Why you must be very clear on these 3 basic concepts of money blogging?

Should I name a few of those bloggers who have unbelievably high blog earnings?

Ethically I should not. It may be getting personal with them.

I just read recently on FB a blogger who started blogging three years ago now he is earning almost $40,000 a month.

Many others do share their income reports very proudly with five digit total income a month with their blog.

Many of them in a bid to portray their income a little rational also add their income of other sources as well.

In short most of them show how they are making four to five digit income in a slight span of three to four years of blogging.

What do you say? Should we believe in their income reports? Won’t it be our skepticism if we don’t trust them?

If we don’t believe in them it may imply we are far away from that much income that is why it seems to be so difficult to us.

Interestingly many struggling bloggers very optimistically respond to such escalated income reports and say they too are about to earn that much soon.

But my question is still there. Should we believe their income reports are true or not?

Practically speaking we should believe in what they are saying but never try to follow their course of action in ditto.

I still remember one of the top bloggers of the world received his first check after eight months of his blogging journey. But this was the time when a few hundred bloggers were working professionally.

So eight months could be quite long time in those days because at that time many of the pioneer bloggers used to get top rank in Google search just after they published their post.

So believing in monumental incomes of those bloggers who started blogging some ten to fifteen years ago could be quite logical because they did not have stiff competition.

basic concepts of money bloggingBut those who started blogging less than five years ago may be earning quite good amount but not in five figures just because now it is not as much easier to earn so big with blogging as it used to be five years ago.

Now specialization and sub categorization in every blogging chore has made it quite challenging to just start a blog on a common niche and earn so big. Now every niche is divided into so many sub niches and sources of earning through blogging has grown like mushroom. Now a personal blogger with just two hands and one mind can’t avail every source of earning with limited time he has.

So keeping these bitter and sweet realities in mind, you simply need to keep blogging to earn money by getting clear on three basic concepts of money blogging.

3 basic concepts of money blogging

These are the three basic concepts of money blogging. To be very clear on them you need to think like a businessperson.

What a businessperson does before starting a business. He simply decides:

What to sell?
Who to sell?
How to sell?

These are the three basic concepts of money blogging and you must be very clear about them.

If a business person decides to sell by sitting at a place he has very clear concept how to bring people to buy his products.

If he has to sell by roaming in streets he does have very clear route of his roaming where and when.

In a same way while starting a blog you must be very clear what you would sell to whom. Even if you just want to earn with Google Adsense still you need to decide which type of ads are high paying and how you would bring those people who would click on these ads. For that you need to first select a niche that has high paying Google Adsense keywords and you too have interest in it as well.

Act like a businessperson

A business is done in a market or in an industry or in a niche and not in a jungle. So you can’t run your business in isolation.

In blogging also you can’t make money blogging by just bringing real buyers on your blog and selling them the products they want to buy.

To keep a vigil eye on what is hot in market and which products are being sold in big number you need to be in contact with your fellow business persons.

So without establishing contacts with other bloggers of your niche it would be quite challenging for you to earn money with your blog.

basic concepts of bloggingIt is must to have good contacts with industry influencers, fellow bloggers and even with your competitors because competitors in an industry could never be enemy of each other. They work in a market to grab their own share with their business strategy and don’t fight a duel to win the heart of a damsel.

How to sell?

Did you ever see someone has started a business and on very first day his products were sold like hot cakes?

So in your fist sales campaign may be you hardly sell just one product. It could not be failure of your product only. It could also be due to the way you are selling.

So again I would say you must be clear how to sell your product. Is it sufficient to put the ad of an affiliate product on side bar or header or you need to write a product review with several cases studies to make your readers buy the product.

In any of the case never lose your heart if you can’t make big money in the beginning. Every amount begins with 1 so never be shy to earn small in the beginning. Once you have clarity how to sell, what to sell and who to sell it will be quite easy for you to earn big money with your blog.

Never be greedy

Be very honest while deciding what to sell, who to sell and how to sell. Never try to sell a wrong product to right audience or right product to wrong audience. It will be waste of your time and precious time of your blog audience as well. In short never try to force anyone to buy your product.

Just try to serve your blog readers by selling them the best product. Your basic purpose should be to make your readers happy by convincing them to buy the product you are recommending. For this purpose first of all you must be very satisfied with all the benefits of the product.

This is the main difference between a money blogger and an ordinary businessperson. The prime objective of former is to please his readers by selling the best product. While the latter’s objective is to earn money by selling best product to his customers.

Never be contented

So many bloggers avail a few sources of blog earning and don’t explore new methods. Competition is stiffening in blogging so never put all your eggs in one basket.

A few years ago guest blogging was the best way to get back links but now it does not have that much value. So keep exploring new methods because maybe after sometimes your present sources of income could become outdated.

Make relations first

This is the golden rule of money blogging like of any other business. Make relations first then make money. Otherwise you will have a few customers and limited income forever.

Your satisfied customer comes back to you alone. Your very satisfied customer comes back to you with his family. Your more than satisfied customer comes back to you with friends and family.

So make good relations with your each customer to make him more than satisfied and grow your sales gradually and consistently. By following this rule you would also have astonishing income reports and people would be confused if they should believe in your big income report or not.

Are you very clear on these three basic concepts of money blogging? What you are selling to who and how on your blog. Share your experiences in comments section below.

I am sure you would also reshare this post on social media to let more and more people know about these three basic concepts of money blogging.

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