie bloggers can easily achieve their goals without wasting much time.

9. Hard work must pay you

This is the widely acclaimed rule. If you really work hard it must pay you. Blogging does need hard work. The biggest quality of hard work is it must pay you in any way. At least it makes you habitual of doing work hard. This is the quality which everybody doesn’t have. So ultimately you win either you make money or acquire the habit of working hard. You can apply this habit to any other venture and ultimately earn money easily.

10. Options of change

Are you still struggling to make big money online with your blog? No problem you have option to change your niche, change your content strategy, change your promotion strategy. So no blogging activity is a sort of blind alley where from you can’t escape. You can easily modify your strategy. Even you can change your domain. So this is the point which makes it different from other businesses where you can’t afford to change anything because you have already invested a lot of money in it.

So what do you think now? Do you still believe in herd instinct that you can’t make big money online with your blog? Do share your views to let me know how far I am successful to bring you out from impractical world of blogging fantasies.

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  1. Hi Mimuba,

    Interesting post, which I am sure would help new bloggers, especially if they are keen to make money online. 🙂

    Honestly speaking, I never made my blog with the intention of making money, nor do I offer anything for free to my readers – so I am far from making money from my blog. Yet they come in plenty, for which I am grateful to them with all my heart….so there is obviously something more to life than making money and free stuff that lure people, isn’t it?

    However, that is another story to be dealt with. Coming to your post as it is related to making money online, though I have been running my blog earlier on a free platform, then on the present paid one, other than the little Adsense I have on my blog, which is enough to sustain the blog, I haven’t started making money from my blog in the real sense, as that was never my aim. But with time, as I now see the amount of time blogging takes, I am thinking of monetizing my blog because I am slowly turning to a full time blogger, rather than a part time one earlier, who was also writing. I have my writing projects, but with the numerous things that go along with being a blogger, commenting being a major one, it becomes tough to be all over. So, I would certainly be be venturing into the money making field, but past 3 years, I have never, not as yet and I think everyone knows that.

    Other than that, wonderful tips. And yes, I would be changing my blogging strategy very soon for the purpose of making money too, though without changing the way I write or blog. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hi Harleena Singh
      Thanks a lot for impressively inaugurating the comments section of this post with your always value-adding views and opinions. 🙂
      Actually there are either of two main objectives of each blog in blogosphere either to make money or to help make money. There is a very small quantity of blogs who don’t follow both of the objectives and have the third one as hobby blogging. But you yourself admitted a great reality in your comments that now after getting very nice offers of ads and after realizing how much amount of time and energies you are spending for your blog you are seriously thinking to monetize your blog. It means all those hobby bloggers who succeed enormously ultimately plan to earn with their blog because they have to make it as their full time activity. So no one can afford to do a full time activity without earning money.
      Vow, what the wonderful point I got from your awesome views and will always be thankful to you for this. The point is there are two types of successful bloggers in blogosphere. Those who aim to make money from the day one and achieve their goal and another type is of those who start a blog with the aims loftier than simply making money and on their way to their ultimately aims they easily make money as well. So all bloggers make money sooner or later and it also means seriously blogging must means business and nothing else. Vow that is why it is said a man is know by the company he keeps. 🙂
      Your blog is in my list of a few of the blogs which I have been observing and learning from it since long and there is big contribution of it to make me start this blog after lot of desperation from my three not-very-successful blogs out of whom two I have sold.
      Once again thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your worthwhile views which showed me lot of new ways and points to consider and further refine my blogging skills. Same to you for a wonderfully productive week ahead. 🙂

  2. Hey Mimuba,

    Making money through blogging is difficult but it depends on you how you treat things. If you take money making as an easy task then you can simply make good money.

    It’s a fact that there are people in blogosphere and in your surrounding who will taunt you sometimes over your struggle and would claim that you are wasting your time.

    You have to ignore people and have to continue your struggle in your field with an optimistic approach. If you’ll remain positive then nothing can stop you from being successful.


