4 provocative investing options to make your own blog

So you have made up your mind to make your own blog. Maybe you have done your initial research to start a blog and run it like a pro. Maybe you have selected your niche and pretty much sure to make it with your hard work and consistency.

But you are still undecided what to buy and what to get free for starting your blog. You are just reading and listening to the variety of advices to buy this and that but not sure how much money to spend to jump into this amazing field where success is must for those who plan well, work well and move well.

Don’t worry after reading this post of more than 1500 words you will be pretty much clear on what to buy and what to get free for building rock solid technical foundation of your blog. So stay cool and jump into it right now or bookmark it to read whenever you are free.

But here I would give you a free advice. Free time never comes itself so forget about it and just start reading it. I am with you meanwhile and you can ask me any question in comments section below where I am eagerly waiting for you.

Is free blogging a thing of the past?

make your own blogA few years ago it was so common to make your own blog for free. Still you can do it without paying a dime.

So should everyone just get a free domain, free hosting, free blogging platform and start a blog?

If it’s a correct approach then why top-level domains, premium hosting and blogging platforms are making sales of millions of dollars all around the world.

Are buyers that much simple.

Do they prefer premium blogging products despite their free availability?

No they are not simple.

They are professional.

What does professionalism mean?

It means you charge for your services and pay to others for their services. This you do to admit the value of a thing you are buying.

Money is actually a source, a medium to admit the worth of the thing for which you are paying it to seller of the thing. Right?

What is universal rule of making profit?

So how is it possible you aim to make your own blog to earn money and get everything for free?

Is it possible a person get something free and sell it somewhere on price?

He can do this once but its secrete will get open when his buyers come to know his obtaining the things without paying anything.

Even if he adds value in a free thing even then he can’t sell it as much costly as to make huge profit from it. So it is wiser to buy the products at reasonable prices and sell them after adding value in it. This is the universal rule of every business.

If you take blogging as a business you should avoid going for free stuff at least while making rock solid foundation of your blog.

1. Premium way is the prime way to make your own blog

If you want to become a successful blogger always try to go for premium products as much as possible. At least you should never try free basic products to make a strong technical foundation of your blog.

Hosting and domain

If you don’t want to take any risk even then there are two products at least which you must buy. You must get their premium versions if you’re really want to do blogging seriously.

  • Hosting
  • Domain name

To save money for starting a blog buy the cheapest but high quality hosting package along with domain name.

The speed of a blog is one of the main factors for its higher ranking. Paid hosting is the surest way to keep the speed of your blog faster than the free hosting.

Google bots give ranking to paid domain higher than the free domain. That is why premium basic products are must to make a strong technical foundation your blog.

Blog template

To further make the base of your blog stronger it is wiser to buy a premium blog template. Initially it is good to equally focus SEO factor for buying a blog theme. There are two widely acclaimed blog themes that are superb to make a strong base of SEO of your blog. These are:

  • Genesis
  • Thesis

Strong SEO base means higher ranking and ultimately more traffic on your blog. Several steps for SEO are built-in in these templates. Just on-page and off-page SEO is then required to promote your blog.

Email subscription service

For making a strong customer base of your blog another step-forward is recommended. Start making email subscribers list from the day one. It can be built by:

  • Offering a free ebook related to your niche to attract visitors become your subscribers
  • An ecourse to provide online training related to your niche
  • Regular updates of your blog to send directly into the inbox of your subscribers

Email list can’t be built well with any free email subscription list. MailChimp is one of such service that also offers basic package free but it can’t bring results as fast as a premium service can. It does offer a premium service but Awber is far better than MailChimp in terms of benefits. Almost 80 per cent successful bloggers use it because of its awesome service packages.

2. Who should go for free options?

make your own blogIt is not necessary you can’t become a successful blogger if you go for free blogging products. There are hundreds of successful bloggers who first started a blog on free stuff then switched to premium one. But it was the time of low competition in blogging. That is why they easily moved to the higher level with free stuff.

Now competition is very stiff. You need not take risk of wasting time in free stuff. If you are confident enough to become a successful blogger always go for premium products from the start.

3. Who should go for a mix of free and premium options?

To make your own blog you can buy domain and hosting at price along with a free blogging template. You should do this if you are not fully confirmed if you will continue blogging or not.

Right now you are so passionate to start a blog and earn money with it but may be a little doubtful to make it or not. In this case you should spend gradually.

First buy a domain name and the cheapest but high quality hosting and then go for premium template. In this way you won’t have to suffer huge loss if you quit blogging.

But this is a golden rule if you initiate a venture keeping in mind fear of failure you will hardly succeed in it.

Always remember covering every type of risk while starting a business is the real spirit of entrepreneurship. So keep in mind likelihood of failure but never let the fear of failure come into your mind.

4. Conventional approach to make your own blog

There is another approach to make your own blog. It says first go for free things and then buy them if you succeed in blogging. This is conventional approach but may not work in present times.

This was good at the initial stage of blogging era. When nothing was clear and people were joining it just to experiment it. Those who succeeded in it are now pro bloggers. They did the same method of first went for free options and then bought the basic products of blogging.

But here is a problem associated with this approach.

You have to take lot of risk while transferring your blog from free to premium hosting and if you need to change blogging platform the risk factor is further multiplied. You already have established a huge optimization of your blog on free stuff now fully transferring it to premium stuff is not much easy. It needs a lot of techie exercises to do with consistency. Even then it is not confirmed either you manage to shift every benefit or not.

Time of experimentation is over

Now the time of experimenting with blogging has gone. Everything in this field is clear now. You need not to make guesses to increase traffic or to select a niche for your blog. There is huge quantity of premium and free blogging tutorials and trainings already available online. You just need to grab them and learn blogging formally before you make your own blog.


So it depends upon your blogging objectives to go for premium or free options to make your own blog. It is must to be clear why you want to make your own blog before diving into this field. Otherwise you will remain confused and may be changing your course of action and ultimately may fail to become a successful blogger. Before this hard time comes into your blogging journey be clear with regard to your blogging goals and then go confidently for free or premium blogging products.

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