How to never quit blogging by achieving genuine success?

I was trying hard to avoid writing on this topic just because it may imply I am trying to refer an amazing blogger who recently quit blogging and was no doubt one of my biggest inspirations.

All my dormant thoughts which I would share in this post revived just after reading the reason of quitting of that blogger. Actually these thoughts were already in my mind well before that recent incident of quitting.

BTW I already have shared my thoughts almost two years ago about why you should not follow all popular bloggers.

This time in this post I would share a few more thoughts why people have misinterpreted blogging a lot. Their misinterpretation makes so many people join blogging and then quit it after wasting their so many precious years of struggle.

I can’t stop laughing when I read host of advices given to newbie bloggers as if they are going to wage a big war against a group of sinners or would revolutionize the whole world with their blog.

quit bloggingThis is the main reason why many bloggers first put their day and night to achieve blogging success and then quit it. Actually they create their own definition of blogging success and once they achieve it they come to know their success could be a source of inner satisfaction but hardly works to engage a person forever in this field.

How to never quit blogging?

In this post I won’t share lengthy list of tips and tricks to make money blogging or anything like that which I usually share. This time I would simply try to inform my readers what blogging actually is and how it is being misinterpreted by most of the people.

Because of their misinterpretation many of them quit blogging despite having vague type of huge success including fame, popularity, appreciation and a little money as well.

Type 1 of bloggers

You know well that basically there are two types of bloggers. One type is of money bloggers or professional bloggers who blog to earn money or support their any commercial activity.

Type 2 of bloggers

Second type is of hobby bloggers who aim to achieves satisfaction from blogging by sharing their thoughts or creating a blogging community or becoming famous everywhere.

Less focus on niche

In the field of blogging mostly both of these types are taken interchangeably. You can observe that in commenting section of a popular blog all types of bloggers be they hobby or professional are present there in equal number.

If there is a thing called niche and they believe in it they must stay focused on their niche and first visit blogs of their niche and share their views there. If they do it they won’t have any time left to visit blogs not related to their niche.

quit bloggingSo this mingling of both hobby and business bloggers create the actual problem. Those who blog just to get pleasure or happiness could never be compared with those who try to sell and then earn money.

Earning money by chance

No doubt many intellectual type of bloggers do sell products on their blog but their priority is not to put their every effort for earning money. They keep sharing their thoughts and providing value to their readers and meanwhile if they get any offer to sell something on their blog or place an ad they accept it and earn money as well.

Many newbie bloggers adopt the same strategy and keep sharing more and more contents on their blog and don’t create a focused strategy to earn money. They become passive earner that means to welcome the income if it arrives by itself. Also they don’t do outbound marketing.

What is outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing means you market your blog by offering your products and services to people who are your target audience. For this purpose you need to keep sharing contents that invite people to buy your products and attract advertisers to place their ads on your blog.

Your every blog post should have an overt or covert appeal to make people buy your products and also an invitation to advertisers to place ads on your blog.

On the contrary inbound marketing means you accept any offer of earning money if it is given to you by someone and you didn’t have make any effort to get this offer.

Alluring benefits of blogging for free forever

If you would simply keep sharing your contents every time free with the aim to benefit your readers one day:

  • You would become quite popular blogger in blogosphere
  • Other bloggers will respect you and make you their inspiration
  • People will follow your every advice because of being free
  • You would be invited in every second roundup post to share your thoughts on a specific topic
  • You would be welcome as featured blogger on other blogs quite frequently

quit bloggingDemerits of money blogging by chance

It is also possible with the high amount of so-called blogging success you may earn a handsome amount of money but:

  • It would not be sufficient as full-time earning for your living
  • It won’t push you work more to earn more because after a stage it won’t rise further
  • People expect more from you as free and respond so cautiously whenever you offer them anything on price

Your free offer implies you are not confident of it

Doling out everything for free means you are not confident that people would buy it if you charge price for it. It happens when you initially do more for free for your target audience and while proving your sincerity you very proudly announce there is no business objective behind helping your readers.

Its glaring example is mentioning of “no affiliate” link on a product that many bloggers very proudly do though it reflects their non-professional attitude. (More on this topic in another post).

People do receive your every offer for free but would not give it as much importance as they give to a thing they buy on a price. It means they would keep collecting free info from you and many others and would never apply them on their blog.

Consumers of everything are very smart now. They do understand if someone distributes anything free obviously it would be a worthless thing for him. That is why he is distributing it for free. No one throws away gold or silver. Only trash is thrown away.