    • Hi Sirajwahid
      Good to see you here again. 🙂
      You are right if someone takes money making is plucking stars from the sky then obviously he won’t make it. Yes if someone takes it as a business activity then obviously just with proper planning and strategy one can earn money easily from any business he wants.
      This is the main problem with many money bloggers. They are advised from all and each advice has its own reasoning to discourage the idea of making money. That is one it is better just to stay focus to your goal and make people know when you manage regular stream of income from your blog.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your wonderful views here. Keep coming back 🙂

  3. “Newbie bloggers must aim to make big money online ” ; Well , this statement is an bless to an extend but since every coin has two sides , this one also has its own flip backs. You got me there ?

    If you don’t have good knowledge of blogging and you jump on to becoming a blogger then you will have many difficulties in getting success as a blogger. Some people choose a wrong blogging strategy and end up making no profits even after trying for a year or more.Those who are making a living directly from blogging , know that it took a lot of hard work to get there.

    Many new bloggers blog with the only intention to make huge money. Well, as you know making money via blogging isn’t easy. You just can’t setup a blog and start making money. You need experience and basic knowledge.

    But, Yes Newbies should dream about Making Money because once they set a goal they’ll work for it and finally achieve it 🙂 Being a newbie blogger ,I do dream about making big money but I know I can’t make it today or tomorrow until I work hard for it.

    Above all , as you said ” Blogging is a Business not a Charity ” .

    Loved your article 🙂 Keep writing my friend 🙂

    • Hi Sourav Sudhi
      You are right just like other businesses first of all we have to develop our credibility, we have to attract customers and then we have to prove what we are selling is the best one for them. After that the process of money making begins. Obviously we can’t sell anything from the day one because we won’t get even a single order if we sell a thing standing in an empty hall. First we need to make crowd around us. This is the crowd of organic visitors, referral visitors, direct visitors, subscribers and influencers. Then we can sell them our products.
      This is the only problem many bloggers have they make haste to make money and instead of making money they quit or try to create an impression that money can’t be earned or rarely be earned with a blog. If blog is business then money is obvious there we just need to follow rules of this business just like we do of other types of business.
      Generally it is observed those who follow a strategy and adopt patience they do earn money and yes they earn money gradually more and more. So this is normal because in every business it happens then why not in blogging.
      Thanks a lot for visiting here and sharing another piece of your wonderful views on blogging and rather money blogging. Hope to see you around. 🙂

  4. People keep saying making money online is difficult as if doing it offline is easy. If it’s that easy to make money offline, why will people do it online?

    Whether you are online or offline, you face the same difficulties. I think online is easier because you can make it very big with little investment.

    It takes less than $200 to setup a professional blog that can get for you $10000/month. Show me any business offline that can generate that kind of income from a $200 investment.

    Yes, this does not always come the follow day. It requires hard work and some times, time, depending on your strategy.

    Blogging should be treated as a business to make it a real money making tool. Focus on those things that make blogging a business, treating it as such. Capacitate your blog with the money making power and watch it generate the big figures.

    Nice topic of discussion Mi

    I hope to be here more frequently

    • Hi Enstine Muki
      Today is a big day for me as I got your first comment here. I learn a lot from your blog and regularly visit it.
      Your views are spot-on with regard to money blogging that is the only business where just peanuts are required to invest and one can earn easily a handsome amount per month if he follows a proper strategy and blog plan.
      Yes if someone does a money blogging then obviously its forte should be tips and tutorial on online money making. It should focus its primary subject and deliver very relevant contents.
      Thank you very much Sir for stopping by and sharing your wonderful comments. I will be so happy and motivated if you keep coming here to further guide me.

  5. Hello there i’ve just run my own blog website……..in regards of selling a product of your own, how should i come up with a product or service since i can’t get a clear view of my niche or audience? I write content and all but i’m having trouble on how to aim at my niche……help will be appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Christian
      What I got from your question is you want to know how to develop your own product related to your niche. For this first get maximum knowledge of your niche then research what type of products are already available then check with surveys and comments of readers at other blogs related to your niche what people are demanding. After that you can develop a product that will sell.
      But you can’t do this at once. 🙂 Keep doing hard work and you will have proper understanding of what to produce to benefit your readers and also earn money.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around.

  6. Nice post Muba Mi,

    I’d say that is possible to make money with a blog. It was a dream of mine before, but it came true because of my hard work.

    I do agree with your every point and yes, newbie bloggers should have a goal to make money with their blog and move towards success.

