How to select the best hosting for your blog?

best hostingSo have you made up your mind to start your blog?

Do you want to start it professionally from the very beginning?

If so then just tell me if you like to build your house at someone else plot. Obviously not. Surely you will build it at your own space.

In same way you would obviously like to start your blog at your own space online.

What is hosting?

In the language of internet online space is called hosting. It is measures by bytes. Like gigabytes, megabytes etc. If you want to upload thousands of posts, videos, podcasts at your blog you need a huge hosting. If you want to start your personal blog with daily one or two posts maximum then a small hosting is sufficient.

What is paid hosting?

You cannot buy hosting. You can just take it on rent on monthly basis at least or for three years with one-time payment maximum.

Once you have your hosting account you can easily upload your blog with any blogging platform like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc.

You do have full control at your hosting space and easily change its setting as and when you want.

What is free hosting?

Do you not want to take risk and first want to try a free hosting. But it is not best hosting in any way.

If you want a free hosting then start blogging for free on or

Need not to pay a single penny and start a new blog. There are many others but that are not much popular.

Don’t go for a free domain in any way

Still I would suggest you to buy your own domain even on free hosting. If you make up your mind eventually to do blogging seriously for earning money you will have a benefit of your own domain.

Older the domain means higher its value.

So minimum invest $10 to buy a domain and start a blog on free hosting of any of the above two free hosting.

Buy a domain from any top domain registrar and then put it into your free web hosting.

As you register your free domain on or it will offer you to buy a paid domain.

It is easy and you can do it without any help once you register at any of the platforms ( or

Shared hosting

If you want to create a blog professionally and want to earn money with it then pick a shared hosting on payment.

It means a space on worldwide web on monthly rent. The area of space depends upon volume of your blog. It depends upon your blogging goals.

But initially you should buy a basic plan and then convert it as and when your contents exceed the basic limits.

Apart from technical features the best hosting company should have:

  • Excellent customer care service to attend your complain urgently. If you face any problem in displaying your blog on net you need an urgent help to avoid disconnection with your readers.
  • Whatever a hosting company offers must be in its literal sense. Otherwise many low-quality companies play with technical jargon and list detailed benefits that are almost nothing when you buy from them.
  • Your plan can easily be extended as and when you require from your host company.
  • There must not be any hidden cost in your plan and it should not offer various unavoidable adds-on once you buy the basic plan.

How to find the best hosting?

  • Check reviews on internet about the hosting company you intend to be its customer. You should read more than one review to get clear picture about it. Also read the comments after each review to know public opinion about it.
  • Secondly go to the promotion page of the hosting company and make its comparison with public opinion you read on reviews.
  • If there is no big conflict between the claims of the company and opinion of people about it so put it into your final list.

best hostingFinal decision

For final decision you must check;

  • Pricing and plan to serve your needs. There are various sizes of hosting space a company offers to its clients. For a personal blogger the very basic plan is the best one. Similarly if you purchase for three years you get maximum discount which you should not miss while buying. Try to buy hosting on special occasions like Black Friday, Happy New Year, Christmas.
  • Bandwidth that should be unlimited. If you pick a limited bandwidth you need to expand it once you exceed the limit after a few years of consistent blogging.
  • Disk space should also be unlimited to freely use it for maximum of your contents with your selected plan
  • Email service inclusive of package. A hosting company also provides you several numbers of emails address options to use email attached to your domain like to promote your brand.
  • The uptime (the time when your blog can be accessed online by visitors) of your hosting should be at least 99.9%. If a company offers uptime less than this so you need not to buy such hosting.
  • Hosting company also offers backup plan with a little additional charges or inclusive of complete package price. You need to check backup frequency of the company. It means how many times hosting company saves your blog in a month. Weekly frequency is nice to start and daily is the ideal one.
  • Hosting companies also offer referral program which means if you refer any client to them you will earn a commission if the referred person buy a hosting plan from them. So do check this benefit before buying a hosting from a company.
  • Money back guarantee is also part of sales offer of many companies. They set a fixed time period up to 30 days within which you can get back your money if you are not satisfied with the service. But high-ranking companies now don’t offer such incentive because they already have earned high reputation with the quality of their services.

Dedicated hosting

This is a complete server which you get on lease from a hosting company.

It is suitable for huge blogs that plan to offer several types of contents in huge number from the beginning. It is not suitable for beginner bloggers at individual level like you and me.

Top hosting companies

  • Hostgator (this blog is on it)
  • BlueHost
  • DreamHost
  • WebHostingHub
  • SiteGround
  • InMotionHosting

If you buy a plan from Hostgator with this link I will get a commission on your purchase. I have been using it for the last one year and never faced any problem.

I also recommend BlueHost as most of my friends are fully satisfied with its services.

In our next post we will discuss: How To Select The Best Blogging Platform And Why?

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I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.

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