Mi MubaI belong to a small town of desert of Thar that is called Kunri, Tharparkar in Sindh province of Pakistan.

I did my matriculation from there and attended my primary classes by sitting on a trunk of tree. Facility of benches was for high school students in those days.

I did my intermediate and bachelor’s in commerce from Mirpurkhas. After that I shifted to Karachi in 1990.

Fifteen jobs

So far I did various types of fifteen full-time and part-time jobs. I have been working to earn money since I was 18.

My first job was in a secondary school as a junior teacher. Then I worked in another school of a little higher grade as English language teacher.

After that I worked for six months as a steno-typist in Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan.

Higher studies

After doing my B Com I wanted to get higher education. It was not possible while doing the job. So I quit my job and got admission in M.Com in University of Karachi.

During my studies it was difficult to continue my studies because of financial problems. So I started tuitions and managed my financial needs. After passing my M.Com I went back to Mirpurkhas to live with my ailing parents.


There I joined journalism. I worked for four years as a journalist and in 1998 I got a media management job.

Public Awareness

Then I was appointed as Assistant Director in Government of Sindh. I did this job for 15 years.

Urge to learn more made me blogger

But I could not have stopped my struggle to improve my skills and kept on doing part-time jobs to learn more and more.

Mostly I have been associated as part-timer with newspapers, news websites and finally I joined an NGO of UK to manage its two blogs. I was associated with it for two years apart from managing my own green blog www.pollutionpollution.com.

During my first three years in blogging I made almost hundreds of mistakes and finally developed perfect skills to earn money with a blog of any profitable niche.

I love you all

Now I live happily in Karachi Pakistan with my beautiful and hardworking wife and two lovely and intelligent daughters.

I remain engaged in blogging joyfully till midnight. I am fully satisfied with my life that is why I love you all.

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