7 uncommon things passionate bloggers do differently

If you are really a passionate blogger?

Yes or No? Or you don’t know?

No worries.

Don’t reply now.

Just read this post to know better if you really are or not.

Now let me know first who are passionate bloggers?

They are the ones who eventually become successful.

If you have real passion for blogging you can also make it.

This is the most popular blogging success mantra.

So frisk your soul to check if you are almost mad to blog.

Examine your mind, heart and even body to find the fire to be a top blogger of the world.

But you can’t know by doing this.

Because sometimes you take your enthusiasm as your passion.

Sometimes you feel your desire to make money is your passion.

passionate bloggersPassion is not a fiery desire

Passion is far more than a simple desire.

A desire can be fulfilled but passion can never.

A desire can die down but passion can never.

There are so many formulas and rules to know how much passionate you are about a thing or activity.

Generally you get to know fully about your real passion when you are closer to success.

But newbie bloggers want to know in the beginning if they really have passion for blogging.

Especially when they have to drop other options just for starting a blog and take it to professional level.

They have to invest some money to manage it professionally.

So they want to know if they really have passion for it before starting a blog.

Check these 7 things passionate bloggers do differently

Either you have already started a blog and managing it or you are just to start the one. Look into these 7 things passionate bloggers do differently.

You can check if a few of them you are also doing or would do. If yes then forget about everything and just keep blogging.

If no; so you should not take a deep dive into it. Just keep the other options open if you fail here.

1. They never read for a fixed time

They read more and more. They read as much as they can. Whenever they have time they read. They do follow their reading schedule but never be contented on that.

They love to read because they want to know more and more about their real passion.

So they prove their authority in their field in quite short time. As a result they build their huge following shortly. Eventually they establish themselves in their field and be quite successful in no time.

2. They think less and act more

They do plan well. They think several before doing anything. But they give more time to act upon a plan. They put their energies and power to make things happen.

They do extensive research before doing anything. But once they researched fully then nobody can stop them from accomplishing their task.

Their proactive way of doing things make them achieve newer benchmarks and set examples for others to follow. They outperform their peers and become top of the list in their niche quite easily.

3. They talk less and do more

They do believe in conversation but the one that is must to do. They know talking unnecessarily means wasting your words and time both.

So they talk when they feel it is wise to talk. Else they work more and follow their schedule to make their every day the perfect one.

They never be shy to talk with others. But never talk more than they need. That is why they remain focused to their every activity and achieve higher results quite easily.

4. They look at others to learn more

They do look at others. But their purpose is to learn from them. They don’t look to check what others are doing. Nor they have time to cast an envious eye on them.

passionate bloggersJealousy is a strange word for them. Those who struggle never be jealous of others success. They do believe in their own self and are sure of getting more than those who are doing great right now.

5. They seek advice where it is must

Really passionate bloggers never disturb their pros by asking unnecessary question. They know the value of time. So they don’t waste time be it of their own or someone else.

But they do seek advice if it is must to get on a topic. They contact to a pro who they are already well-connected with him. And ask for help very humbly that pro happily guides them.

Because he also notices their commitment to their work and believes they are not just passing their time with him.

6. They never face writers block

This is the biggest sign of passionate bloggers. They never face dearth of ideas to write a blog post. They keep reading whenever they have time. Those who keep reading have most fertile mind to conceive new and very new ideas.

So they need not to be upset to meet a deadline of blog post. They usually have so many posts in stock.

The biggest challenge in blogging is to create new and unique contents. That doesn’t remain a big problem for them so they focus their attention on networking.

They achieve quite stronger networking and then promote their blog to a massive level with their influencer friends.

7. They don’t take lapses seriously

They believe every human can do a mistake. So whenever they commit a mistake they take no time to correct it.

They don’t be discouraged if someone points their mistake. They do believe till they are doing something they would be committing mistake.

So they never shy to do new things because they are not afraid of committing mistakes. That is why they learn new things faster than others. And stand out from the crowd because of their fast learning.

So these are the seven things passionate bloggers do differently. These are things other than routine matters like following consistency, a proper strategy and never giving up kind of mantras. These are the things one can make his habits with practice.

But the above seven things are those a blogger does if he is really a passionate blogger.

How did you find these things? Do you do all of them in the same way or a few of them. Share your thoughts in comments section below.

Also mention if anything else that you think a passionate blogger does differently. I would love to hear your thoughts on this interesting topic.

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