How to reignite your blogging passion and achieve bigger success?

So how you are blogging nowadays.

Do you miss a lot of things-to-do daily? Do you start working a little late in the morning? Do you go off the work a little earlier? Does something easily distract you now?

Sometimes in desperation do you think how long you will be toiling to be a super successful blogger? Do you think more and act less? Do you feel anxiety most of the times while blogging? Are you in dilemma to quit blogging or continue it?

If you face all or a few of these situations, don’t worry nothing wrong is going to happen with you. Only your blogging passion is dying slowly and nothing else. It is not fully dead. It is on decline. It is not as intense as it used to be in the beginning.

Passion can’t stand still. It is just like other phenomena of life. After a dark night there is sunlight in the morning. After a dry spell, rain must fall. In the same way your dying passion can spring back if you try a little to get it back.

blogging passionBlogging passion is usually more zigzag. It may rise and fall more frequently. In blogging you get fast feedback. Your heart sinks when your post fails to bring a lot of visitors to your blog. Your passion rises when another post attracts huge traffic just because of its quality. So it is natural that your passion goes up and down.

But sometimes it remains down for a long time. It could be down for months and in some cases for years. In that situation too you should not be disappointed. The best way is to continue your struggle till your blogging passion comes back.

Usually any professional passion remains down for a short time. So don’t worry if you feel you don’t have as much blogging passion now as it used to be in the beginning.

How to know if your blogging passion is dying?

There are many signs that show your blogging passion is dying. You simply have to analyze what is going on around your struggle and examine what is the exact reason of decline in your blogging passion. A few of the signs are given below.

Idea of quitting

The first and foremost sign of your dying blogging passion is your thinking frequently to quit blogging. You assume that blogging is not your cup of tea. You think another field is waiting for your deep dive into it.

It is right that saner people rightly decide what to quit when. But just a feel of quitting is not sufficient to quit. You must have sound reasoning for that.

If you couldn’t have done anything even slightly remarkable so far on your blog, you can think about quitting. Otherwise if you have published so many posts and made people notice you then it might be not wise to think about quitting.

If you have done something noticeable on your blog in terms of contents, amount of traffic and level of networking it means you are quite fit for it. Just because of not following a proper strategy you have yet to achieve your targets.

Missing most of the things

Following your daily blogging schedule if you are missing a lot of things it means your passion is on downside. It could be because of your being glued to a same schedule since long. It could also be due to your not taking vacations break since long.

So you feel your passion is dying just because you take every blogging chore quite boring. It is because you are engaged in same kind of chores since long without any innovation into it.

Discouraging feedback

If you are not receiving quite encouraging feedback it could also dampen your passion. Its reason could be not creating high quality contents.

It is also possible that you became habitual of getting certain level of appreciation. Now you want something more. But you are not enhancing quality in your work to get more appreciation.

You expect people appreciate more your consistency. It is not necessary people overlook standstill quality level of your work and just appreciate your being a mediocre blogger since long time. So your each blog post should be higher in quality than the previous one.

Staying far away from targets

If you are still far away from your basic level of targets it could also down your passion. Or your progressing slowly could also irk you and you might think to say goodbye to this field.

Here patience is very important as the saying goes blogging patience is one of the main ingredients for cooking blogging success.

blogging passionHow to reignite your blogging passion?

If your blogging passion is dying you might face any of the two outcomes if you don’t try to revive it. Either you would quit or by chance any motivating incident would get you back on track.

The second option of coming across any motivating incident is purely by chance. It could happen by meeting a great blogger. Or by reading a post that helps you come back. Or you get a solution to rebound your blogging activities.

7 fiery ways to reignite your blogging passion

The following seven ways are also quite helpful to reignite your dying blogging passion. It’s not must to adopt all of them. A few of them could be most fit for you.

Revise your blogging goals

Things are changing fast in the field of blogging. So it is possible you are quite away from your goals just because things are now quite changed around you.

So check your goals if they are most fit in present time. If they are so lofty, rationalize them. For example now getting traffic from search engines is quite challenging. So set the objective of getting higher traffic by following a peculiar traffic generation system.

Also trim your blogging goals if they are more than several. Bifurcate them into primary goals and secondary goals. It will clear your mind in terms of your goals. Being clear on them you could work smart to achieve them one by one and be re-engaged passionately in your blogging struggle.

Loosen your work schedule

Being so passionate in the beginning many bloggers create a very strict work schedule. After following it for some time they feel stress to follow it without any missing.

So instead of just running after a strict blogging schedule, it is better to loosen it a little to reduce your stress.

Reorder daily tasks

Every blogger has his own favorite blogging tasks. If you do daily tasks in a specific order then reorder it. Put those tasks first that are most favorite to you. After some time flip the setting and do the boring tasks first. It will not let you get bored. It will make you give your best and will satisfy your urge of doing something different.

blogging passionPut aside most boring task

If you feel one of the blogging tasks has become so boring for you put aside it for a while. If you feel creating lengthy post is now quite boring for you, create a few short posts and publish them.

If extensive researching for keywords now irks you a lot, create a few posts without caring about highly searched keywords.

Create a new interesting task

If all the blogging tasks have become not much interesting for you still you have a solution. Explore a new task that is quite interesting for you.

For example watch videos related to your niche and interpret them into your blog post. Or link any news or event around you in a tutorial post. Or analyze the work of a top blogger and publish it as a review post.

Go social in offline world

Staying alone or aloof from society is not so easy. Being social by nature no one can stay away from society for that much time. So try to go social in your offline world.

Spare some time for those who you haven’t met since long. Get in touch with them and listen to them what they are thinking to get new experiments of life.

Adopt a new hobby

Another way to reignite your dying blogging passions is adopting a new hobby. It is not necessary that your every hobby should be your passion. Sometimes a hobby offers you a good change. Especially if you are doing any boring work. So try to adopt a hobby that is non-educational and could refresh your mood.

blogging passionSo this is all about how to reignite your dying blogging passion. If you analyze properly the main reason of decline in your passion remove it quickly. But your dying blogging passion should never make you quit blogging or make your blog a deserted place.

Did you ever feel you didn’t have that much blogging passion as you had in the beginning? If so, how did you know your passion was going down? Do you think any other way to reignite your dying blogging passion? Share your views in comments below.

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