Why a self-examination before making a blog?

Before making a blog you need to examine yourself first. Why?

Actually you need self examination before you start any new task. Its objective is to check if you can accomplish the given task.

So it is necessary to examine yourself before starting a work. If it relates to a long-term activity you must examine yourself. If you start it without checking your skills you may fail in it.

Always remember; failing doesn’t mean just not achieving success. By failing you also lose your time and money you invested in it. So must be fully aware of you both personally and professionally to confidently start any serious activity.

Blogging is also a serious activity. It requires a lot of hard work. It calls for strategic thinking. It demands clarity of thoughts. It requires several positive qualities in you.

Before making a blog

So before making a blog you need to assess yourself very honestly. Your assessment should revolve around these four points.

  • What you have to do successful blogging? It includes all your qualities and skills.
  • What you unnecessarily have that my create problem in your blogging journey. They may be good for you but not good for blogging.
  • What you don’t have for doing successful blogging? These are the basic required traits to do blogging.
  • What you don’t have that might have stopped you from becoming a blogger? These are the negative points which will just make you another ordinary blogger and nothing else.

What you have for making a blog?

So first you need to know what skills and resources you have to succeed in blogging. I am not mentioning a lengthy list of things. Under three broad categories you should judge what you have;

Basic resources and benefits

It means:

  • Money for initial investment
  • Time
  • Peace of mind
  • Computer with internet
  • Sound educational background and
  • A congenial workplace.

Primary abilities and qualities

It includes ability to:

  • Solve a problem
  • Accept a challenge
  • Manage the time
  • Stay consistent and
  • Follow patience in difficult task.

Basic skills

For making a blog you should have following skills:

  • Writing
  • Working on social media
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Online marketing
  • Managerial work
  • Networking skills

It includes all techie and non techie skills. Here you means only you because initially you do all blogging chores yourself. Subsequently outsource some of them if you start earning with your blog.

My all advice here is for personal blogging. Business blogging is quite different. We will discuss it in another segment. Let’s first finish this series which I specially developed for start-ups.

I repeat these are skills not the expertise. If you have a few of them don’t worry you can acquire them gradually. Skills can be learnt, improved and easily carried to the level of expertise. Just practice is required for this.

What you unnecessarily have?

Before starting a blog many people ignore this aspect of self-assessment. There are several things that may be helpful in general but for blogging they are not good. They include:

  • Deep thinking
  • Extraordinary creativity
  • Habit of following mood for working
  • Trusting others without second thought

These unnecessary things for blogging may also be your other assignments, family responsibilities and any other community liability.

So you should have clear thoughts of how much time and energy you can put to blog regularly apart from investing money.

So anything that may prove a hurdle in your blogging journey should not be part of your nature and your life.

What you don’t have to do successful blogging?

You need to explore yourself what you lack for successful blogging. After you develop clear understanding about blogging you should know what you should have to become a successful blogger.

making a blogFirst make a list of what ideally a successful blogger need to have. These are:

  • Passion for blogging
  • Energy to work hard
  • Time to spend hours for blogging
  • Money to buy quality products instead of cheap free products
  • Confidence to stand out in the crowd
  • A little creativity to put element of interest in your blog
  • Consistency to make your blog successful

After that, examine what qualities you already have. The remaining points will be your shortcomings. Don’t worry. You can develop them. But first you must know what you lack and then recover them with your efforts.

For example some people can’t create good contents so they have to outsource the job of content creation. So you should be fully aware of all your qualities and shortcomings before you start a blog.

If you can’t do any blogging chore you should have money to outsource that job from the very beginning.

What you don’t have that might have stopped you from becoming a blogger?

This is the most pleasant aspect of your self-examination. There are several attitudinal faults and shortcomings people usually have.

Just make its detailed list and then minus the ones which you already have. The remaining negatives are not part of your nature. So this is the point of gratitude.

Negative attributes which you must not have

  • Laziness
  • Overambitious
  • Dreaming
  • Impatience
  • Idealism
  • Disorganized
  • No punctual
  • Weaker will

Positive attributes which you should have

  • Politeness
  • Humble
  • Friendly
  • Positive
  • Caring
  • Honest
  • Hard working
  • Energetic

If you don’t have a quality or skill that is must to do successful blogging even without it you can start a blog and succeed.

You should assess yourself just to improve yourself, not to pass or fail yourself. After that you need to develop in you whatever good qualities you should have. Also you should quit the bad attributes you already have.

So for making a blog you must fully know all about yourself. If you know how much skillful you have then you will be able to make better plan for starting a blog.

Most essential managerial skills for blogging

The most essential managerial skills for blogging are: planning, creating, promoting and earning.

Either you know it or can get them done by others but you should have tendency of all these basic four managerial chores.

If you can’t plan you can’t succeed without it.

If you can’t create or make someone create for you, it will be difficult for you to blog.

Similarly without knowing the art of promoting you can’t bring traffic on your blog.

If you don’t know how to earn from as much sources as possible you will miss several chances to earn money and will not be making your full-time living with your blog.

So you must know these managerial chores to become a successful blogger.

In our next post we will discuss: What are common blogging goals and which ones should be yours?

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