How to modify your blogging strategy after one year?

If you struggle you will either succeed or fail. You fail to win. It is natural. Failing is not bad. Doing nothing fearing failure is bad. So never give up and keep struggling. But it does not mean you should struggle stubbornly. Being blogger you should keep reviewing your blogging strategy. You should quickly modify it if you think you are not moving on right track.

How to review your blogging strategy?

It’s so simply. Just look at results. You blog to achieve certain objectives. You work hard to get:

Huge traffic on your blog

So just look how much percentage of your blogging objectives you have achieved. If your goal is to get 1000 daily unique visitors just see in Google Analytics how much visitors come to your blog after six months. If they are 500 its fine, even 400 are fine because you are moving ahead. If you are still struggling for 100 visitors daily it means you should review your traffic strategy.

blogging strategyEarning money with your blog

This is not important how many ads are being displayed on your blog. More important is how their rate of return is. If you have three Google ads of different sizes how much you are earning with them. If you have 500 daily visitors and you are hardly earning one dollar daily it means:

  • You have placed the ads at wrong places on your blog
  • The size of your ads is not as per Google recommendations
  • Demographics of your visitors are not fit for Google ads (it means you earn a tiny amount on their each click)
  • Your keywords are cheapest (it means your receive a meager amount on each click at Google ads related to your niche)

If you are facing any of these problems you need to optimize your ads placements, their sizes and attract visitors from the regions of costly clicks. Also select a few costly keywords to earn revenue.

This is one example of how to review your blogging strategy related to monetization. Also do same analysis to know why you are not earning with Affiliates and why companies are not giving you banner ads?

Becoming a brand name in your niche

If you don’t have huge traffic on your blog and are not earning big money it means you have yet to achieve success. So obviously you are not a brand name in your niche. To review your blogging strategy for becoming a brand name you need to:

  • Assess why people are not reading your contents
  • Why they are not following your tips?
  • Why visitors are not resharing your contents?
  • Why other bloggers are not linking your posts?

Remember its main reason cannot be quality only. Sometimes you write a highest quality post but it does not go viral because you fail to promote it. Even if you promote it smartly but several posts on same topic are already hitting the scene. So thoroughly examine why your contents are not working and you have yet to become a brand name in your blogging niche.

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