    • Hi Nirmala
      First of thanks a lot for your support at social media promoting my post which add lot of value to my shares. It is good to know your dream of money making with your blog has come true and obviously it must have become possible due to not only your hard working but your consistency and patience. I read in one of your interviews that you have been blogging for several years.
      Thank you very much for your stopping by here and sharing your awesome views to help me improve my blogging. Hope to see you around.

      • Hello Mimuba sir,
        Its my first visit to your blog and it is a really nice place. The post you brought up has really struck the right chord with new bloggers who are yet to monitise their blog and still think that it might be look greedy to start monitising a blog so early. And i really related t what you have said as quality always deteriorates when there is no money involved. Getting into business brings also a sense of responsibility and hence modification to what you do. Moreover if someone is going to pay for you for the value you offer then it’s absolutely ok and acceptable. Thanks for throwing light into this section of mentality of new bloggers.

        • Hi Swadhin Agrawal
          A warm welcome to you here.
          You are right absolutely if money is involved in a deal it means one has to be more responsible marketer and must ensure complete customer care.
          It is actually a confused mindset about blogosphere that still a large number of people don’t take it as business upfront and very proudly declare it as a sort of mission; though a business can also be run easily like a mission and that is the basic spirit of every business activity you can take as you want but never deviate from the basic rule of selling benefits to customers. Obviously selling does not mean in any way dole out or just freebie. 🙂 This is the basic concept of blogging especially newbie bloggers must be very clear about it.
          Thanks a lot for adding value in this post by your very useful comments and I earnestly hope to see you again to keep continuing this awesome process of sharing of views. Debate must go on to explore more and more value. 🙂

  7. Muba,

    Great article indeed. Personally, make money online is VERY possible. However, until when do you want to make money just by blogging? You know, the small money.

    If you want to be a blogger that makes BIG money, you need to prepare a super great planning and work hard at it.

    Do that and you’ll probably be fine. Trust me on that!

    Thanks for sharing mate.

    • Hi Reginald
      I proudly agree with you that money making online is very possible. Yes just a good plan and viable strategy is required to make it happen. But many newbie bloggers do lack this point and just wander here and there to achieve their money making goals.
      I have ocean of trust in you 🙂 as you have been in this field for quite a long time and doing a wonderful job of providing value to your target audience.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your great views here. Hope to see you again. 🙂

  8. point 9 is very important part of every blogger hard work is the key of passive income from blogging.

  9. Nice blog post Mimba!!

    These are some good tips for new bloggers online!

    I agree with when you say that you need to aim big blogging online.

    Like they say – shoot for the stars and if you land on the moon, it’s still all good! LOL 🙂

    You can definitely make big money from Blogging Online – you just have to be very consistent and keep on putting a little bit of hard work to make it happen.

    Is all about how bad you want to make it happen! .. just never aim small and go big or go home!

    Anyways…. this is a nice blog Mimba!

    Keep up the great work!

    I wish you the best success online!


  10. Hello Mimuba,

    Very interesting post.

    True we read more and more often that we can’t make money blogging, because it’s been the case for many of us, but at the same time (being a coach that teaches the law of attraction) reading your post I also realized that the more we say that we can’t make money blogging, the less will be able to do so as well.

    I like how you said that a blog is not charity and things that are worth while do cost money. This is really good food for thought. Thanks for this and will save this one 🙂

    • Hello Freddyjr
      Thanks for sharing your wonderful comments and adding value in this post. You are right a perfect strategy and plan are must to make money blogging happen otherwise we will also be just earning a few bucks with a sense of great dissatisfaction with it.
      Once again thanks a lot for stopping by and hope to see you around.

  11. Develop a business blogging mindset to see optimal results. I gave away work for free, for years, so now I charge for my services like any pro. Thanks!

  12. Hi Mimuba,

    Years ago, when I first started blogging, I had no business plan. Just an opt-in on the sidebar for something “free” to grow my list. But what did that get me? No buyers when I worked that list. When offering something for “free” you tend to get people who don’t want to pay for anything.

    Then, I learned a thing or two over the years and have treated my blog as a business. Yes, I give content out each week. But the difference is that I have to bear in mind what I want to eventually offer my readers. It has to be congruent with topics I write about.

