How to pick top 3 social media platforms to promote your blog?

social media platformsWe have already discussed how to promote your blog on social media. In this post we will discuss how to pick the top 3 social media platforms for your blog promotion.

Factors for picking the top 3 social media platforms

They are top 3 platforms in terms of:

  • Page rank
  • Number of visitors
  • User friendliness
  • Ease to engage visitors
  • Maximum outreach of your shared stuff

On the basis of above factors following results you will get:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus

So let’s discuss these three awesome platforms one by one.


Facebook is the most popular social media platforms. It has highest number of visitors. It is equally popular in all geographic regions of the world. Its members are most interactive. It means very small ratio of its total members don’t use it regularly. It shows how popular it is. It has two powerful sub-platforms to promote your blog posts further.

  • Facebook page
  • Facebook group

On Facebook page making fans is not so easy. You need to share your pages regularly on it. You must share your blog posts in an impressive way. You should also give reason or background of why you are sharing your post. A cool image related to your post will attract attention of more and more Facebook members on your shared post. So make it as much impressive as possible.

Also share on your Facebook page awesome posts of other blogs related to your niche.

Posting once in a day is sufficient to make others feel your presence. But remember once again that increasing likes on Facebook page is not much easy. Nor likes will rise fast.

Consistent sharing and interaction with members will help you a lot to increase likes. More likes means more visitors on your blog without any help of search engines.

Facebook groups are also so cool to enhance the outreach of your post. You can become member of as many groups as possible. There are two types of Facebook groups; 1) Open and 2) Closed. In open group you can share your post and other interesting stuff. While on Closed groups you get the privilege of sharing after you actively respond to others sharing for a specific period of time.


It is the most effective and accurate way of promoting your blog. There are two types of people who come into your contact on this platform. People you follow are called following and the people who follow you are called followers.

No one follows you soon after you register on Twitter. First you have to follow a lot of Twitter users. Take care they should relate to niche of your blog. You can see their tweets on your timeline. In second step you need to appreciate their tweets by:

  • Retweeting
  • Marking them favorite
  • Mentioning them in your tweets.

As a result they note you and follow you in return. As a result you get followers. By keeping the practice of appreciating others’ stuff your followers increase. Their increase means your post reaches to more and more people. If your post has power to impress your followers, they will retweet it. Eventually it will get more visits, retweets and favorite.

Google Plus

This is the fastest growing social media platform. Many experts believe it will soon be the number one platform. There are no limits here. You can add people as much as you can. You can add them in different circles like Friends, Family, Acquaintances and Following. You can make your own circle naming it differently.

On Google+ initially you need to add people of your field. In return most of them will also add you back. Many others will add you soon after watching your level of interest and quality of stuff you share with them. You need to make your followers as many as possible by interacting actively with them by:

  • Doing +1 their shared stuff
  • Resharing their stuff
  • Mentioning them in your comments

In return you will also receive a lot of +1s, reshares and mentions on your each post. Your followers will also grow consistently. Ultimately outreach of your shared post will expand and you will get more visitors on your blog. It depends upon how much quality your post has.

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