How to review the performance of your blog after one year?

Where you are versus where you should be, is the most effective way to review the performance of your blog after one year.

It is good to review it on weekly and monthly basis. But after one year performance of your blog will be a clear message to continue your blog or completely overhaul it or start a new blog.

There are 5 most effective tools to review performance of your blog after one year.

Google Analytics

You must have registered your blog from the day one. I have advised you here for this task. Now you need to check your monthly traffic trend on front page of your traffic states. In drop down menu select monthly traffic and you will see graph showing monthly traffic stats.

There is no rule to fix an exact number of monthly traffic on your blog after one year. But your monthly traffic curve must be rising even slightly every month. If it is straight or downward it means something wrong in your overall strategy.

Google Webmaster

performance of your blogHere also you need to register soon after starting your blog. I have also advised this in the same post as linked above.

It tells you how much internal links and back links you have on your blog. It also tells how much page impressions are on your blog. They must also be on rising track.

Generally after one year total page impressions on your blog must be more than 50,000 per month. Page impression means URL of any of your blog posts appear on a page and seen by a person. It is calculated as one page impression.

So as much pages are seen by as many people these are collectively called page impressions. Advertisers consider it as an important criterion to issue their ads on a blog.

Alexa Ranking 

This is the most reliable way of checking the performance of your blog. It tells rank of your blog in the whole world and in the area or country where it is most popular. It also tells the total number of back links on your blog. They may be quite different from the ones told by Google Webmaster. Both have quite different criteria. It simply tells the URL that has back links or your blog either it is one time or several times. Google Webmaster tells you total number of the URLs of your various posts and pages that are linked somewhere.

Google PR Checker

The page rank of your blog is the leading criteria to tell how much technically perfect your blog is. It shows the level of its design, contents and SEO. Normally a one year old blog should have PR 2 at least.

Personal analysis of the performance of your blog

Apart from the above performance checkers you can also check the performance of your blog with the help of:

  • Number of quality comments
  • Number of appreciation on social media including like, retweet, +1
  • Number of influencers who commented or reshared your blog’s any link
  • Number of links other blogs gave to you for your contribution like guest posts
  • Number of links other blogs gave you just because of the quality of your post. Though this is very rare for one year old blog

So if 70 per cent of the performance of your blog is in green signal as per above criteria you should continue the same way.

If it is 50 per cent you need to review your strategy.

If it is less than 50 per cent it means you need not seriously think either you should continue it or start another blog.

But in any of the case you must not quit blogging you just change the scheme of things and that’s all.

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