    Since I started product creation it is a different world for me. Now, if I offer my own product to a stranger, I know they will look me up and see what I am about. They can go to my blog, see that I’m a serious blogger, pick up some knowledge from my blog posts, and most importantly, see others that visit me. See that I engage with people.

    This is where my blog comes in handy…social proof! Also, a reminder of the products/services I offer via links to my blog posts.

    One has to have a good marketing strategy in mind in order to make money from their blog. As long as a marketing plan is in place, yes…I can honestly say, you can make money from your blog.

    Thank you for raising this issue. Many people think they cannot do it. Only because they don’t know how!


    • Hi donna merrill
      Much impressed to learn how you came to present stage after learning a lot from your mistakes and adapting new things for a successful blogging journey.
      Though it happens to most of the bloggers but the way you narrated your blogging story does speak of your level of commitment that carried you to this stage where you have your own voice.
      You are right branding is equally necessary to be a money blogger. People don’t see what is being sold. They first see who is selling. This is the biggest benefit of online world where you can check any person you want with just one click of mouse. In past when everything was done in offline world only customer care was the only way to know the credibility of a seller.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you around.

  13. Hi Muba,

    A beautiful and enlightening post about blogging,it’s one to always refer to at any point in time.

    From the time i started blogging down to this moment my main motive for it is not making money, blogging to me is a passion and me fulfilling my passion justs makes it all the more fun for me. But that doesn’t hide the fact of the money-making aspect of it, I particularly like the points you stated that “blogging is not charity”, i totally agree with that and every business deserves a profit/gain,and,yes hardwork must definitely pay you.Once again,thank you for posting such a wonderful detailed information.


    • Hi Emmy Olaolu
      You are right most of the bloggers do have objective of making money with their blog but they don’t follow a proper strategy and eventually just earn a few bucks and assume blogging is not a money making venture.
      It is good to learn blogging is your passion and you enjoy it a lot. It means blogging is your cup of tea and you can make it as you want.
      Thanks for your great words and coming by sharing your wonderful views here. Hope to see you around.

  14. Excellent post Mi Muba!

    I completely agree with your points here. I would like to focus on #7 though. Gradual expansion is huge! I believe that is why so many blogs fail because of unrealistic expectations.

    As you Mentioned, we have to strategize, build our brand and so many other things that expecting the big bucks in a short period of time is not likely.

    That doesn’t mean you can’t make something but full time income takes time for most of us. Blogging is definitely more of a marathon.

    Have a good one Mi Muba!

    • Hi Steven Wilson
      First of all thanks a lot for resharing this post at G+ 🙂
      I am impressed you noted point#7 that is the basic secret of earning money if someone believes in gradual expansion instead of just taking a big jump which may make him fall a flat.
      Vow watta a wonderful phrase “blogging is more of a marathon. This what people wrongly take it and just keep blogging without properly monetizing their blog. So ultimately they fail because of their wrong strategy and declare it is not possible to earn money with a blog.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around.

  15. Good article
    I am new to this blogging world. I am using this wordpress please tell what are the various aspects other than Addsense which takes this blogging platform to another level

    • Hi Sahil Sehgal
      Welcome to amazing world of blogging. Initially keep working hard to learn more and more and then you can easily earn money with your blog. 🙂
      Keep struggling, success is yours.

  16. Hi Mi,

    Well, you know for me blogging is an accident. I didn’t really plan to blog my business. After I quit Respiratory Therapy, I thought I’d just come back on my 1st profession and create a website, so I can show new clients back to my site. Also the site I planned to show my portfolio only.

    Little did I know, I didn’t know I was gonna start blogging. Until after I’ve seen a webinar from PSMJ, telling me how to make money from blogging.

    Since I have actually blog before on livejournal, it was only a hobby and it was “friends only” and I was never on public. I thought…hey, I didn’t know I can make money on blogging, so why not! And so that’s how it started with me.

    I didn’t know that blogging in WordPress in today’s era would take so much time to keep up. Blogging from the 3rd party is different than having your own domain. So much to keep up such as maintenance, security, updates, backups, etc., etc. If I knew this then, I prolly would have never started blogging my business.

