How to sell your own product on your blog?

Once you have developed your own product the second step is to sell it on your blog.

There are several ways to showcase your product on your blog for sell. You can follow all or a few of them. It depends upon how your product is.

If products of same type are in hot demand you need not to make your readers aware of it. You can sell it directly without telling them the nature of your product.

If it is quite unique product you have to perform two tasks at time. First, you need to let readers know how it works and then letting them about its benefits.

So before developing your own product you need to pick either of the way to avoid embarrassment after showcasing it.

Product review

At least one product review is must to sell your own product on your blog. We have already discussed how to write a product review in an earlier post. So here need not to repeat all the tips.

After a few weeks write a follow-up of the review letting readers know how was its response. If response was dull even then take it as positive and attach some reasons to it. Again convince readers with positive note to buy the product. Offer them a limited time special discount to start its sale.

Tell your readers that seeing is believing. Once people use your product other people may watch or listen to its benefits directly from your first buyers.

how to sell your own productText ads

In your regular posts wherever you find a space to promote your product, never miss the chance. Writing a post on how to stay away from stress you can put an anchor link of your product on “Successful Career” and link it with stress free life. So it depends upon how smartly you put text link of your product in your maximum number of posts.

Banner ads

This is the simplest way to sell your own product on your blog. But here also creativity counts a lot. Make banners of different sizes and different designs to replace them for avoiding boring impression.

Change the place of your ad also and put it where you get the maximum response. Two places in a blog usually get maximum attention of readers. They are inside header and just below the post title. So place your ad there to check the response.

The banner ad of your own product must be developed professionally with a good copy of the ad and its impressive design. It is better to hire a freelancer to develop this ad if you think you can’t make it cool.

Other ways to sell your own product

Keep promoting review of your own product on forums, social media and comments on other blog. Also place the banner ad in social media groups with link of its review on your blog.

It should be a recurring process for a long time. After that your product will become familiar and people will search to buy it. It all depends upon the quality of the product and feedback of your initial buyers.

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