Unclothe your blogging forte to stand out & make easy money

What is your worst problem in blogging?

Is it any untraceable hurdle in generating massive traffic on your blog? Or in creating unforgettable contents? Or in making easy money or something like that?

As a result you are unable to build huge traffic on your blog. You have yet to create contents that become talk of the town. Ultimately you are still groping in the dark to make easy money online?

It confirms you are facing several problems. Your problems are not letting you to achieve your blogging goals.

Don’t worry. This happens to everyone. You are not alone while facing these problems.

Everyone faces so many problems while achieving his blogging goals. Mostly fails to define those problems in definite terms.

That is why he simply does so many things on trial and error basis to achieve his goals without fail.

In this post I would tell you what you miss while doing blogging. So you are still unable to achieve your goals as perfectly as otherwise you could have done.

make easy moneyWhere is your point of perfection?

Did you ever hear the famous proverb “nobody is perfect in this world”?

Or how many times you received the blogging advice to develop your blogging skills in every field. Be it;

  • Content writing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media optimization or
  • Blog monetization with the same level of expertise.

I admit this is one of the sincerest blogging advices to do blogging on do-it-yourself basis. But it is best fit for newbie bloggers only. Struggling bloggers need to think beyond this basic level.

Jack of all trade is master of none

You must also have heard the proverb jack of all trade is master of none.  Then why this contradiction. You are advised to be jack of all trade. Simultaneously you are asked to develop your authority in so many fields of blogging.

You are advised several times to be unforgettable in several blogging chores including;

  • content creation
  • idea generation and
  • solution making to be an authority and win the trust of huge number of people.

I am confused on if you are being advised to be a blogger or a would-be noble laureate of physics or literature.

Do you need to put your every minute of life to achieve required blogging excellence? Not at all. Just have a look on what are your strengths and weaknesses.

What is blogging forte?

Is it possible to simultaneously be like;

I think it is almost impossible to be like all of them if you are a human being like me. This can be possible for only super natural beings. Thank God you and I are not in that list. We are normal human beings. Cheers

So it is clear now one can never be a master of all trades. He must admit he can be master of one or two trades. The rest he can do just to get the things goings. Not to achieve any big excellence in them.

If it is right why so many jack-of-all-trade type of bloggers are achieving huge success. While millions of others having expertise in one blogging chore are groping in the dark.

This is the point where I want to make you perceive like me. I got this point in last fifteen days after minutely researching so many great bloggers.

Who is Harleena Singh? We all know she is commenting queen. Who is Adrienne Smith? Again we all know she was engagement superstar. (Now she quit blogging) Who is Neil Patel? We know well that he is SEO genius basically.

So does it mean they are simply the ones as I mentioned above. Obviously not; because they are great bloggers as well.

Is it clear now? They have one super quality related to blogging and so many other blogging qualities as well.

They just have fully exploited their super quality. So they became authority in one field and supported and promoted their other qualities as well. Eventually they became overall a great blogger.

This is called their forte which they have successfully explored. Still they are fully exploiting it to serve their target audience more.

How to discover your blogging forte?

So blogging may be your passion but it can’t be your forte as a whole. You can hardly be equally genius in all blogging chores equally.

make easy moneyIn some of these chores you may be good and in some others you must be better. But there would be only one chore where you might be the best. Just grab it. This is your forte where you are the best.

The glaring signs to point your blogging forte are:

  • You never get bored while doing any task related to your forte
  • You receive more massive response to your performance in it
  • You never feel any problem while doing any task pertaining to it
  • You never lack ideas relating to it.

So just have a look on what you have done so far previously. Then pick your favorite blogging chore and from now. Take it more professionally to make it your forte.

How to exploit your forte for making easy money?

It doesn’t mean you should sell it or hone it more at the cost of other blogging chores. Simply showcase it at the front desk (upper half of your home page) of your blog to attract customers. Do sell other products as well where you are not as better as in your favorite chore.

Key objective of exploiting your forte

The basic objective of discovering and exploiting your blogging forte should and must be to support your overall blogging business to make easy money.

Your forte should offset your slightly lesser performance in other areas of blogging.

If you are best in conceiving ideas on new posts with highly searched keywords so do it more massively. You can produce more and more contents that surely would send more traffic to your blog.

Once you have huge traffic on your blog you can sell a product in higher quantity to make easy money.

So just your one quality of conceiving big ideas for content creation can make you;

Never ignore other chores

To be a great blogger you need to be a great entrepreneur. So never be specialist in one field as if you are going to do any specialization in that field.

Think like an entrepreneur and act like an entrepreneur while doing all your blogging chores. Give equal importance to all of them despite having specialty in just one chore.

How to make easy money with your blogging forte?

Once you fully portray your blogging forte you can easily exploit it. Selling your own product or offering your premium services will not require much labor. All be knowing you are gem of a blogger.

You can sell your forte by:

  • Creating an ebook on a topic where you are stronger
  • Launching a training program to fully train people in your area of expertise
  • Developing an e-course to make people professionally learn your blogging forte from you
  • Creating a membership site on your forte to get regular stream of income with it
  • Building a niche website related to it and get a small income from it regularly
  • Speaking in webinars and business forums as an expert in that field

What to do from today?

So from today first discover your blogging forte. Hone it further to take it on a professional level. Finally market it on your blog to portray you as an expert in a particular field of blogging.

Once you do all these things you will be famous as a superstar in one of the blogging chores. You can fully exploit it to keep promoting your entire blogging business very easily.

Your take

Which one is your blogging forte? Mine is conceiving unique ideas and bringing quite new points in my contents.

I am sure you also know what is your blogging forte so we would love to listen about it and take benefit from your blogging experience.

I hope you would also reshare this post on social media to let others discover their blogging forte.

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I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.

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