    Also, I’ve never done tutorials before or write stuff about my business so this entirely different than just writing my personal daily journal or diary talking about mundane stuff about my life. Livejournal is more of a “me me me” thingy. While blogging is more of a “customer” thing where you talk about what your customer want to hear and need to hear.

    Anyway, Mi, thank you for sharing us your nuggets. Have a great weekend.

    God bless,

    • Hi Angela
      It is good to learn you entered into this field accidentally. If it is really an accident then I would say what a pleasant happening it is. I say this very confidently after watching your huge success and the level of response of your blog audience.
      As you pointed you also started this thing of blogging as a hobby first and after knowing your high level of interest into it you took it seriously and now you are doing a great job.
      Your observation is amazing that doing a LiveJournal is about ME while blogging is about THEM. This is the basic spirit of internet marketing which asks us to take your customers as your top priority.
      I am so happy to see you here and eagerly hope to see you again and again to get your wonderful comments like this one.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your awesome views. 🙂

  17. Hi Mi Muba,
    This is an eye opener to the bloggers who are having the wrong notion of making money with their blogs. You brought out this serious issue in a gentle way and presented it well to the satisfaction of your readers. The 10 reasons you mentioned here is really an eye opener to all of us, especially to the newbies their main intention and aim is to make money by blogging. Of course you put it nicely that in point/reason # 9 Hard Work Must Pay You, even here or some other place. That is the key here.
    Thank you so much for this interesting, informative and serious reasons. 🙂
    Keep Informed.
    Keep Going!!
    Best Regards.
    ~ Philip

    PS: Hey Muba, I found this post @ kingged.com and I kingged it there and posted this comment there.. Thanks again for this great share 🙂

    • Hi Philip Verghese
      You are right many bloggers confidently but wrongly believe that it is now not that much easy to make money with blogging as it was a few years ago. That is why they try to promote it as part-time venture or just as a tool to support someone’s main business.
      As long as there is online market in this world; the money earning potential of blogging will be there. Those who really know how to earn money online will fully exploit it while those who don’t know will keep terming it just a support tool to make money and not the main venture to earn big.
      Thanks a lot for especially pointing out the reason#9 that is also my favorite.
      So happy to see you here again and got a lot from your wonderful comments. Hope to see you around.

  18. Hi Mi Muba,

    Glad I could be here.
    Interesting article! I was very intrigued by the title of this article. 🙂

    You know, usually other bloggers told the newbies don’t get too focused on money while blogging. However, your article speak in another way, you even suggested to get a lot of money from a blog. That’s an interesting thought!

    Yes, blog is a business, or at least it is your investment. I have no doubt about this! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this motivating article with us, Mi Muba.
    Nice share, indeed!


    • Hi Nanda
      Yes one can still make huge money with his blog if he follows a proper strategy and don’t make haste to earn money so early. A little hard work and patience are required to become a money blogger. That is why it is wise to first stay clear one your money making objectives then struggle to achieve them.
      Thanks for sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you around. 🙂

  19. Hello Mi,
    To me, i started blogging strictly because of the love of teaching but with time and time, it became more than a passion, it became my business and my livelihood.

    One can seriously make good money while blogging, and i am a living testimony to that 🙂

    Your points are spot on and any new bloggers should read this to get some good advice to strengthen their mind and thinking.

    Thanks for the wonderful post and do have a great weekend….

    • Hi babanature
      You are right many people first start a blog to serve their needs of expression or to support an activity they are already doing either online or offline. But after sometime they get to know huge potential in it and make long term plans to continue it.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views here. Hope to see you around 🙂

  20. Wow, you just planted seeds of greed in many newbie bloggers, which will make them even sad when they don’t see even pennies rolling in.

    They need to understand your statement, “Hard work pays off”, for the money to start rolling there is a need of tremendous and continuous hard work behind it.

    Life and blogging ain’t that easy, one needs to take the charge of their work to see the results. Great article, keep it up that way.

    Anyway, I found this on kingged.

    • Hi Rohan Bhardwaj
      Positively speaking you can say it passion instead of greed because it is passion which can make impossible to become possible.
      Yes you pointed well that hard work pays off sooner or later we just need to believe in it.
      Good to see how beautifully you took life and blogging under same spirit because both are not as easier as they are looked at first sight.
      Thanks for sharing your wonderful views and hope to see you around. 🙂

  21. Hi Mi Muba,

    Great Post and thank you for sharing this important topic with us bloggers.

