Why you will deeply regret forever if you quit blogging?

How about a person moving in right direction but still far away from his destination?

Maybe he is moving slowly. Or his destination seems to be far away but it is quite near.

Or he thinks he is far away from it just because others are saying so.

Or the things around him predict he has yet to make a long journey.

Most of the struggling bloggers are also feeling same.

Blogging is their real passion. They picked a right niche and invested handsomely to buy a quality hosting and a blog theme. But they have yet to make more than a few bucks.

If they are thinking to quit blogging they are absolutely wrong. I will prove in this post they will deeply regret if they quit now.

quit bloggingWhat is the real reason of their slow growth?

I admit they are moving slowly just because a lot of changes are occurring on their way to their destination.

They are actually thinking that they have done wrong that is why they are far away from blogging success.

Actually they don’t know that the field they’ve joined is still in transition. After a lot of fast changes now it’s near to its maturity level. From now things will not change that much fast.

No more fast changes in blogging

Be assured the era of fast changes is about to over. After that everything would just be rationalized and won’t change with a blink of eye.

Any new change will also not be taken as a rule. It will up to users they follow the change for better results or stay put with earlier option.

Just take the example of Yoast plugin. It still pats you in your post editor that length wise your post is perfect as it has more than 300 words.

Long post just rank higher fast

But what about the tips on post’s length people are sharing? Now all agree that long post gets rank fast. So every competitive blogger is sharing long post. People have cut short their posting frequency just to create long post with quality.

Blogging is stabilizing now

In recent past it was discussed with great concerns that how blogging is going to be in future. A few lethal Google updates almost shocked many influencers.

Even a few top bloggers shared “is personal blogging at its end’. It was actually the big changes in blogging that shook the industry. Else a lot of frequent changes actually stabilized blogging.

How rules of guest posting changed?

Another example of change is guest posting. Earlier it was taken as the best way to get higher rank. People opened guest posting institutes and served a lot to teach bloggers how to excel in this field.

But all of sudden Mat Cutts one day brutally announced that guest posting was no more that much required to rank higher.

Just a few high quality links are now better than hundreds of low quality links. From there the mantra of quality begun and is still continuing. It is actually a great blessing that quality matters a lot now in blogging. Else spammers might still be ruling it.

It’s not quality alone that matters

Many bloggers focused quality so much so they forget about quantity. Both are indispensable to make success in content marketing. If you have several blog posts a few average could be negligible on the back of several high quality posts.

On the other hand if you have just a few posts and out of them the same a few are not of high quality so what would be your achievement? Obviously you can’t compete in search engine arena with five to ten top quality posts.

Brian Dean is an exception as he got so many top ranks with twenty posts on his blog in the beginning. But his each post was of highest quality and still is so. We can’t compare an average blogger with him. He is the second name of SEO in industry everyone knows this fact.

Each change in blogging is good for all

Blogging is changing fast but it is a positive change. Now quality overpowers the quantity. Quantity without quality is trash now.

Also quality without reasonable quantity is not much impressive. No rule of quantity says a simple quote on blogging could also be called great content.

You need to cover every aspect of a topic without compromising on quality and quantity both. Devil is in detail but let the devil come if it is must to go into detail. How one can write a post on 50 or 100 tips without going into detail.

What would be top rule of blogging in future?

In coming days users’ convenience would be the top rule for blogging. You already are talking to them sitting on their hand in their mobile device.

Now readers want to take benefit from your contents doing another chore. They have twenty-four hours in a day to read loads of contents that are mushrooming on internet. People are sharing hundreds of top quality contents in every hour.

So the matter of choice becomes the trickiest matter. One can’t decide what to read and what to not. So instead of reading they want to watch or listen huge contents doing another chore or in lesser time.

Video blogging and podcasts

They want to enjoy blogging while travelling or relaxing in lunch time. Or chilling out at home after coming from workplace. They don’t want to be formal and enjoy online contents sitting in a couch or doing their evening walk.

They even want to get online info while doing a chore that equally needs their attention. Like in free time in their office they do want to keep checking their office mail but also want to enjoy learning from blogs.

So they want to listen blogs; not to read them.  Podcast has solved their problem. Many others want to get maximum info in less time so they have the option video blogging.

Convenience; the most wanted thing in blogging

Blogging is in fast transition to become more convenient for its users. Now an infographics of fifteen points with images has replaced a post of 1500 words. So who would like to read 1500 words? He obviously would grab an infographics instead.

Supply side of video blogging is limited so far

People are still shy to create videos. A day will come when people would see what a person is saying in a video. While right now they see how its background is, how a person is looking in it and blah blah.

But once bloggers would share more videos and less text contents, people would not remain formal while making videos. They may be sharing more than one video daily. They would just be recording, editing and sharing it without any formality.

Rise in demand of blogging is obvious

It seems that in near future blog readers would also rise monumentally. Those who already read blogs would not switch to any new medium. They will go through a blog without giving much attention. Instead of reading a blog they will be watching or listening it.

So more and more people come to it as convenience attracts. It means market of blogging would also broaden. So far it is 70 per cent Americans who make a purchase decision after reading a blog.

One day almost half of the people of world would be relying on blog info to make their life better. Be it a purchase decision, parenting, choice of career or home cooking. They would be seeking advice from their favorite blogger to go ahead.

quit bloggingDo you still want to quit blogging?

Let’s celebrate that blogging is going to expand its overall outreach. It is a happy sign for those who really know how to blog and earn money with it.

If they don’t they will learn it meanwhile it grows further. They must not think quit blogging as good days are not far away for serious bloggers.

They should take their heart and grow their blog professionally. But do remember without investing money into it trying to get huge return is not a wise strategy.

Your take

Do you still think to quit blogging just because of slow growth of your blog? Or you also believe it will become more convenient for readers and you will easily be earning big money with it. Share your thoughts in comments below.

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