Biggest reality of money blogging

It is an old saying that those who firmly believe their recommended product or service will surely benefit the buyers they never offer it for free and must sell it on a reasonable price. If a seller doesn’t have confidence on a quality of a product he would sell it on big discount or at a cheap price.

A highly quality product is always sold at higher or reasonable price and its seller gives you guarantee of its benefits.

Be a businessperson not a social worker

Those who do business take the act of helping people as their liability because they charge for it. Those who help people as a hobby just take it as their responsibility.

It is also a problem with many bloggers that their humane side overshadows their business aspect of blogging and they try to serve all regardless of knowing who can afford to buy from them and who can’t.

quit bloggingYes in a group of people a few may have no money to buy a thing but it should not be your target group if most of them can’t pay for a priced product.

So make an aim at a target audience that can afford to buy and this you can do once you explore so many high quality products to sell on your blog and create a high-priced product by yourself as a solution to a big problem of your readers.

Don’t be afraid of already working millions of blogs

No doubt millions of blogs are already there but majority of them are hobby blogs. Even many successful blogs are not successful in terms of money earning and it won’t be a big surprise if any of them announce next week to quit blogging and join any other profession.

Main confusion about blogging

People have a lot of confusion about the real objectives of blogging (not a blog). We simply need to know why blogging is getting popular everywhere. Its answer is simple. It is getting popular because it is a step ahead of marketing.

Changing faces of selling

Earlier products were sold with selling department of a company. Then the era of advertising arrived and most of the sales was made because of the efforts of advertising department. Then we finally saw the era of marketing where everything from product creation to its naming, its branding, packaging, promotion, selling, physical delivery and then finally customer care was done by a huge marketing department of a company.

Self praise is no recommendation

Blogging is also a part of that marketing department where latter has opened its branch of online marketing. Earlier companies tried to sell their products through their websites. But people didn’t respond massively because they believed a seller can’t be a good judge of the quality of his own product.

Era of impartial marketing

From there the era of third-party marketing started. Earlier celebrities were hired to boost the sale of a product by recommending it to their followers. Then people also thought if a company paid a celebrity for recommending its product to his followers obviously he would do so because he is getting money for doing that.

quit bloggingBeginning of blogging

This was the time when third-party marketing by unknown people like you and me started. It was called personal blogging. It means a person without any regular contact with a product or company recommends its most beneficial products to his target audience by keeping the aim of benefiting his readers higher than earning money.

The power of blogging could be judged by the fact that 77 per cent buying decisions in United States are made under the direct or indirect influence of blogging.

Concept of affiliate marketing

Meanwhile the concept of affiliate marketing developed where personal bloggers were advised that once they fully convince their readers to buy a given product they can charge from product’s company an amount as commission on each sale.

Creating own product

So bloggers started selling affiliate products and services apart from putting direct ads on their blog. Once affiliate marketing reached at its highest point of competition then bloggers started creating their own products to keep earning from different sources of earning.

Now most of the genuinely successful bloggers are earning money from ads, affiliate marketing and by selling their products and services.

Money is the best yardstick of genuine success

It is now clear why most of the bloggers quit despite achieving success that is anything but earning of huge money. They actually achieve huge success but not in monetary terms and that is why they have to keep earning money from other sources because their income from their blog is not sufficient to make their living. That is why they quit after sometime.

It means genuineness of blogging success could be better evaluated in terms of money. You are genuinely successful blogger if you are earning money directly from your blog or having a big support from it to earn from other sources.

quit bloggingFor example owing to my this blog and another green blog I have two permanent contacts of blogging consultancy and are enough to make my full-time earning with it.

Two types of blogging success

So we can say there are two types of blogging success. One is tangible or genuine blogging success that means you are earning enough money with blogging and are regularly raising your income.

Other type is intangible or abstract blogging success that means you are achieving so many things including satisfaction, happiness, pleasure, fame, popularity, respect and authority. But for making your living you already are doing any other job or business.

Once again I would say the purpose of sharing my thoughts on why so many bloggers quit blogging despite achieving huge success is to clear again what blogging actually is and why it is being misinterpreted everywhere.

I hope from now you would also take it purely as business and create your blogging strategy to earn money with it. It will surely make you never quite blogging.

For this purpose you need to think like a businessperson to first influence a group of people, then prove you are very sincere to them and then sell them products and services with the confidence that a high quality thing can never be found for free anywhere in this world.

What is your take on this topic? Do you believe blogging has another definition also in addition to mine? Also do you think we simply should keep blogging and money would itself come eventually or we need to make a plan to earn from our blog under a proper strategy?

I am sure you would also reshare this post on social media to let others know about his topic.

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