    I agree that bloggers can make money with their blog, but as you mentioned in the post, there is lots of determination and hard work involved. It is a journey and should be traveled step by step and as we step up, we learn and grow and our income grow as well. It is not going to happen overnight but it is going to happen on the long run. Patience plays an important role here as well.

    Thanks for all the points you provided. They are all spot on.

    Have yourself a great weekend!!!

    Be Blessed,


    • Hi Neamat
      First of all a warm welcome to you here. 🙂
      You noted well that without lots of determination and hard work it is not possible to earn money with a blog. Otherwise blogging does have huge earning potential we just have to follow a perfect money earning strategy to make it happen.
      Yes after consistent efforts a blogger not only start earning money but does know several monetizing methods which he can apply as and when he needs them.
      Thanks a lot for your wonderful comments and hope to see you around. You do have a great weekend. 🙂

  22. I started blogging to use the blog site to increase seo for my main site. It has made a difference. My first blog is products and I would not get any comments, so that didn ‘t help much. I have turned my blog around and now I have built relationships. I have to agree with you that when you go to a blog site, they are selling something. To tell you the truth I didn’t realize that first, because so many of the bloggers hide it so well you really have to figure what what they are selling. Mine there is no guess work. I sell promotional products. I love the honesty of your article

    • Hi Arleen
      It is great to learn you started blogging with a purpose from the very beginning. Otherwise many people start it as hobby and then become serious with it. It shows your professionalism from the very start. 🙂
      You are right, every popular blog adopts several monetization methods but we rarely get the actual methods which easily bring decent earning. After a lot of toiling we manage to get such profitable ways and means to monetize our blog.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around.

  23. Hi Muba,

    Thanks for this wonderful post. Pro bloggers advice us not to set our mind on money when starting but this your article have prove it wrong.

    YES, In my own opinion too, blogging should be seen as business and that is what i have been doing all this while. Building my blog to be a brand so as to be able to seal corporate deals.

    I see no reason why i shouldn’t aim big to make money blogging when there are lot of bills to pay like DOMAIN & HOSTING, INTERNET, STAFF WRITERS, PLUGINS and so on.

    There is not doubt that aim to earn big money blogging will definitely require HARD & SMART WORK.

    Thanks for sharing this educative and eye opening article with us. I really learn something from it.

    Have a nice weekend

    • Hi olamosh
      Yes to that extent pro bloggers are right that initially newbie bloggers should not just aim at money making but they should ultimately aim to make big money because blogging still have money making potential despite stiffening of competition in it.
      You are right if we are paying a handsome amount of money to start our blog so we should aim to earn money with it to cover our cost and then make our living with it. It is our right to earn with any type of business and blogging is a business of course.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your wonderful views here. Hope to see you again.

  24. Hi Mimuba,

    I thought you made some great points in this article!

    There were two things in particular I picked out from this post, first point was that indeed, demand will never die. The amount of internet users is going to increase over time, we haven’t yet reached saturation. There is great potential. As more and more generations become used to this system of information demand will increase so it is good to get into it right now.

    The second point was the blind alley. Often it takes a blogger a while to find their way but eventually it becomes apparent what direction to follow.

    I also agree that blogging is a business and not a charity. The thought of making freebies does disturb me!

    • Hi Jackson Davies
      You noted well that demand will never die. Once it will die, there won’t be buying and selling. So until people have needs they will demand and buy things to meet their needs.
      Yes you are right. Many bloggers don’t know what to do exactly for earning money and they end into a blind alley and have to start from the beginning.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around.

  25. Hi Mi Muba,

    Very Interesting post that is very helpful for new blogger include me.

    You are right.
    The main purpose of blogging is just money. but without handwork, we can achieve our goal.

    I agree with those people that say that the blogging aim is to make relation with other.
    I say, If we make relation with other then automatically we are earning. More reader, more money. simple method
    In the world of internet, every one has only one aim and that is money.
    No one have enough time to just time pas. they spend money on hosting, time etc.

    But I agree with your all points.
    any way thanks for sharing this post like other post.

    Areesha Noor.
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